10 Best Password Managers for Android in 2024

Katarina Glamoslija
Katarina Glamoslija Lead Cybersecurity Editor
Updated on: May 24, 2024
Fact Checked by Kate Davidson
Katarina Glamoslija Katarina Glamoslija
Updated on: May 24, 2024 Lead Cybersecurity Editor

Short on time? Here's the best Android password manager in 2024:

  • 🥇 1Password : Offers unbreakable encryption, advanced 2FA options, excellent password generation, seamless auto-fill, easy password sharing, and much more. Its Android app is really easy to use, and it offers highly affordable plans for individuals and families.

I tested every password manager in the Google Play Store, and I was surprised to learn that only a few apps offer better functionality than Android’s built-in password manager. A lot of the so-called “password managers” in the Google Play Store are actually phishing apps designed to steal people’s passwords. One fake password manager even tried to install ransomware on my phone!

However, after weeks of research and testing, I found 10 safe password managers that offer encrypted password storage along with helpful additional security features like biometric logins, password strength auditing, and account breach monitoring. My top choice, 1Password, even offers advanced extras like virtual payment cards and an extra- secure Travel Mode.

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Quick summary of the best password managers for Android:

  • 1.🥇 1Password — Best overall Android password manager in 2024 with multiple vaults and Travel Mode. 
  • 2.🥈 Dashlane — Secure and feature-rich Android password manager with a fast VPN + dark web monitoring.
  • 3.🥉 Keeper — Highly secure password manager for Android with an encrypted messaging app.
  • 4. NordPass — Beginner-friendly password manager with an intuitive and streamlined Android app.
  • 5. RoboForm — Excellent form-filling capabilities + cool extra features like bookmark storage.
  • Numbers 6-10 of 2024‘s Best Password Managers for Android.

🥇1. 1Password — Best Android Password Manager in 2024

🥇1. 1Password — Best Android Password Manager in 2024

1Password is the best Android password manager I’ve tested. It comes with all industry-standard features (256-bit AES encryption, zero-knowledge protocol, etc.), a good range of extra tools that simplify password management, and a highly intuitive Android app.

It also has helpful password sharing for individuals, families, and teams. You can easily share any password in your vault by sending a temporary link via text or email — competitors like Dashlane and RoboForm only let you share passwords with other users, but 1Password’s secure encrypted links can be sent to anybody.

1Password provides a variety of additional security features to help Android users keep their information secure, such as:

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA). 1Password syncs with one-time password apps like Authy, as well as USB authenticators like YubiKey to improve vault security. 1Password’s built-in authenticator also makes it easy to authenticate your 2FA-compatible logins online.
  • Travel Mode. Temporarily removes specific logins, so you can protect sensitive information from thieves and intrusive border agents while traveling. No other password manager has anything similar.
  • Watchtower. This all-in-one breach monitoring and password auditing tool checks the dark web for data breaches and scans your password vault for weak passwords. It then notifies you if you have passwords that need to be changed.

🥇1. 1Password — Best Android Password Manager in 2024

1Password’s Android app also comes with comprehensive auto-fill functionality. Once you set it up, it can integrate with your Android keyboard, becoming a selectable service whenever you try to log into a website or app. Even better, when you tap a username or password field, the Android keyboard automatically suggests the relevant login credentials from 1Password. All you need to do is tap the suggestion to auto-fill the data. If you’re dealing with multiple steps to sign in, you can choose the login item at each step, making the process even smoother.

Moreover, the auto-fill feature allows you to save a new account or update an existing password without leaving the app or website you’re on. 1Password will give you the option to either fill the details in once or update the login item for future auto-fill. This integration means you rarely have to toggle back and forth between 1Password and the app you’re using.

I was excited to see 1Password has introduced passkey support, too. This innovative technology uses biometric data or device authentication instead of a password. While passkeys are relatively new, they’re starting to be used in more places, so it’s nice to see 1Password keeping on top of security trends. However, you can’t create new passkeys on older versions of Android or iOS — only Android 14 and iOS 17 offer full passkey support.

