5 Best Password Managers for Android in 2020 (with Coupons)

Bjorn Johansson
Published on: June 22, 2020
5 Best Password Managers for Android in 2020 (with Coupons)

Short on time? Here’s the best Android password manager in 2020:

I tested every password manager in the Google Play Store, and I was surprised to learn that only a few password manager apps offer better functionality than Android’s built-in password manager. 

A lot of the so-called “password managers” in the Google Play Store are actually phishing apps designed to steal people’s passwords. One fake password manager even tried to install ransomware on my phone!

After spending the last several weeks testing all these apps, I finally found 5 password managers which are completely safe and offer helpful additional security features like biometric logins, encrypted storage, password strength auditing, and account breach monitoring.

There’s a lot of competition in the world of mobile password managers, so it can be challenging to find the best ones. Apart from these 5 being the best of the best, each of these apps offer something additional, unique, and valuable which helps them stand out from the rest.

Here’s what I found out.

Here’s a summary of the best password managers for Android:

  • 1.🥇 Dashlane — #1 overall Android password manager in 2020.
  • 2.🥈 Keeper — Strong security, unlimited storage, and encrypted messaging.
  • 3.🥉 1Password — Good interface with multiple vaults for families.
  • 4. LastPass — Free plan has unlimited passwords on unlimited devices.
  • 5. RememBear — Simple, secure, and fun user interface.
  • Bonus. NordPass — Streamlined interface with high security.

How I Rated the Best Password Managers for Android in 2020

I tested each of these password managers on my Samsung Galaxy Note. I also tested for compatibility with other major operating systems on a PC, MacBook, and iPad. This project wasn’t easy! I spent several weeks testing out every feature on each of these apps to make sure they really do what they promise. This is what I looked for in my testing:

  • Security. I only trust apps that protect passwords with 256-bit AES encryption or equivalent. I also looked for programs that are compatible with two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA strengthens security by requiring you to provide another form of verification when logging in.
  • Ease of use. Password managers should be just as helpful for saving time as they are for keeping users secure. I tested each app’s features to make sure that everything is well-designed and easily accessible for everyone.
  • Additional features. Beyond the basic functionalities of a password manager, many companies include extra features like breach monitoring and password sharing. I tested each feature on each app to make sure everything was useful and added to the overall security of the app.
  • Customer support. If there’s ever a problem, having a responsive customer support team is crucial. I contacted each app’s customer support team to make sure they could offer valuable assistance if needed.
  • Value. A balance of additional features with a good price is super important to me. I made sure that the products on this list are competitively priced when compared to other password managers on the market today.

Top Brands That Didn’t Make the Cut

  • Bitwarden. This popular open-source password manager is super affordable, and it offers secure password protection, but it’s just not as easy to use as the other products on this list.
  • Enpass. Enpass offers local password storage and other features for advanced users, but it’s not very easy to use — multi-device sync is too complicated, and it doesn’t support 2FA.
  • Sticky Password. Sticky Password’s free plan is really good — it offers unlimited password storage for unlimited devices. However, I had some issues with auto-filling and accessing customer support in a timely manner.

🥇1. Dashlane — Best Overall Android Password Manager

🥇1. Dashlane — Best Overall Android Password Manager

Dashlane is my favorite password manager for Android. It protects logins with 256-bit AES encryption, has an easily accessible user interface, and comes with a lot of really helpful extra features.

Dashlane’s app includes:

  • One-click password changer. Audits passwords for complexity and originality and automatically replaces weak passwords on over 500 websites. Updating my weak passwords took me a few minutes with Dashlane — other password manager apps like Keeper took a couple hours!
  • Secure VPN. Dashlane’s virtual private network (VPN) keeps internet usage completely private. It provides lightning-fast access to servers around the world, so you can unblock geo-restricted streaming content on sites like Netflix and Hulu.
  • Dark web monitoring. Monitors thousands of sites on the dark web for breached logins, and gives notifications so you can change your password or delete your account before your identity gets compromised.
  • Encrypted storage. Provides 1 GB of secure storage that can be shared with other Dashlane users.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA). Verifies your identity with a secure one-time password, USB key, or a biometric fingerprint scan.

Dashlane didn’t slow down my Android phone like some competitors did, and Dashlane’s password vault syncs easily across all operating systems. Dashlane also offers live chat support in English during USA business hours, as well as 24/7 email support. Most other competitors like RememBear and 1Password only offer email support.

Dashlane Free only covers one device, while competitors like LastPass offer unlimited password storage on unlimited devices in their free plans. However, nothing can beat Dashlane Premium — Dashlane is a particularly good deal, especially with the included VPN (which is faster than many standalone VPNs).

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Bottom Line:

Dashlane’s high security, ease of use, and additional features like dark web monitoring and a VPN make this my favorite password manager for Android. There’s also the one-click password changer, which is a massive time saver, and Dashlane’s customer support options are better than the rest. Dashlane offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their Premium plan, so you can give it a try and decide for yourself, risk-free.

