LastPass Review [2020]: Is it Secure, Safe, and Any Good?

Alex Kassian
Alex Kassian
Published on: 01/08/2020

Detailed Expert Review

Many people have told me that they think LastPass is the best password manager in 2020, and I wanted to see if that was true, so I put it to the test. LastPass definitely makes password management both easy and safe. The LastPass desktop app and browser extension are both very easy to use, simple to understand, and highly intuitive. While I initially had some trouble finding a couple of LastPass’s extra features, I was able to fully understand how to use the program within just a few minutes.

LastPass also has multiple layers of security, including military-grade encryption and password auditing across the entire password vault. This high level of security makes it virtually impossible for hackers and thieves to access your accounts.

I really like that LastPass provides multiple account recovery options in case you lose your Master Password, making sure you’re still able to access your password vault — recovery options like these are important features not found in a lot of other password managers, so it’s nice to see them included in LastPass.

I also think that LastPass offers a ton of value — it has more features for cheaper than other password managers, especially considering that LastPass Free allows for unlimited password storage across unlimited devices.

I’m a fan of LastPass for its ease-of-use, advanced range of features, and overall value. But there are a couple of things that I would like to see LastPass do to make their product even better. I’ve reviewed over 30 password managers, and I have high standards for cybersecurity tools — LastPass is definitely one of the best password managers I’ve seen.

But is it better than the rest?

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LastPass Security Features

LastPass Security Features

LastPass has an extremely high level of security. For starters, it has a zero-knowledge policy, meaning LastPass does not track, access, or sell any data stored in your LastPass account. LastPass encrypts and decrypts all data at the device level, meaning not even LastPass can access your passwords or login information. All data is secured using AES 256-bit encryption — the same encryption method used by high-security establishments like banks and militaries. 

LastPass also has several two-factor authentication (2FA) options, like sending security emails asking users to verify any logins on new devices. This stops someone from accessing your data on a different device, even if they know your Master Password.

LastPass also supports a number of third-party multi-factor authentication (MFA) options for extra security, including Duo Security, Google Authenticator, and YubiKey. MFA apps generate unique one-time codes that are needed along with your Master Password in order to log into your LastPass vault. Again, this makes it much harder for someone to access your LastPass data, even if they have your Master Password.

LastPass Security Features

LastPass has its own One-Time Passwords (OTPs) option as well. OTPs are unique, one-use passwords which will grant you access to your LastPass account. They’re extremely useful if you need to access your LastPass vault while in a potentially dangerous situation, like logging into your account on a public computer. LastPass will generate these OTPs and add them into a list of one-use passwords that can be used to access your account. Then you can print them out or store them in a safe place until you need to use them.

LastPass Security Features

But what if you lose your Master Password? LastPass offers many options to recover your LastPass account and its data:

  1. Mobile Account Recovery. If you forget your Master Password, you can easily confirm your identity using either Touch ID or Face ID on the mobile app login screen, and then set a new Master Password. This works for both iOS and Android devices.
  2. Master Password Hint. A password hint, which you can create when you set up your account, can be sent to the email address that is registered with your LastPass account.
  3. Recovery One-Time Password. Every time you log into LastPass from a new device or browser, a “Recovery One-Time Password” is created. This recovery process is a bit complicated, but essentially if you are trying to log in using the same computer and web browser and have not cleared your LastPass or browser cache, the browser has saved a one-time password which can be used to reset a new Master Password.
  4. SMS Recovery. If you set up your account with this option, LastPass will be able to send you a numeric code which you can use to reset your Master Password.
  5. Restore your previous Master Password. You can recover your account with your old Master Password, if the password change was made within the last 30 days. However, your account will be restored to how it was when you changed passwords, meaning that some recent data may be lost.

Many password managers have some kind of recovery options, but LastPass offers far more recovery options than most other password managers.