For users on the family plan, 1Password’s vault sharing tools are really great, too. I had no problem creating a read-only vault for my whole family that contained our Netflix and Disney+ passwords, while my husband and I shared an all-access vault for our financial and online shopping accounts.

Priced at $4.99 / month, 1Password Families is one of the most affordable family plans around. It covers 5 users, but you can add as many new users as you need for a small additional fee. 1Password doesn’t offer a free plan, but its Individual plan ($2.99 / month) is a good value, covering unlimited devices for a single user for a little bit less than Dashlane.

Try 1Password with a risk-free trial!
Use 1Password's 100% free trial to see if it’s the right password manager for you.

Bottom Line:

1Password is the best password manager for any Android user. It comes with excellent security features, an intuitive interface, and vault sharing tools, plus useful extras like breach monitoring, 2FA compatibility, and password auditing. There’s no free plan, but both 1Password Individual and 1Password Families are available for a 14-day free trial.

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🥈2. Dashlane — Best Additional Features for Android Users

🥈2. Dashlane — Best Additional Features for Android Users

Dashlane is one of the most feature-rich password managers on the market. It’s highly secure, protecting logins with 256-AES encryption and zero-knowledge architecture, it has an easily accessible user interface, and it comes with a lot of really helpful extra features, including:

  • Dark web monitoring. Dashlane’s dark web monitoring scans thousands of sites on the dark web for breached logins and provides you with notifications if it detects any, so you can change your password or delete your account before your identity gets compromised.
  • VPN. Dashlane’s secure VPN is unique among password managers. Integrated directly within the service, this VPN maintains high-speed connectivity worldwide, so you can browse the web, stream videos, or play games on your Android without any slowdown or interruptions.
  • Secure storage. Dashlane comes with 1 GB of encrypted storage, which you can use to store sensitive documents.
  • Phishing alerts. If you ever paste a password from Dashlane onto a website that doesn’t match the URL saved in the app, Dashlane will send a notification and warn you not to hit send. It will also alert you to websites posing as Dashlane.

But what sets Dashlane apart is its easy-to-use Android app. When you first log in, it prompts you to set up biometric login and account recovery. I recommend doing so as the other method to recover your account (using a recovery key) is more time-consuming. Then, the app offers a comprehensive tutorial to help you navigate its features, ensuring a beginner-friendly transition from web to mobile use.

🥈2. Dashlane — Best Additional Features for Android Users

In the Dashlane mobile app, you’ll find more than just your password vault. It allows you to generate passwords, save and auto-fill them, and share passwords and secure notes. The app houses an authenticator tool to create 2FA tokens for your online accounts, too. What’s more, Android users get full passkey support (on Android 14) and the ability to import passwords directly into the app.

Dashlane’s free plan is one of the best free password managers on the market in 2024, as lets you share passwords with as many Dashlane users as you like, alerts you if any of the data in your password vault appears in a security breach, and much more (but it only lets you store 25 logins on 1 device).

Dashlane Premium ($4.99 / month) is a particularly good deal, especially because it’s the only password manager on the market that includes advanced phishing protection and a VPN (which is cheaper than many standalone VPNs). Dashlane Friends & Family ($7.49 / month) offers all of the features from Premium — except the VPN — with up to 10 licenses. The VPN however, is only available to 1 user (the plan admin).

