The Best Password Manager for Enterprise 2019

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Felicity Kay
Cybersecurity Expert
Updated: June 6, 2019

The Best Password Manager for Enterprise 2019The Best Password Manager for Enterprise 2019

According to Keeper’s website, 81% of company breaches are the result of weak passwords. This costs companies an average of $7 million each time. Nobody wants to deal with that, especially when there is a pretty easy solution to all of it. That solution is called a password manager.

Password managers hold all sorts of vital information like passwords, identities, financial data, and much, much more. They ensure that neither you or your workers ever need to remember passwords or other information, rather they can have the software securely store it and fill out forms for them. Some of them come with extra features, too, like virtual private networks, onboarding tutorials, and even encrypted chat services.

Regardless of the size of your business, be it 10 or hundreds of employees, a password manager is something you’ll want to invest in. Not only will it increase the security of your business and your employees, but it will take an entire load off of your shoulders, knowing that you can manage your information at a personal level.

To help you find the best password manager for enterprise, I looked at all of the top ones and broke them down into a list here. Each one is summarized so you can get a good understanding of what they offer, and how each one can benefit your enterprise business.

  1. How We Rate 
  2.  Dashlane – Best for its Smart Spaces Feature
  3.  RoboForm – The Best for its Management Console
  4.  LastPass – Best for its Onboarding Policy
  5. Keeper – The Best for its Additional Modules
  6.  CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault – The Best for Its Permissions Management

To learn more about what makes a best password manager for enterprise, click here.

How We Rate The Best Password Managers for Enterprise 2019

After going over all of these password managers for enterprise, it’s important that you know how we value each one. This is how SafetyDetective grades the different password managers:

  • Feature Set: What sort of features do they provide? How many are on the free plan and how many must you pay for?
  • Security: Does the manager offer proper security? If so, how does it do so?
  • Pricing: There are all different kinds of payment tiers for password managers. Some provide better features than others, but it’s important to know if the price is worth the product.

The Best Password Managers for Enterprise 2019 – Updated

1. Dashlane – Best for its Smart Spaces Feature

Why we like it

The Dashlane password manager is ideal for many reasons, but businesses often choose it due to its streamlined user interface that anybody can take advantage of. Not only is it easy to use, but the password manager brings with fantastic sharing options alongside the standard autofill and auto capture features that save everyone time.

What you should know

What’s great about Dashlane business is that it separates stored data into two segments: business and personal, via its Smart Spaces feature. That means employees can store their own work-specific passwords without sharing it with others, while the business-centric information can still be spread to everyone.

Dashlane – Best for its Smart Spaces Feature

How it works

Dashlane’s business features are easy to set up. All you need to do is download the software like usual. Then, as employees create their accounts, there is an admin console for administrators to oversee what’s going on, manage their workers, and much more. Plus, if you have more than 50 employees, you gain access to a Customer Success Manager making things even easier for your business.

2. RoboForm – The Best for its Management Console

$23.88 - $47.75 / year

Why we like it

RoboForm is already great for its personal password solutions, but its business plan is even better. When signing up, the software comes with a management console that helps administrators bring on new workers, choose what they can and cannot control, and much more.

The manager separates private passwords and company passwords, files, and identities. Plus, RoboForm business is available on any device via the web, though you can download it as well for easier access.

RoboForm – The Best for its Management Console

What you should know

You can try out RoboForm for your business with a 14-day free trial that houses up to 30 employees. From there, you’re paying a yearly fee per user. It may be a bit of an expensive fee upfront, but the price is worth it. Not only are you paying for the software, but also training videos and other onboarding features.

How it works

Any personal RoboForm account can transition into a business one. Once done, the onboarding process involves simply sending out employee invites via email, choosing their permissions from the different groups you’ve established, and having the workers flow in from there.

3. LastPass – Best for its Onboarding Policy

$3.00 - $4.00 / year

Why we like it

LastPass is already one of the most user friendly password managers on the market due to its well-designed interface, autofill capabilities, and tech support. But, when it comes to its business plan, LastPass excels even further.

Upgrading brings with an administrative dashboard – a space where you can view employee password scores, organize shared groups, view activity logs, and much more. From here, you can also manage which employees have two-factor authentication, force master password usage, and ensure that each worker has their own personal vault on top of the shared business one.

LastPass – Best for its Onboarding Policy

What you should know

The LastPass Enterprise plan supports unlimited users, and will provide you with a dedicated customer support team accessible to you at all times. Or, if you have a smaller team of less than 50 employees, there is the Teams plan which you can test out before jumping into the Enterprise. Regardless, make sure you know what you’re getting into, as both plans charge you a yearly fee per user.

