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Safety Detective is committed to helping you protect your most valuable data online

Our team of online security experts are hard at work building a complete knowledge-base of antivirus-related articles and resources, along with thorough and objective antivirus software reviews by industry experts.

Safety Detective  provides:

  • Impartial and in-depth reviews of leading antivirus programs based on hours of hands-on testing by our experts.
  • Community-generated assessments of each antivirus we test. Got something to say about an antivirus you’ve tried out? We’re glad to publish it in order to better inform our readers.
  • “Best of” lists and buying guides to help you find the right antivirus for your specific computer, mobile device, OS, and overall needs.
  • Detailed product comparisons — can’t choose between two antivirus solutions? We’ve got you covered with in-depth feature comparisons.
  • Interviews with industry leaders — stay up to date on the latest AV news and trends.
  • Tips, hacks, and educational resources to help you protect your computer and valuable data from cyber theft.

We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency. Though we may earn a commission when you purchase an antivirus featured on our site, you’ll always get a completely unbiased take — including the good and the bad of what’s on offer — as we strive to maintain editorial independence from the vendors we partner with.

Honest Expert Reviews
User Evaluations
Thorough Explanations
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Our Team

Andrew Sanders Andrew Sanders
Writer on technology, information security, and telecom
Eric C. Eric C.
Copywriter on cyber security, fintech, and cryptocurrency industries
Evan Porter Evan Porter
Tech blogger, loves gadgets, fixes tech problems at home

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