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Bottom Line:

Dashlane is an excellent option for Android users thanks to its high security, ease of use, and additional features (like dark web monitoring, advanced anti-phishing tools, and a VPN). There’s also encrypted storage and a range of 2FA options. Dashlane Free comes with a 30-day free trial of the Premium plan, and all Dashlane purchases have a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

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🥉3. Keeper — Best for Advanced Cybersecurity Tools + Encrypted Chat

🥉3. Keeper — Best for Advanced Cybersecurity Tools + Encrypted Chat

Keeper offers a simple and easy-to-use Android password manager that comes with a good range of features, including:

  • Encrypted storage. Keeper offers an impressive 10 GB of secure file storage on its Family plan, with the option to expand up to 100 GB through paid add-ons. This is better than any competitor — Dashlane only offers 1 GB per person.
  • BreachWatch (paid-add-on). Monitors the dark web and hacking databases for account breaches, providing up-to-date notifications if any of your logins become compromised.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA). Keeper is compatible with TOTP authenticators, Android’s built-in biometric scanning, and USB tokens like YubiKey. It also includes Keeper DNA — a built-in 2FA authenticator.

I really like Keeper’s unique encrypted messaging app. This isn’t just an add-on — it’s a fully functional messaging app that enhances your privacy and security. You can send encrypted text messages and share images securely. Plus, the app allows you to set self-destruct timers for messages and files, providing you with an added layer of security that’s perfect for sensitive communications.

🥉3. Keeper — Best for Advanced Cybersecurity Tools + Encrypted Chat

Overall, Keeper’s Android app offers similar features to its desktop app. However, I wish the password import process was more streamlined on mobile. Right now, you have to use the web-based dashboard to import passwords, which isn’t as convenient as simply doing it in the app. I’d also like to see Keeper add emergency access functionality to the Android app. But as it stands, Keeper’s app is a secure and reliable platform for managing and accessing your credentials effortlessly on-the-go.

Keeper offers a wide range of flexible payment plans, including Keeper Unlimited ($2.92 / month) for individuals and Keeper Family ($6.25 / month) for up to 5 users. Both individual and family users can also get optional dark web monitoring and up to 100 GB of cloud storage. Keeper also has a free plan, but it’s very limited — 10 entries locally on 1 device — and hardly includes any of Keeper’s excellent security features.

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Bottom Line:

Keeper is a secure password manager with a unique messaging app and more cloud storage than any other competitor. It also has all of the security features I expect from a premium password manager, including advanced encryption, 2FA, breach monitoring, and a built-in authenticator. Keeper has a wide range of flexible pricing plans as well, so individuals and families can easily choose the right plan to meet their needs.

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4. NordPass — Best Intuitive Password Management for Beginners

4. NordPass — Best Intuitive Password Management for Beginners

NordPass is one of the most intuitive password managers on the market — it comes with all of the security features you’d expect in a password manager, and they’re all accessible in a streamlined and lightweight Android app.

NordPass’s additional security features include:

  • Password generator. Generate passwords between 8–60 characters long that use capital letters, digits, and symbols. You can also generate passphrases containing 3–10 words and space them using an underscore, hyphen, comma, or more.
  • Password health checker. Receive alerts if any passwords in your vault are vulnerable. This includes weak and reused passwords, as well as ones you’ve not changed for over 90 days.
  • Data breach scanner. Automatically scans emails associated with your NordPass account for data breaches on the dark web. You can also manually add additional emails that you want NordPass to monitor.
  • Emergency access. Add another NordPass user to your account, granting them access to your password vault in case of an emergency.
  • Biometric login. Use your fingerprint instead of your master password to log in on Android.

4. NordPass — Best Intuitive Password Management for Beginners

During my tests, I was impressed with NordPass’s user-friendly interface. Whenever I needed to log into an account, all I had to do was tap on the account’s login and password field in my web browser, and then tap on my username and password in the dropdown list. I could also open the NordPass app and see a list of all my saved accounts, with the ones matching the website I was on listed at the top.

There are some extra features included with NordPass, too — such as password auditing and breach monitoring — although competitors like 1Password and Dashlane offer a better variety of additional security features, such as 1Password’s Travel Mode and Dashlane’s VPN.

NordPass has a free version that offers unlimited password storage on multiple devices, but you can only log into your vault on 1 device at a time. NordPass Premium supports unlimited device connections for 1 user as well as password sharing with unlimited NordPass users.