Overall, LastPass’s recovery options make it far more user-friendly than other password managers that simply block you from your data if you forget your Master Password. If you’re worried about getting locked out of your account (and losing all of your data), LastPass will try really hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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Password Vault

The process of adding passwords to the LastPass password vault is simple.

While I was able to manually enter passwords into the desktop app, the browser extension offered to automatically save my passwords every time I logged into a new online account.

Once saved, a new password entry then appears in the LastPass vault. All passwords are sorted into specific folders, accompanied by intuitive icons which separates password by category. This made it super easy for me to locate my passwords.

LastPass Security Features

I really enjoy all of LastPass’s sorting options. LastPass’s vault display makes it easy to locate specific passwords in seconds, without having to spend time scrolling through a huge list of unorganized logins. Other password managers, like 1Password and RoboForm, also include detailed data sorting options, but I think how LastPass displays and labels the different categories with icons is much better.

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Password Generator

LastPass’s password generator is easy to use and offers a lot of different ways to help create secure passwords. I tested it by signing up for several new online accounts and using the password generator to generate each new password. During each signup, LastPass prompted me to use the password generator to create a complex password (up to 99 characters long and including special characters, letters, and numbers).

LastPass Security Features

Once I created my password, all I had to do was confirm that I wanted my password stored in my LastPass vault — and that’s it!

LastPass Security Features

I especially like the “Easy to Say” (no special characters or numbers) and “Easy to Read” (no confusing characters “O”, “0”, “l” and “I”) password generating options. Some of my passwords need to be easy to read — like my Wi-Fi password which gets shared with guests all the time, so I think this is a really cool feature.

LastPass Security Features

Overall, LastPass makes creating secure passwords simple. The password generator pops up automatically anytime you’re about to create a new account or anytime you’re about to change an account’s password. LastPass’s password generator offers a lot more functionality than competing password managers, and with helpful options like “Easy to read” and “Easy to say”, I think LastPass has my favorite password generator of any other password manager on the market.

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Sharing Center

LastPass’s Sharing Center makes it easy to share passwords and other data. LastPass showed me who I had shared passwords with and if they had accepted the share request. It was here that I was also able to access all the passwords that had been shared with me. I really like the layout of the Sharing Center, as it’s very easy to navigate and manage shared items.

I tested this feature by sharing some passwords with family and friends. The sharing button next to each password entry made it quick and easy for me to share the login details for my Netflix account.

LastPass Security Features

There’s also an option to share passwords with people who don’t have a LastPass account — which was convenient, as most of my family don’t have LastPass. When I chose to share passwords with non-LastPass users, they were sent an email invite to create a LastPass account. They could then access the passwords I shared with them.

LastPass Security Features

What I really like about the LastPass password sharing feature is that I’m able to share passwords without other users seeing what the exact password is. For example, I could share the family Netflix login with the kids so they could use it to log in without learning that I like to use the names of deceased family pets in my passwords!

Even LastPass Free lets you share passwords, but only with one person. To share passwords with multiple people, you need LastPass Premium.

Overall, I think LastPass is great for password sharing. The option to conceal shared passwords so people can use them, but not see them, is great. Most other password managers don’t offer a similar option, so I feel like LastPass is really one of the best when it comes to password sharing.

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LastPass has a pretty good autofill function. Whenever it identifies a login page, it automatically fills in your username and password, allowing you to sign in with just one click.

I tested it on many of my online account login pages, and each time, it was really quick to fill in my login credentials. If I needed to use a different account — or if for any reason LastPass couldn’t recognize the site — I could click the LastPass logo in the login fields and select the login I needed (as shown in the screenshot below).

LastPass Security Features

Autofill is convenient. However, it raises some security concerns. LastPass’s Autofill feature uses JavaScript when interacting with a page. This could accidentally expose LastPass user details to phishing scams. If users are lured to phishing sites, like a fake Amazon or Facebook login page, they could have their details stolen if their info is automatically filled into the phishing form. Some malicious sites also include invisible web forms, which users cannot see, but that LastPass could accidentally autofill — again resulting in users having their data stolen.