How it works

Onboarding is quick and easy with LastPass Enterprise. What’s great is that the software supports some of the most popular onboarding directories, like Microsoft’s, Okta, OneLogin, and much more. Then, whenever an employee creates an account with any of these APIs, they’ll have an account made for them automatically. The reverse is just as easy. If you need to offboard a worker, it can be done with the click of a button.

4. Keeper – The Best for its Additional Modules

$1.67 - $3.33 / year

Why we like it

Keeper’s traditional plans are chock-full of features, which is its biggest selling point. So you can be sure that the Enterprise version comes with even more. When upgrading to this plan, you can customize the different roles of your employees and admins.

Roles consist of who has control over password auditing, 2FA, and who can manage access to different entries. Also, those in power will enjoy deep analytics, auditing tools, and even reports. There’s also a fleshed out activity log, separate business and personal vaults, and the plan even comes with developer APIs for easy integration into business software.

Keeper – The Best for its Additional Modules

What you should know

On top of Keeper’s Enterprise plan is its KeeperChat service. This is an encrypted messaging platform for all employees to communicate on. It’s an external add-on, however, so keep that in mind when purchasing plans. There’s also an onboarding module that helps train new employees and even comes with a dedicated support team member.

How it works

When signing up for Keeper Enterprise, you’re technically upgrading from the Keeper Business plan. So, if you’ve had that before, everything will carry over. If not, you may want to purchase the onboarding module and KeeperChat to make things a little easier for you and your employees.

That way, your employees can spend less time learning how to manage passwords and more time doing what they were hired to do.

5. CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault – The Best for Its Permissions Management

Why we like it

CyberArk’s Enterprise Password Vault provides many useful features for enterprise, such as centralized, secure cloud storage, audit reports, and account permission management. The software prides itself on providing in-depth access controls, and constantly takes a look at connected accounts to make sure the right users still have their permissions.

What you should know

While it provides a ton of features, especially in the realm of automation, CyberArk can be a lot to learn for those new to password managers. There are a ton of customizable options, but they’re portrayed in a rather complex way with high-level terms. Make sure you have someone who knows what they’re talking about on board if you choose to go this route.

CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault – The Best for Its Permissions Management

How it works

Since CyberArk’s password manager is designed for enterprise alone, there aren’t any personal plans or things like that. But, once you’ve set up payment and downloaded the software, you can easily get started with the CyberArk Guided Tour video on the software’s homepage.

What Makes the Best Password Manager for Enterprise 2019?

There are so many password managers out there. How do you know which is best for your needs? Well, despite what some of these managers might say, some of them out there are severely limited when compared to others.

That’s why it’s important to know the basics of a good password manager, alongside which additional features are worth paying extra for. These features are things like an overall master password, two-factor authentication, autofill, and more. Some password managers offer all of these, and some only a combination of them. Then, since we’re looking for the best password manager for enterprise, there’s even more to consider.

The Basic Features of the Best Password Managers

No matter the password manager, you should be sure that it has the following features:

  • A Master Password: Each employee should have their own master password for logging into the business’ password manager. This should be memorized and written down somewhere safe.
  • Autofill: Half the point of using a password manager is so you don’t have to remember and enter in passwords. A good piece of software will do the filling in for you, with a feature called autofill. This means that any time you approach a form online, you’ll have the option to choose an account in which the manager will automatically input the secure password.
  • Auto Password Capture: Obviously, going in and manually entering each password into a manager is a time-consuming task. Doubly so when you have to have a whole group of employees doing so. To mitigate this, your password manager should have automatic capture. This means that whenever someone types in a username and password, the software will automatically bring it in.
  • Password Generator: Another big bonus of using a password manager is the ability to have complex, secure passwords that nobody can crack. Coming up with these is difficult, but a good password manager for enterprise will have a built in generator for you. That way, you don’t have to come up with anything, and you can be sure that the generated password is as safe as possible.

Advanced Features of Password Managers

Then you have the advanced features. These help you differentiate between different password managers for enterprise:

  • Personal and Private Vaults: Since these password managers are to be used between dozens if not hundreds of employees, it’s important that the software helps users separate between their own personal vault of passwords and the company-wide private one.
  • Password Sharing: While not vital, a password sharing feature for businesses is pretty important. This way, an administrator could easily and securely trade important information with another employee from within the software. This mitigates risk and prevents data from getting out.
  • Onboarding Modules: One of the hardest parts about implementing a new, company-wide piece of software is showing employees how to use it. Password manager companies are aware of this, and some of the best ones create onboarding video tutorials, or bring with a dedicated support member so workers can get to using the manager must faster.
Transparency and Trust – We pride ourselves on being the only site where users can freely contribute and share their reviews on any antivirus with other community members. When you visit an antivirus site we link to, we sometimes get affiliate commissions that support our work. Read more about how we operate.