Bottom Line:

NordPass offers secure password protection in a streamlined interface. Android users looking for an easy-to-use password manager that does the basics well will enjoy this app. If you’re interested, you can try out NordPass Premium with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

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5. RoboForm — Best for Auto-Filling Web Forms

5. RoboForm — Best for Auto-Filling Web Forms

RoboForm has exceptional auto-filling capabilities. It includes templates for everything from passports and credit cards to vehicle registration information, and it automatically enters personal and payment info into all types of web forms without errors or missed fields.

RoboForm also comes with good security features:

  • 2FA. Syncs up with 2FA apps like Authy and Google Authenticator and offers biometric login for Android devices (so you can log into your RoboForm account with just your fingerprint or face scan).
  • Password security auditing. Checks for weak, reused, and duplicate passwords, which you can then change to unhackable passwords with its password generator (you can create passwords that are up to 512 characters long).
  • Secure password sharing. Lets you send and receive logins from other RoboForm users in just a couple of clicks.
  • Encrypted bookmarks storage. Saves and syncs bookmarks on any device, providing easy access to your favorite sites.

5. RoboForm — Best for Auto-Filling Web Forms

All of RoboForm’s features work flawlessly on Android — during my tests, I found it very simple to set up 2FA, share logins, and audit my entire password vault. And because RoboForm is very intuitive, even beginner or non-tech-savvy Android users will find it easy to access and use all of RoboForm’s features — including the excellent templates.

RoboForm Premium ($0.99 / month) provides access to all the above-mentioned features. RoboForm Family ($19.05 / year) is the same as Premium, but it’s worth the upgrade if you’re looking for coverage for up to 5 users. RoboForm Free is decent, but it doesn’t have multi-device sync.

Bottom Line:

RoboForm has the best auto-filling capabilities on the market — it fills out dozens of fields on complex web forms with just one click. RoboForm also has good security features like biometric login, password auditing, and secure bookmarks storage. All RoboForm purchases come with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

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6. LastPass — Excellent Free Android Password Manager

6. LastPass — Excellent Free Android Password Manager

LastPass offers one of the best free password manager apps on my list — it has all of the basic features you need to easily and safely manage your passwords on any Android device, including:

  • Unlimited password storage. LastPass lets you save an unlimited number of passwords on an unlimited number of mobile or computer devices (but not both!) in the free plan.
  • 2FA. Includes compatibility with one-time password apps like Authy, but compatibility with biometric 2FA and USB tokens is only available in the Premium version.
  • Account recovery. Lets you easily regain access to your LastPass vault in case you lose your master password. LastPass has more recovery options than any other password manager on this list.
  • Password auditing. Scans for weak, repeated, or otherwise compromised passwords and provides an overall security score to compare with other users.

6. LastPass — Excellent Free Android Password Manager

LastPass is an excellent free password manager, but LastPass Premium is worth checking out. If you’re looking for emergency access, biometric login, or password sharing between multiple users, it’s worth the upgrade.

It costs $3.00 / month and is a really good value, including a ton of useful features for less than the price of Dashlane Premium — but Dashlane also comes with a pretty good VPN. And LastPass Families ($4.00 / month) covers up to 6 users for less than 1Password’s Family plan, although LastPass doesn’t let you add additional family users like 1Password does.

Bottom Line:

LastPass offers one of the best free Android password managers around — it provides unlimited password storage on unlimited mobile or desktop devices, along with password auditing, 2FA compatibility, and multiple account recovery options. Upgrading to LastPass Premium gets you biometric logins, emergency access, and password sharing between multiple users for a good price. Both LastPass Premium and LastPass Families come with a 30-day free trial.

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7. Total Password — Good Security and User-Friendly Interface

7. Total Password — Good Security and User-Friendly Interface

Total Password focuses on delivering strong security features in an easy-to-use interface, making password management easy for Android users with features like:

  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Zero-knowledge protocol.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Password generator.
  • Secure Me.