This is why another popular password manager, 1Password, recently removed their autofill feature. All that said, no such password theft incidents have been reported, and the chances of such attacks are quite small.

Still, I get a bit paranoid about having my login details stolen, so I chose to disable the autofill option via the LastPass browser extension.

LastPass Security Features

I like that LastPass knows this may be a concern, so they offer the option to disable autofill. It means that I need to click on the LastPass icon in any password field before my password to that site gets filled in. Even though this takes a few seconds longer, it doesn’t bother me too much because I know it’s a safer way of logging in.

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Security Challenge

The Security Challenge feature monitors the strength and security of all the passwords in the LastPass vault. The Security Challenge display was very easy to navigate and understand, clearly stating my password security scores.

LastPass Security Features

Once I added all of my account logins to LastPass, I checked the Security Challenge to see if there were any issues. It scanned all of my logins for potential risks, such as weak or duplicate passwords. It also checked all the known databases of security breaches to see if any of my credentials had been stolen and/or leaked.

Luckily, most of my passwords were super secure and none of them had been leaked in a data breach. For the passwords that weren’t secure, I was given the option to either change them automatically (if allowed with the auto-changer) or launch the site where my weak passwords had been found and change them manually.

While many password managers have a similar feature, such as 1Password’s Watchtower, I like the way LastPass’s Security Challenge presents its findings. Every time I logged into my LastPass account, I saw my Security Challenge score. This made it very easy for me to monitor how good my overall password security practices were and quickly make changes if necessary.

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Auto-Change Password

LastPass’s Auto-Change Password option allows you to connect your LastPass account to certain websites, so you can automatically change your passwords in LastPass without having to log into websites and change passwords manually. This feature is available for about 75 popular sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

LastPass Security Features

I used this feature to update some of my older social network passwords, and it worked perfectly! It was incredibly easy to set up, and it saved me so much time changing many of these weak and outdated passwords. I just wish LastPass made this feature available for more websites.

Most other password managers do not include a similar feature, except for Dashlane. LastPass’s automatic password changer is just as easy to use as Dashlane’s automatic password changer, but Dashlane’s is a bit better — it can be used on many more sites (up to 500) and it can change multiple passwords with one click. With LastPass, you need to change each password one-by-one. Still, this is a great feature, and I expect to see LastPass including more sites and more auto-change options in future updates.

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Emergency Access

Emergency Access lets you assign a trusted contact to access your LastPass vault if necessary.

I set up this feature by assigning my best friend as an emergency contact and setting a waiting period of 2 hours. He sent a request to gain access to my password vault, and I was sent an email notification asking if, in the next 2 hours, I wanted to deny this request. I like that I can set a custom waiting time period (up to 30 days), which allows me to change my mind and deny access to my LastPass vault if I don’t want my emergency contact to access my data. I was also able to revoke his right to access my vault at any given time in the future.

I would like to see LastPass do something like Password Boss and include emergency access for specific logins and details — so emergency access contacts can only view selected logins, not the entire contents of the LastPass vault. But I don’t mind LastPass’s approach. It was very easy to set up and use LastPass’s Emergency Access, and my friend had no issues accessing my data once the waiting period was over.

The Emergency Access feature is only available in the LastPass Premium and Family plans — not in the LastPass Free plan.

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Restrict Access to Select Countries

LastPass’s Country Restriction feature lets me choose from which countries I’m allowed to access my LastPass logins.

LastPass Security Features

This acts as another layer of security, as it prevents hackers in other countries from gaining access to my LastPass vault. However, it’s important to remember that you need to update this setting when traveling to another country, otherwise you won’t be able to access your vault when you’re abroad. Also, as I often use a VPN, I selected the countries with the server locations that I connect to most, so I’ll still be able to use my LastPass account when using a VPN.