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🥈2. Keeper — Best for Encrypted Chat + Storage

🥈2. Keeper — Best for Encrypted Chat + Storage

Keeper’s Android app is a secure and easy-to-use password manager, plus it includes a unique encrypted messaging app and tons of encrypted storage. Keeper protects passwords, conversations, and user data with a lot of really helpful security features, like:

  • KeeperChat. This powerful encrypted messaging service allows for private communication between KeeperChat users. KeeperChat also offers encrypted file sharing with cloud storage.
  • Encrypted storage. Keeper offers 10 GB of encrypted cloud storage, which is better than any competitor — Dashlane only offers 1 GB. Keeper makes it easy to share files between users and keep sensitive information safe in the cloud.
  • BreachWatch. Monitors the dark web and hacking databases for account breaches, providing up-to-date notifications if any of your logins become compromised.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA). Keeper is compatible with third-party authenticators like Authy. It also includes KeeperDNA — a built-in authenticator which saves time by verifying 2FA-compatible logins within Keeper so you don’t have to waste time with third-party 2FA apps.

Keeper’s free plan provides unlimited coverage for one device. This is fine if you’re just trying to manage passwords on your phone, but LastPass and NordPass both cover multiple devices for free.

Paid Keeper users have the option to purchase Keeper as a standalone password manager (for cheaper than most competitors) or bundle it with KeeperChat for around the same price as Dashlane. And Keeper Family is a good option for families, covering up to 5 users for a good price.

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Get 10 GB of secure storage for FREE with all Keeper Unlimited Plus and Family plans.

Bottom Line:

Keeper has all of the essential features that I expect from a premium password manager — breach monitoring, 2FA, secure encryption, and a built-in authenticator. Keeper also provides one of the best encrypted chat + storage apps on the market, allowing users to communicate and share files with 100% privacy. Keeper has some really flexible pricing plans as well, so individuals and families can choose the right plan to meet their needs.

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🥉3. 1Password — Best for Secure Password Sharing

🥉3. 1Password — Best for Secure Password Sharing

1Password has a great user interface and helpful password sharing for families and teams. It also provides a variety of additional security features to help Android users keep their information secure, such as:

  • Watchtower. This all-in-one breach monitoring and password auditing tool scans the dark web for data breaches and also scans your password vault for weak passwords. It then notifies you if you have passwords that need to be changed.
  • 2FA. 1Password syncs with one-time password apps like Authy as well as USB authenticators like YubiKey to improve vault security. 1Password’s built-in authenticator also makes it easy to authenticate your 2FA-compatible logins online.
  • Travel mode. Temporarily removes specific logins so you can protect sensitive information from thieves and intrusive border agents while traveling.

1Password provides some of the most intuitive options for sharing passwords, notes, and financial information between users. I had no problem creating a read-only vault for my whole family which contained our Netflix and Hulu passwords, while my wife and I shared an all-access vault for our financial and online shopping accounts.

1Password Family is one of the most affordable family plans around, covering 5 users and allowing new users to be added for a small additional fee. 1Password doesn’t offer a free plan, but their Personal plan is a good value, covering unlimited devices for a single user for a little bit less than Dashlane or Keeper.

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Bottom Line:

1Password’s intuitive interface and vault sharing tools make this a great choice for families and groups. And powerful features like breach monitoring, 2FA compatibility, and password auditing also make it a good option for any Android user. Both 1Password Personal and Family are available for a 30-day free trial, so there’s no risk involved in giving 1Password a try and seeing how well it works for you.

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4. LastPass — Best Free Password Manager

LastPass — Best Free Password Manager

LastPass offers the best free password manager app on my list, and its paid version isn’t bad, either. LastPass Free offers all of the essential features you need to easily and safely manage your passwords on any Android device, including:

  • Unlimited password storage. LastPass offers unlimited password storage on unlimited devices in their free plan. Competitors like Keeper and RememBear only cover one device in their free versions.
  • Password audit + password changer. Scans your vault for weak or repeated passwords, and automatically changes passwords on over 80 sites. This is pretty good, but Dashlane’s one-click password changer works on almost 500 sites.
  • 2FA. Includes compatibility with one-time password apps like Authy, but compatibility with biometric 2FA and USB tokens is only available in the Premium version.

LastPass is an excellent free password manager, but LastPass Premium is worth checking out, as well. If you’re looking for emergency access, biometric login, or password sharing between multiple users, it’s worth the upgrade. LastPass Premium is a really good value, including a ton of useful features for less than the price of Dashlane. And LastPass Families covers up to 6 users for less than 1Password’s Family plan (which only covers 5 users), although it lacks 1Password’s intuitive parental controls.