Secure Me is a unique feature that allows you to remotely log out from all your devices — this is great if you’re using a public computer (such as in a library or school) and forget to exit your important accounts.

7. Total Password — Good Security and User-Friendly Interface

That said, Total Password lacks password sharing and has difficulties with data import from other password managers, which I found to be slight drawbacks — especially compared to competing brands like LastPass.

Total Password’s mobile app and browser extensions are intuitive and user-friendly. However, in terms of utility, it could benefit from a web-based dashboard similar to what most competitors offer — especially if you’re planning on using Total Password on your PC in addition to your Android.

On the pricing front, Total Password offers an individual plan for $1.99 / month. This plan includes multi-device synchronization, password history, security auditing, and data breach monitoring. However, you can also get Total Password as a part of TotalAV’s excellent Total Security plan for $49.00 / year. I think this is the better deal, as you also get access to TotalAV’s anti-malware scanner (one of the best malware scanners for Android in 2024), an unlimited-data VPN, and much more. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try them risk-free.

Bottom Line:

Total Password is a great option for Android users seeking a reliable and user-friendly password manager. Its excellent security features, user-friendly interface, and 30-day money-back guarantee make it a worthwhile contender in the realm of password management. However, improvements could be made in areas such as advanced features and password importing.

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8. Sticky Password — Best for Secure Password Sync

8. Sticky Password — Best for Secure Password Sync

Sticky Password gives you a lot of control over how your info is synchronized across your devices — you can choose whether you want to sync your data using Sticky Password’s secure cloud or your local Wi-Fi network (the latter ensures your data never leaves your device, making it impossible for hackers to intercept your information).

I like that the Android app also comes with all the essential password management features, including unlimited password storage, secure notes storage, 2FA monitoring, and more. The Android app is very functional, and while previously you couldn’t share passwords using the app, it’s now possible to do so.

Sticky Password’s auto-fill on Android is pretty good, too. The built-in Sticky Browser simplifies auto-fill by eliminating the need to have to constantly switch apps, while the ‘Action Button’ that appears on login fields seamlessly integrates auto-fill into other Android apps, even linking web and app accounts for synchronized updates.

8. Sticky Password — Best for Secure Password Sync

Sticky Password Free isn’t bad, but most users will want to upgrade. The free version provides unlimited passwords on only one device, so it’s not as comprehensive as Avira’s free plan. Sticky Password Premium ($9.99 / year), on the other hand, lets you cover multiple devices, share passwords with others, and sync data using a local Wi-Fi network.

Bottom Line:

Sticky Password has an easy-to-use Android app with all the essential features — unlimited password storage, auto-filling, and 2FA. It also includes the option to sync data using your local Wi-Fi network instead of the Sticky Password cloud. You can try out Sticky Password risk-free with a 30-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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9. Avira Password Manager — Best For Ease of Use + Good Free Plan

9. Avira Password Manager — Best For Ease of Use + Good Free Plan

Avira Password Manager is secure and easy to use, and it provides a comprehensive free plan. Avira and Bitwarden both provide unlimited password storage and multi-device sync in their free plans — but Avira is definitely more user-friendly than Bitwarden.

Avira’s Android password manager app offers:

  • Unlimited password storage across unlimited devices.
  • Biometric login.
  • Built-in 2FA authenticator.
  • Vault health auditing (paid plan only).
  • Data breach monitoring (paid plan only).

9. Avira Password Manager — Best For Ease of Use + Good Free Plan

You can also get Avira’s excellent free antivirus and VPN as separate apps. The free antivirus app has a malware scanner, anti-theft tools, and a Wi-Fi monitor, whereas the VPN is good but limited to only 500 MB/month. All of Avira’s free apps for Android devices are decent, but the premium plans provide some of the best internet security protections on the market for a really good value.