I haven’t seen many other password managers offer a similar country-specific login function. Honestly, this probably isn’t going to be that useful for many people, but if you never travel and don’t frequently connect to a VPN outside of your home country, you can keep your account protected against overseas hackers.

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LastPass Plans and Pricing

LastPass’s premium plans are billed annually. There isn’t a paid-monthly plan, and LastPass doesn’t offer a refund policy.

However, LastPass’s free version includes a 30-day free trial of the Premium plan — and it does not require you to provide your credit card details. So, you have 30 days to decide if the additional features in LastPass Premium will be good for you.

LastPass Premium Free Trial!

Claim your FREE 30-day trial of LastPass Premium now.

LastPass Free — Decent Range of Features and Unlimited Password Storage

This plan is my favorite free password manager out of all the ones that I’ve tested. LastPass Free has a huge range of features that many other free password managers don’t include, such as:

  • Support for all popular operating systems and browsers. 
  • Unlimited password storage on unlimited devices.
  • One-to-one password sharing.
  • Password generator.
  • Password autofill.
  • Security challenge.
  • Secure notes storage for credit cards, documents, and other sensitive info.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Free credit monitoring/identity theft protection.
  • 24-hour email support (Monday to Friday).

While it’s definitely one of the best free password managers out there, it’s worth noting that LastPass Free does not include emergency access, secure cloud storage, or advanced 2FA options. But it’s the best choice if you’re looking for a free, feature-rich password manager.

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LastPass Premium — Emergency Access & One-to-Many Sharing

LastPass Premium includes all features of the Free plan, plus:

  • 1 GB secure cloud storage.
  • One-to-many password sharing.
  • Emergency access. 
  • Advanced authentication options. 
  • Priority email support.

LastPass Premium is a very good value. It’s the same price as many other password managers that offer less features, like RememBear and 1Password.

While I would still prefer to use Dashlane, as it offers a few more advanced features, like a VPN and one-click automatic password changer on more sites, LastPass Premium is cheaper and still offers a huge range of advanced password management features.

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LastPass Families — Multiple Users and Unlimited Sharing

LastPass’s family plan covers up to 6 users. Along with all of the feature in LastPass Premium, the following features are also included:

  • Family manager dashboard. Easily add and remove members using their email addresses.
  • Unlimited shared folders. Grant users shared access to specific password folders. This is a convenient way for individuals or groups to share data.

I like LastPass Families a lot. The dashboard makes it easy to manage who has access to shared folders. You can try this plan for free for 30 days, just like with LastPass Premium. But for families that need coverage for more than 6 users, I prefer 1Password’s family plan, as it gives the option to add more users for a small fee and has a similar level of security features — making it a more cost-effective option for larger families. That said, if you only need to cover up to 6 people, LastPass is better.

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LastPass Plans for Business Users — Teams, Enterprise, and Identity

LastPass has a few plans for business users: Teams, Enterprise, and Identity.

All LastPass business plans include an easy-to-use admin dashboard, a company-controlled password vault for every employee, and easy-to-read reports. LastPass Enterprise and Identity also include advanced features, such as:

  • Over 100 customizable security policies.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) with 1200+ integrated applications and multiple policies supported.
  • Extensive SSO reporting.
  • API and directory integrations.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Adaptive multi-factor authentication that combines biometrics and contextual factors.
  • Workstation login that allows employees to use biometrics when logging into workstations.
  • Detailed authentication reports.

Business users should also consider password managers like PassCamp, which are designed for larger teams wanting to securely share passwords. That said, LastPass’s business plans are reasonably priced and are definitely worth looking into.

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LastPass Ease of Use and Setup

LastPass supports all major operating systems and browsers. It even supports less well-known browsers, like Dolphin (for Android and Linux).

When creating my LastPass account online, I was asked to enter my email address and select a strong Master Password. I was then led straight to the screen asking me to install a browser extension. The browser extension installation was quick and easy — taking just one click.

