NordPass Introduces New Passkey Feature

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

The popular password manager, NordPass, is introducing its new passwordless authentication feature to improve user security. Rather than having to rely on a password, users will now have biometric logins working in combination with a locally saved private key that can’t be remotely stolen, like a password.

Traditional passwords are prone to a number of glaring security issues, such as company data breaches and user error. Many people reuse extremely simple passwords (like 123456) on multiple platforms, leaving them highly vulnerable as hackers can use 1 easy-to-guess password to get into multiple websites or apps. However, companies like NordPass are creating passkey systems to bypass these issues.

Passwordless authentication replaces a password completely by storing a secret passkey locally on your device, which allows for 1-touch biometric logins and an easier transition between devices. It solves both major security issues, such as a data breach won’t reveal your password information and it eliminates user error almost entirely.

NordPass’s new passwordless system will allow you to save a passkey for each website or app you visit in its encrypted vault so that you can log in to them in the future with just one touch. You can also easily sync them between multiple devices and platforms, which is a feature that not many other passkey systems have implemented.

While there is a lot of existing infrastructure that supports passkeys, it’s still brand-new technology and a lot of businesses don’t support passkeys yet. That said, NordPass is helping to provide a more seamless transition to “the passwordless future.”

“You can expect big things as early as 2023. So stay tuned, and be prepared for the inevitable passwordless future – it’s just around the corner,” Sorin Manole, the Product Strategy Manager at NordPass, said in a recent blogpost on the NordPass website.

Another top password manager, 1Password, plans to introduce its users to passwordless passkeys this summer.

“All you’ll ever need to sign in to 1Password, unlock your vaults, and securely access your data is your one passkey,” 1Password said in a blog post.

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Tyler Cross
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