Avira Password Manager can be downloaded as a standalone app for $31.99 / year or as part of the Avira Prime antivirus package, which offers coverage for multiple Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac devices for $59.99 / year. Avira Prime is one of the best internet security suites on the market, so if you’re also looking for antivirus protection, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Bottom Line:

Avira Password Manager is a secure, intuitive password manager with a great set of free features. The free version offers unlimited password storage on unlimited devices, while the paid version adds vault health auditing and dark web monitoring. You can get Avira Password Manager as a standalone app or bundled with all of Avira’s Android apps in the Avira Prime package. There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee on all of Avira’s yearly paid plans.

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10. Password Boss — Best for Simple Password Auditing

10. Password Boss — Best for Simple Password Auditing

Password Boss makes it very easy for Android users to analyze the strength of their passwords — a feature not uncommon in other password managers like 1Password, Dashlane, and Keeper, but Password Boss does it particularly well.

I was impressed with how well laid out and intuitive Password Boss’s security dashboard is, making it a great choice for beginner users. It’s very easy to see if any of your passwords or emails were compromised in a security breach, and whether or not they’ve been offered for sale on the dark web.

The app also supports biometric logins like Face or Touch ID, and even a 4-digit PIN code option. However, one of Password Boss’s best features is just how easy it is to save new passwords. You simply tap the apps you want to save in Password Boss and fill your information in.

10. Password Boss — Best for Simple Password Auditing

Password Boss’s premium plan costs $2.50 / month, which is pretty affordable, and also includes password sharing, secure file storage, 2FA (including biometric login), emergency access, and cloud backup. There is also a free version, but it only provides coverage for 1 device.

Bottom Line:

Password Boss is user-friendly, with simple password auditing and all the essential security features for Android users. It has biometric logins, emergency access, cloud backup, and more. It doesn’t have any standout features, but the included ones work well and they’re all easy to use. Password Boss comes with a 30-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Bonus. Bitwarden — Best Open-Source Password Manager

Bonus. Bitwarden — Best Open-Source Password Manager

Bitwarden is an affordable open-source password manager — it has a good free version, a comprehensive Android app, and a lot of extra features. It offers unlimited storage for passwords, personal and financial info, and notes, as well as a password generator, password sharing, biometric login, and lots more.

However, the app is not as easy to navigate as 1Password’s or Dashlane’s Android apps – Bitwarden’s Android app comes with plenty of advanced settings that beginner users may find too complicated to figure out. In addition, some of the features underperformed during my tests.

On the plus side, Bitwarden has an active community of developers who are constantly refining its features. This ongoing development, coupled with its cost-effective pricing, positions it as an attractive option for tech-savvy users wanting a feature-rich yet budget-friendly password manager. Its password generator is also one of the best on the market.

Bonus. Bitwarden — Best Open-Source Password Manager

Bitwarden Premium is one of the most affordable password managers on the market, costing only $10.00 / year. Bitwarden Free is also a good free option for Android users, but it doesn’t have password strength auditing, encrypted storage, or a 2FA authenticator.

Bottom Line:

Bitwarden is a secure open-source password manager with tons of features and low pricing. However, Bitwarden may be too complicated for most Android users who are looking for a simple, intuitive password manager (1Password offers most of the same features, but it’s a lot easier to use). That said, Bitwarden is a good option for advanced users who want a feature-rich product that’s around one-third the cost of competitors.

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Bonus. Norton Password Manager — Great Free Option With Unlimited Storage & Automatic Password Changer

Bonus. Norton Password Manager — Great Free Option With Unlimited Storage & Automatic Password Changer

Norton Password Manager is a decent 100% free password manager for Android, which protects user data with industry-standard security features and comes with extras like password vault auditing and a one-click automatic password changer (which works with popular sites like Netflix and PayPal).

I really like that Norton includes an automatic password changer — it’s incredibly rare for any password manager (free or premium) to include this feature. The automatic changer worked well in my tests, successfully changing my PayPal password.