LastPass Ease of Use and Setup

I’m a big fan of LastPass’s browser extension. I installed it on Chrome and Safari, and it was really easy to use. I like that it has a search function, so I can quickly find my passwords. It also made new account signups easy, as it offered to generate complex passwords and save those login details once I had completed the signup process.

I then downloaded the LastPass desktop app, and the download and installation process was fast and easy. I simply had to enter my LastPass account email address and Master Password, and all of my data was instantly available. The desktop app is equally as easy to use as the browser extension. The app’s layout is very simple and makes it easy to locate passwords and other data stored in my vault.

Although LastPass is very easy to use overall, I found it strange that there’s no way to import my existing password database on the desktop app. You need to go through the browser extension, which while easy-to-use, was a little tricky to figure out.

I like that LastPass supports importing data from many major password managers, like 1Password, Dashlane, RoboForm, and others, as well as popular browsers like Chrome and Safari. Competitors like PassCamp only offer password importing via unsecured CSV files, so I like these higher-security direct import options.

LastPass Ease of Use and Setup

LastPass could make access to importing data easier, so users do not have to search around to locate this essential feature. However, I don’t think that would be a huge issue for most users, especially as it doesn’t take long to understand and get used to LastPass.

Overall, I found the LastPass setup process very quick and easy, making it a great option for both beginner users and tech-savvy users. Both the browser extension and desktop app are easy to use and understand. While many of LastPass’s security features are a little bit advanced, they’re still laid out in a way that is simple and intuitive.

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LastPass Mobile App

LastPass offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

I tested both apps, and like the desktop version, found each app’s installation very easy. On both my iPhone and Android, all I needed to do was download the app and enter my email and Master Password.

The interface is simple and easy to navigate for both the iOS and Android version.

LastPass Mobile App

However, I found that there are a few options missing from the mobile interface that are included in the desktop app. For example, the Sharing Center interface isn’t included in the mobile app like it is on the PC app. But after some searching, I found a “Share” option in the list of actions available for every item.

LastPass Mobile App

The LastPass mobile app has an integrated browser — which makes logging into my online accounts and auto-filling login details easy across mobile sites.

However, I was quite surprised to see the option to “Remember Master Password” among them, even though it is clearly marked as “Not Recommended”. I doubt if this option should be offered at all.

LastPass Mobile App

I found the iOS version easier to use than the Android one. The iOS app worked perfectly, but the Android version was a bit buggy. The autofill feature on the Android version sometimes didn’t work properly when I went to log into a few online accounts. It also kept offering to enter my details into the browser and website search bars — which was a bit annoying.

But overall, LastPass’s apps for iOS and Android are both feature-rich and simple to set up and use. Many other password managers either don’t have mobile apps or they have really bad ones, so it’s nice to see LastPass paying attention to its mobile users. Some options may be a bit hard to locate, like the sharing function. And the “Remember Master Password” feature seems totally pointless to me. I also had a couple of issues with the Android version, but this didn’t totally ruin my overall experience with the app. I expect LastPass to continue to improve its mobile app’s functionality.

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LastPass Customer Support

LastPass has pretty good customer support options for general questions, but contacting the support team is a little difficult. For starters, there’s a good collection of training videos, “How To” guides, and FAQs located on the LastPass website. However, there isn’t an easy way to access other customer support options.

Phone support isn’t offered, which is often the case with password managers. But the list of other support options on LastPass’s website is quite confusing.

For example, LastPass has 3 Twitter accounts: One notifying about LastPass service outages and resolved issues, another for providing live support Monday to Friday 9am–5pm ET, and the third one posts general blog posts and updates about LastPass.

I could not find a direct link to their customer support Twitter account from the website. But I found it by clicking on the “Status” link on the LastPass website, which took me to the “status update” Twitter account — and then that account linked me to the live support one… not exactly straightforward!

I submitted a question to LastPass’s live support Twitter account outside working hours and received an answer in about 12 hours, so this option is OK to use for not-so-urgent questions.

