How to Access News on Google & Social Media in Canada in 2024

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Updated on: May 13, 2024
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Only 3 Steps (Quick + Easy) to Access News on Google and Social Media in Canada in 2024:

  • Download and install a VPN. Most VPNs will do the trick, but I recommend ExpressVPN — it has fast connection speeds, advanced security features, and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Connect to a server outside of Canada. Open the VPN app and connect to a server in a different country. American servers will probably be the fastest.
  • Bypass the Canada news ban. Now you can view and share news on Google, Facebook, and Instagram from within Canada with no problems at all.

Google and Meta have blocked news from their platforms in Canada in response to the Canadian Online News Act. As a result, people in Canada will no longer be able to view or share news on Google, Facebook, or Instagram. The law doesn’t just cover news about Canada — all news sites are now blocked! As of June, you can’t read Meta news in Canada at all.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN is an online service that changes your IP address to one from the country of your choice. This way, you can easily get around the ban and read Google news and Meta news in Canada.

There are a lot of VPNs out there, but not all of them are up to the task. Some won’t bypass the Canada news ban and let you read and share news from social media while in Canada, while others have really slow speeds and low-quality apps.

I’m pleased to say that all the VPNs on my list will let Canadians share news without issues. My top pick is ExpressVPN — it has fast speeds, a large server network, and easy-to-use apps.


How to Access News on Google and Social Media in Canada on Any Device

Windows PC or Mac Computer

  1. Choose a VPN with global server coverage. I highly recommend ExpressVPN — it offers really fast speeds and user-friendly apps for both Windows and macOS devices.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your Windows or Mac computer. Just follow the on-screen instructions, and you’ll have it installed in just a few minutes.
  3. Connect to a server outside of Canada. You can now easily bypass Canada’s news ban and share stories on social media.

iPhone or iPad

  1. Pick a fast and reliable VPN. ExpressVPN is a great choice, as its iOS app is very intuitive.
  2. Download and set up the VPN app. The instructions are very straightforward and will help you get your VPN up and running in just a few minutes.
  3. Open the VPN and connect to a non-Canadian server. You can now view and share news from Facebook, Instagram, and Google while in Canada.

Android Smartphone or Tablet

  1. Get a VPN with a good Android app. I recommend ExpressVPN because of its fast browsing speeds and unmatched security features for Android.
  2. Download the VPN from the app store. Use the Google Play Store to download and install ExpressVPN.
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect to a server outside of Canada. With your VPN on, You can now access Google and Meta news from Canada.

Best VPNs for Accessing News on Google and Social Media in Canada in 2024

Quick summary of the best VPNs for accessing news on Google and social media in 2024:

  • 🥇1. ExpressVPN — Best overall VPN in 2024 for accessing news on Google and social media in Canada.
  • 🥈2. Private Internet Access — Great VPN for accessing news from Canada on mobile with the best ad blocker.
  • 🥉3. CyberGhost VPN — Beginner-friendly VPN apps for accessing news on Google and Meta in Canada.

🥇1. ExpressVPN — Best VPN for Accessing News on Google and Social Media in Canada

Approved by our experts
Approved by our experts
Most readers pick ExpressVPN
Servers in countries
Key Features
Industry-leading speeds
Number of devices
OS compatibility
Money-back guarantee
30 Days

ExpressVPN is the best VPN on the market for Canadians who want to read news on Google and Meta. It delivers lightning-fast speeds and has intuitive apps for all major platforms. It also has a large server network across 105 countries. Pick any non-Canadian server, and you’ll be able to view and share news content on Google, Facebook, and Instagram without any problems.

It also has split-tunneling, so you can choose which apps use the VPN. I was able to access the latest Google and Meta news in Canada via the VPN tunnel without having to disable the VPN every time I needed my location for apps like Google Maps, or when I wanted to visit my bank’s website.

ExpressVPN has monthly, 6-monthly, and yearly plans starting at $6.67 / month. This is pricier than some other VPNs, but I think it’s well worth it considering the value it provides. Plus, it backs all its plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN: Save 49% on the 12-month plan + FREE months!
Get a full 15 months (12 months + 3 free months) at a 49% discount.

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🥈2. Private Internet Access — Best VPN for Accessing Canadian News on Mobile

Servers in countries
Key Features
Excellent ad blocker
Number of devices
OS compatibility
Money-back guarantee
30 Days

Private Internet Access (PIA) is my favorite VPN for mobile devices. Unlike many other VPNs, the mobile app is just as customizable as the desktop version. You can switch between different VPN protocols, some of which are faster, like WireGuard, or more secure, like OpenVPN. It even supports unlimited connections, so you can use it on as many devices as you want.

Unlike many competitors, PIA lets you split-tunnel websites as well as apps. This is really helpful if you’re in Canada and want to access news from Facebook and Instagram, but you want to keep your normal IP address on other sites.

Private Internet Access offers well-priced plans starting at $2.03 / month. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and include all of PIA’s features — the only difference is how long the subscription lasts.

Private Internet Access: Save 83% on the 24-month plan + FREE months!
You can save 83% if you act right now.

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🥉3. CyberGhost VPN — Beginner-Friendly VPN (Bypasses the Canada News Ban)

Servers in countries
Key Features
Special streaming servers
Number of devices
OS compatibility
Money-back guarantee
Up to 45 days

CyberGhost VPN is a great choice for beginners who want to view Google and Meta news in Canada. It has a very user-friendly interface and allows you to automate your VPN connections, so you can catch up with the latest news with just a few clicks. For example, I was able to set it up to automatically connect to a US server and open Chrome as soon as I opened the app.