Norton Password Manager allows unlimited stored passwords on an unlimited number of devices. However, compared to top competitors like 1Password and Dashlane, Norton Password Manager is missing many advanced security features including password sharing, data breach monitoring, emergency access, a built-in authenticator app, and more. That said, I like how you can log into websites with a simple biometric scan.

Bonus. Norton Password Manager — Great Free Option With Unlimited Storage & Automatic Password Changer

It’s worth noting that you can access Norton’s dark web monitoring via its premium antivirus plans — the monitoring feature scans the dark web for stolen passwords, email addresses, credit card details, passport information, and a lot more (it’s my favorite dark web monitoring feature).

Starting at $54.99 / year*, Norton’s 360 is the #1 antivirus on the market in 2024. It includes malware protection, intuitive Android apps, and extras like a VPN, parental controls, and dark web monitoring. All of Norton’s plans are backed with a risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom Line:

Norton Password Manager is a solid free password manager that has strong security and is easy to use, but it’s missing key features like password sharing and emergency access. However, Norton’s antivirus plans still come with advanced security features to protect user data, including real-time malware protection, web protection, a VPN, parental controls, and dark web monitoring. Norton backs all of its plans with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Quick Comparison Table

Password Manager Free Plan Starting Price Unique Features Family plan Money-Back Guarantee
1.🥇1Password No free plan $2.99 / month Multiple vaults, Watchtower, Travel Mode, virtual payment cards 5 users (+ you can add more for a small fee)
2.🥈Dashlane 1 device, 25 passwords $4.99 / month VPN, dark web monitoring 10 users 30 days
3.🥉Keeper 1 device, 10 records (this includes logins & other entries) $2.92 / month Encrypted messaging, secure storage, dark web monitoring 5 users
4. NordPass
1 device at a time, unlimited passwords $1.43 / month Dark web monitoring, passphrase generator 6 users 30 days
5. RoboForm 1 device, unlimited passwords $0.99 / month Many form-filling templates, secure note sharing 5 users 30 days
6. LastPass Unlimited mobile or desktop devices, unlimited passwords $3.00 / month Advanced 2FA settings, multiple account recovery options 6 users
7. Total Password
No free plan $1.99 / month Secure Me feature for remote log out No family plan 30 days
8. Sticky Password 1 device, unlimited passwords $9.99 / year Cloud/local backup sync, portable USB option, one-time purchase option No family plan 30 days
9. Avira Password Manager Unlimited devices, unlimited passwords $31.99 / year Seamless auto-login feature No family plan 60 days
10. Password Boss 1 device, unlimited passwords $2.50 / month Dark web monitoring No family plan 30 days
Bonus. Bitwarden Unlimited devices, unlimited passwords $10.00 / year Open-source,built-in 2FA, affordable 6 users 30 days
Bonus. Norton Password Manager
Unlimited devices, unlimited passwords 100% free
Norton’s antivirus plans start at $54.99 / year*
One-click automatic password changer

More features via Norton’s premium antivirus packages.

No family plan ❌Norton’s antivirus plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee

How to Choose the Best Password Manager for Android in 2024

  • Look for solid security features. You should only trust apps that protect passwords with 256-bit AES encryption or equivalent. It’s also important to find programs that are compatible with two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA strengthens security by requiring you to provide another form of verification when logging in, such as a temporary one-time password (TOTP), fingerprint, face scan, or a physical USB token (PC/Mac only). Apps like 1Password provide secure encryption and advanced 2FA options.
  • Ease of use is important when considering password managers. Users shouldn’t struggle with basic functions like auto-fill, password-access, or login management. In this regard, RoboForm’s intuitiveness and user-friendly interface give it an edge, ensuring users have a smooth experience.
  • Look for extra features. Choose a password manager with added features that you find useful — for instance, 1Password allows sharing of logins with others, while Dashlane incorporates a secure VPN for improved privacy during browsing.
  • Go for excellent customer service. Many password managers provide great online resources and email support teams, but a few apps, such as Dashlane, go above and beyond by providing live web chat, which is extremely useful.
  • Choose a password manager that offers a good value. The best password managers should provide a good balance of additional features for a reasonable price. Look for apps with low monthly subscriptions, discounts for annual subscribers, and good free trials.