Surprisingly, I could not locate any direct link to email support from the LastPass website, which was quite disappointing. You are meant to use the FAQ page to search for answers to your questions. If the search results do not solve your issue, then a link to LastPass’s email support is displayed at the bottom of the page.

You then need to submit your question using a form, and then you’re assigned a case number. I submitted mine as an unregistered LastPass user, and I received an answer that fully answered my question in just over 5 hours. If you purchase a LastPass plan, your wait time will be shorter as Premium user cases are prioritized.

LastPass Customer Support

LastPass also offers troubleshooting forums listed as one of their support options. However, these forums should definitely not be used for urgent questions because the forums are meant for users exchanging information about LastPass — the forums are not monitored by the company. LastPass’s customer support team should monitor their forums — like 1Password’s support team who constantly monitor their forums and quickly respond to questions.

I really want LastPass to make their customer support options much easier to access. The email and Twitter support staff both answered my question quickly and professionally — but I spent too much time and effort trying to find a way to contact them. But LastPass’s website has a ton of very helpful information on how to use LastPass, so most people will never need to contact customer support at all. Even if you do need to (and after you find the right email address), you’ll get a detailed and informed answer within a few hours.

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Is LastPass a safe, secure, and easy-to-use password manager?

Yes, LastPass is safe, secure, and easy to use. It uses bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption to ensure all passwords are stored safely, and it includes many advanced multi-factor authentication options for extra layers of security.

LastPass’s interface is also very easy to navigate. I had no issue finding my saved passwords thanks to the well-organized display that separated my passwords into appropriate categories. The LastPass browser extension also makes it incredibly easy to store online account passwords and generate complex passwords for new account signups.

For LastPass to be my favorite password manager, I’d need to see them improve the functionality of some features. They could improve the automatic password changer so it covers more sites and so it can automatically change multiple passwords at once, like Dashlane’s password changer. And I’d like to see them work out some of their issues with accessing customer support.

Overall, LastPass is a great choice for both beginner and tech-savvy users who are looking for a secure password manager. It has a wide range of additional tools that most other passwords managers do not offer, like an automatic password changer and multiple account recovery options. LastPass Free is one of the best free password managers out there (with unlimited storage on unlimited devices), and LastPass Premium adds an emergency access feature, cloud storage, and advanced authentication features. LastPass Families is also one of the better family plans, coming with a family manager dashboard and unlimited sharing between plan members.

All LastPass plans have a 30-day free trial, so there’s no risk in trying it out and seeing if you like it.

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Does LastPass have a free version?

Yes. LastPass has a really good free version, which includes:

  • One secure vault that can be accessed and managed from multiple devices.
  • Unlimited password storage.
  • Identity theft protection/credit monitoring.
  • One-to-one password sharing.
  • Password generator.
  • Password security audits.
  • Secure notes storage.

LastPass Free is one of the most feature-rich free password managers available. It doesn’t have some features that I consider necessary, like emergency access, one-to-many sharing, and secure file storage, but it’s my favorite free password manager on the market.

Does LastPass have account recovery options?

Yes. In fact, LastPass has some of the most account recovery options of any other password manager. You can:

  • Get your Master Password hint emailed to you.
  • Use the fingerprint/Face ID on your mobile to confirm your identity.
  • Access your account with a recovery password when using the same computer and browser.
  • Receive an SMS with a unique code to reset your Master Password.
  • Revert to your old Master Password (if changed no longer than 30 days ago).

LastPass Premium also includes an emergency access function, which enables you to assign an emergency contact to retrieve the data in your vault if you can’t access it.

Can I share a password from my LastPass vault with other people?

Yes. You can easily share logins and other data from your LastPass database with anyone by sending them an email invite. Users without LastPass will need to create their own LastPass account to access the information you share with them.

LastPass Free allows you to share any password entry with one other user, while LastPass Premium and all other paid plans include the ability to share with multiple users.

One of the cool things about LastPass’s sharing function is that you can share passwords without the recipient being able to view the password — meaning they can use the password without knowing what the password actually is.