Unfortunately, only Android devices have access to split-tunneling with CyberGhost. Windows users, on the other hand, can play around with the Exceptions tool. It functions similarly to split-tunneling, but it requires using the OpenVPN protocol and manually excluding sites from the VPN tunnel. I would appreciate it if CyberGhost VPN had a full-featured split-tunneling functionality for Windows users instead.

CyberGhost VPN’s plans start at $2.03 / month. It covers yearly plans with a 45-day money-back guarantee, while the monthly plan comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

CyberGhost: Save 84% on the 24-month plan + FREE months!
You can save 84% if you act right now.

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Quick Comparison Table

VPN Starting Price Simultaneous Device Connections Leak Protection Split-Tunneling Kill Switch Money-Back Guarantee
🥇1. ExpressVPN $6.67 / month Up to 8 Android ✅
iOS ❌
Windows ✅
macOS ✅
Routers ✅
Linux ❌
30 days
🥈2. Private Internet Access $2.03 / month Unlimited Android ✅
iOS ❌
Windows ✅
macOS ✅
Routers ❌
Linux ✅
30 days
🥉3. CyberGhost VPN $2.03 / month 7
(DNS and IPv6 leak protection only)
Android ✅
iOS ❌
Windows ✅
(via the Exceptions tool)
macOS ❌
Routers ❌
Linux ❌
45 days (14 for monthly plans)

How to Choose the Best VPN for Accessing News on Google and Social Media in Canada in 2024

  • Find a VPN with a large server network. All of the VPNs on this list have large networks with servers around the world. To get around the Canada news ban, you’ll need a VPN with servers outside of Canada (ExpressVPN has servers in 10+ US cities).
  • Opt for a VPN that promotes security and privacy. Every VPN on this list comes with advanced security features, including RAM-only servers, kill switches to disconnect you from the internet if the VPN goes down, strict no-logs policies, and leak protection. Canadian residents will need these features to stay safe while sharing news on social media.
  • Pick a VPN with fast speeds. All VPNs slow your connection somewhat due to the encryption process and the extra distance to the VPN server. However, the best ones won’t slow you down too much, even when you stream HD news clips on Instagram. Each VPN on this list had minimal impact on my speed, but ExpressVPN was the fastest in my tests.
  • Select a user-friendly VPN. You need to be able to easily use your VPN in order to share news in Canada. Every VPN on this list was easy to use on every major platform, even for non-technical users. I found Private Internet Access to have particularly user-friendly mobile apps.
  • Ensure the VPN offers value for money. Getting news from social media is great, but no Canadian wants to spend more than they need to in order to share articles. The VPNs that made it onto this list are all well worth the money. Private Internet Access is particularly affordable, but given its extra features and great speeds, I still think ExpressVPN is very much worth the extra money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bill C-18?

Bill C-18, known as the Online News Act, is a Canadian law that interferes with social media. It requires certain companies to pay for permission to display links to news websites. In response, Google and Meta (the parent company of Facebook and Instagram) have made it so users in Canada can’t view or share news stories on their platforms.

Luckily there’s a way around this — just use a VPN. Canadian residents will still be able to share stories on Instagram and view Google News if they connect to a VPN server outside of Canada. ExpressVPN is my top pick thanks to its high speeds, great features, and servers in several locations close to Canada.

How does Bill C-18 affect Google and Meta services in Canada?

Due to Bill C-18, both Meta and Google blocked access to news content for users in Canada. News publishers and broadcasters outside of Canada will still be able to post news content to Facebook, but this content won’t be visible to people in Canada. Additionally, users in Canada won’t be able to post links to any news websites on Facebook or Instagram.

You’ll need to use a VPN to solve this problem. ExpressVPN is my top choice — it comes with great speeds, advanced security, and very easy-to-use apps.

Can I access news in Canada with a free VPN?

Yes, but I don’t recommend it. While there are some good free VPNs, most of them significantly slow down your internet speeds, impose strict data limits, or log your data in order to sell it to the highest bidder

It’s way better to invest in a premium VPN like ExpressVPN — it is the fastest VPN in 2024, has excellent security and privacy features, and is very easy to use. Free VPN servers tend to suffer from overcrowding which slows things down, whereas ExpressVPN has dozens of servers in the US, including in cities near Canada like New York, Chicago, and Seattle.

Why can’t I share stories on Instagram in Canada?

In response to Bill C-18, Meta has made it so users can no longer share stories from news outlets. The move came after the Canadian government passed a law requiring social media companies to pay news websites if they want to host links to their stories. Rather than comply with the law, Facebook, Instagram, and Google have decided to take away Canadians’ ability to read and share news stories on their respective platforms.

This is a bummer, but VPNs offer an easy fix. By using a VPN, you can make it seem as though you’re in a different country and get around the law. Users in the US and other countries can still share news items, so by connecting to a US server, you can, too. ExpressVPN has lots of US servers, as does Private Internet Access.

Can I still read news from foreign sites on Facebook?

No, if you’re in Canada, you won’t be able to read and share links from any news websites. It doesn’t matter whether the site is Canadian or not; all news is currently blocked. If you want to regain the ability to read and share news on social media, you’ll need to get a VPN and connect to a server outside of Canada.

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