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Bottom Line:

LastPass Free provides unlimited password storage on unlimited devices, along with password auditing, 2FA compatibility, and an automatic password changer — it’s the best password manager for Android users on a budget. Upgrading to LastPass Premium gets you biometric logins, emergency access, and password sharing between multiple users for a good price. Both LastPass Premium and LastPass Families come with a 30-day free trial, so you can download them today and see if they’re right for you.

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5. RememBear — Simple + User-Friendly (…and Cute Bears)

RememBear — Simple + User-Friendly (…and Cute Bears)

RememBear is a streamlined Android app with good security protections, an intuitive interface, and adorable bear animations. RememBear is developed by the same team as popular virtual private network (VPN) TunnelBear, which is well-known for protecting internet privacy for millions of users worldwide.

RememBear is a great choice for password manager newbies and less tech-savvy people. It includes a simple achievement system which offers clear instructions for accessing the app’s features. Unlocking the achievements is a fun way to learn about the program, especially because you get a cute bear animation for each achievement.

It’s a good app, but it doesn’t have a lot of extra features — there’s no encrypted storage, password auditing, or breach monitoring features. However, even though it doesn’t provide this additional protection, it’s still a completely secure password manager. All of the data on their servers is protected with industry standard 256-bit AES encryption.

RememBear Free offers unlimited password storage for one device — it’s a good option for Android users just looking to cover their phone, but LastPass is a better free option because it allows multi-device sync. Upgrading to RememBear Premium gets you coverage on unlimited devices, as well as the ability to make a secure backup kit.

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Bottom Line:

RememBear is the simplest and most user-friendly password manager for Android devices. It provides an intuitive user interface, a helpful achievement system, and powerful security protection to keep user information 100% secure. RememBear Free offers unlimited password storage for 1 device, while RememBear Premium covers unlimited devices for a good value — if you want to give it a try, you can get the 30-day free trial.

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Bonus. NordPass — Streamlined Interface with High Security

RememBear — Simple + User-Friendly (…and Cute Bears)

NordPass is pretty similar to RememBear, except with fewer bear cartoons. They’re both developed by popular VPN providers, as well — NordPass comes from the highly respected team behind NordVPN, which is arguably the best VPN on the market.

I gave NordPass a try, and I was impressed by the intuitive interface, which easily auto-filled and saved passwords on my Android. NordPass uses the xChaCha20 encryption protocol to keep passwords safe on their servers and also offers biometric logins for Android users.

NordPass lacks additional features, though. If you’re looking for breach monitoring, VPN protection, or an automatic password changer, you need to go with competitors like Dashlane or LastPass.

NordPass has a free version which offers unlimited password storage on multiple devices, but you can only log into your vault on one device at a time. NordPass Premium includes support on up to 6 devices, as well as password sharing with unlimited NordPass users.

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Bottom Line:

NordPass offers secure password protection in a streamlined interface, but not a lot else. Android users looking for a simple password manager with biometric login and good encryption will like this app, but NordPass will need to add more features before it can compete with the other premium password managers on this list.

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🤔 Doesn’t Android already have a password manager?

Yes, Google has a built-in password manager which comes with Android devices. But it’s not very good.

It doesn’t sync with non-Google accounts, it doesn’t work across many different apps and websites, and it doesn’t provide a lot of security features that other apps do.

Dashlane, for instance, provides a one-click password changer, easy syncing across all devices and operating systems, and it even includes a VPN!

🤔 Are third-party password manager apps safe?

Yes. Apart from meeting the Google Play Store’s developer requirements, third-party password manager apps use a variety of security measures to make sure that your information stays completely safe and protected.

All of the apps on this list use military-grade encryption and have zero-knowledge protocols. There is virtually no chance that any of these password managers can get hacked.

🤔 What’s the best password manager for Android?

It depends on what kind of features you need.

My #1 pick is Dashlane — it includes dark web monitoring, a VPN, and a one-click password changer which automatically strengthens passwords for over 500 popular websites.

But if you need to cover more users, 1Password has an affordable family plan so you can share and limit access to specific password vaults for up to 5 family members.

Or if you just want something simple (and cute), RememBear offers a streamlined and intuitive interface for a good price.

🤔 What’s the best free password manager for Android?

My favorite free password manager apps for Android are LastPass and NordPass. They both offer unlimited password storage on multiple devices, have intuitive and easy-to-use Android interfaces, and are highly secure.

LastPass includes a password audit feature which analyzes the strength of all the passwords in your vault as well as the option to replace weak passwords automatically on over 80 sites. LastPass also offers password sharing between users and a built-in authenticator which can increase login strength for 2FA-compatible websites.

NordPass doesn’t have as many extra features, but it syncs across platforms and devices more effectively than Android’s native password manager, and NordPass’s built-in password generator makes it super easy to create and store complex passwords.

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Bjorn Johansson
Bjorn Johansson
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