Top Brands That Didn’t Make the Cut

  • True Key. True Key is an ok product, but it claims to be free and then makes you buy a lot of unnecessary stuff (eventually costing way more than is necessary). It’s just not as good as any of the password managers on this list.
  • Enpass. Enpass offers local password storage and other features for advanced users, but it’s not very easy to use — multi-device sync is too complicated, and it doesn’t offer regular 2FA.
  • Zoho Vault. Zoho Vault has a good enterprise password management system, but it’s not that good for individuals (or Androids).
  • Passwarden. Passwarden offers decent features, but its Android app doesn’t quite match up to the industry leaders. Its limited 2FA options and less intuitive interface hold it back from making the cut.
  • aWallet. aWallet comes with basic password management functionalities but lacks the advanced features and comprehensive security measures that the top contenders offer.

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Doesn’t Android already have a password manager?

Yes, Google has a built-in password manager that comes with Android devices. But it’s not very good. It doesn’t sync with non-Google accounts, it doesn’t work across many different apps and websites, and it doesn’t provide a lot of security features that other apps do. 1Password, for instance, offers easy syncing across all devices and operating systems, is very simple to use, and comes with extras like password sharing, password auditing, Travel Mode, and more.

Are third-party password manager apps safe?

Yes. Legitimate third-party password manager apps use a variety of security measures to make sure that your information stays completely safe and protected.

All of the apps on this list use military-grade encryption and have zero-knowledge protocols. There is virtually no chance that any of these password managers can get hacked.

What’s the best password manager for Android?

My #1 pick is 1Password — it includes advanced security, a wide range of extras (like password sharing, dark web monitoring, hidden vaults, and more), and one of the most intuitive Android apps on the market.

1Password also has an affordable family plan, meaning you can share and limit access to specific password vaults for up to 5 family members (and you can add as many additional users as you like for a small extra cost per user).

What’s the best free password manager for Android?

My favorite free password manager app for Android is Roboform. It offers unlimited password storage, has an intuitive and easy-to-use Android interface, and is highly secure.

It also offers excellent form filling, individual password sharing with other users, a password health auditing tool that analyzes the strength of all the passwords in your vault, bookmark storage, and more — but the free plan only allows you to use one device.

What can you store in an Android password manager?

You can store a wide array of sensitive information beyond just passwords in an Android password manager. This typically includes:

  • Login credentials for websites and apps.
  • Secure notes containing confidential information.
  • Credit card and bank account details.
  • Personal identification data like Social Security numbers or IDs.
  • Wi-Fi passwords.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) codes.
  • Digital licenses or membership information.

Some advanced password managers like 1Password even allow you to store encrypted files and documents for extra security.

Is a browser-based password manager good enough on Android?

Browser-based password managers offer basic convenience, but they generally fall short when compared to standalone password management apps. Here’s why:

  • Security. Standalone apps often use stronger encryption algorithms and offer features like zero-knowledge protocols, dark web monitoring, and secure file storage that most browser-based options lack.
  • Versatility. Dedicated password managers usually support a greater variety of information types, such as secure notes and personal identification details.
  • Cross-platform sync. Unlike browser-based managers that work only within their respective browsers, standalone apps can sync your credentials across different platforms and browsers.
  • Advanced features. Many standalone apps offer extra features like password strength auditing, emergency access, and biometric logins, which are typically not present in browser-based solutions.

So while a browser-based manager is better than nothing, for comprehensive security, a dedicated Android password manager is the wiser choice.

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