Is LastPass safe?

Yes. LastPass is very safe to use for all PCs, Mac, and mobile devices. LastPass has a zero-knowledge policy, meaning even the LastPass team cannot access, view, or share the data stored in your vault.

LastPass uses bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption and TLS certification to protect all data stored in a user’s LastPass vault.

There’s also a range of extra security options to ensure all passwords are safe, including:

  • Advanced multi-factor authentication options.
  • Touch ID and Face ID verification.
  • Options to only allow logins from specific countries.

Along with advanced-level security, LastPass also has a wide range of features to make web browsing and account logins even safer, like a one-click password changer and country-level restrictions.

LastPass Products & Pricing

Bottom Line

LastPass is easy-to-use, feature-rich, and secure. I really like the automatic password changer and multiple account recovery options. While I think there could be some changes (like more auto-change options and better support options), LastPass still includes a huge range of well-designed features that are very easy to set up and use. You can try all LastPass plans for free for 30 days.

About the Author

Alex Kassian
Alex Kassian
Software developer and tech enthusiast

About the Author

Alex Kassian is a software and tech developer who regularly travels around the globe for both work and pleasure. He’s super passionate about cybersecurity, after having to rescue his girlfriend and family members from multiple cyber attacks over the years. He loves testing different antivirus programs and other cybersecurity products to find out which ones offer the best protection.

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LastPass User Reviews

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Aug. 1, 2020 NEW
United Kingdom
Poor Customer Support
Mac User
Even as a premium user the support is terrible, takes ages to reply to support tickets, they should have a phone number especially for premium users or at the very minimum a chat function.
Jul. 21, 2020 NEW
United States
Terrible support
Windows User
Lastpass is more expensive than others. It is fairly easy to use. As others have said, there is absolutely no customer service at all. There is no phone number and when I tried to submit a ticket, I got an error message. This was using 3 different browsers. The account recovery process didn't work at all either.
Jul. 7, 2020 NEW
Forget it
Mac User
LastPass Firefox add on was broken the last time I used it. It does not encrypt URLs.
May 13, 2020
Undisclosed use or 3rd party APIs
Mac User
I have evaluated the free version. While I liked the product and its feature, I very much disliked that the Android client send frequent requests to analytics APIs. The most common is, which is called every 30s even when the app runs in the background. This is not something a standard user would notice, and the official documentation does not mention that anywhere I could see. I am not against the use of analytics, but this should be a lot more transparent than it currently is. Plus the impact on battery usage. I decided to look elsewhere.
May 7, 2020
Deleted In The First 5 Minutes!
Windows User
I want an app with fingerprint identify....after installing this app, unfortunately, their bio-finger sensor didn't work.
It didn't even recognize I was touching the screen!
Uninstalled,....I'll find a better one!
United States
LastPass Doesn't Work Properly Anymore
Windows User
It no longer displays address - just financial info. The FireFox plugin is broken - it no longer remembers your lastpass login info. The price has tripled and the product doesn't work. Not going to renew!
Hong Kong
Poor Customer service
Mac User
I locked out of my account as I forgot my master password. I emailed the customer support. All I got was a generic prepared instruction on how to reset the master password, sent by their offshore support center. After following the instructions, the reset instructions did not work and created another error message. I posted this 2nd error message to the support email. I have received zero replies from Lastpass on this 2nd error message. I am still waiting for the answer on the next steps; this was three days ago.

I am paying for the premium service.

I am disgusted by the poor service.

Avoid this product and service at all costs.
No customer support, horrible help and both the app and desktop version have a lot of issues and bugs.
Windows User
I had problems accessing my account and there is no way to contact customer support at all, no help information readily available to solve my problem. I had to look everywhere and it took me 20 minutes to even find an email to get in touch with the team.

I wouldn't trust this service with any of my information ever again. Even though it is safe, it is not something you can rely on at all.

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