1Password Begins Transitioning to Zero Passwords

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

The popular password manager company, 1Password, is beginning the process of replacing passwords with passkeys, according to its recent release. It’s starting with a new feature being implemented sometime this summer that will allow users to replace all of their passwords with a single passkey.

Unfortunately, traditional passwords are prone to several problems, which result in glaring security problems. Since it’s difficult to keep track of dozens of passwords, most people default to using simple passwords that can be easy to guess or using one password for everything.

But doing this puts those users’ accounts, identities, and financial information at high risk. With another large company facing a security breach almost every day (even including some well-known password managers like LastPass) and passwords being bought and sold by the millions, 1Password is opting for a new solution.

To avoid those issues, passkeys have slowly been seeing more mainstream use. The 1Password passkey is saved locally to your device and never uploaded to a cloud, so it can’t fall victim to a password breach. The idea is to remove passwords entirely and use a single protected passkey for everything.

“All you’ll ever need to sign in to 1Password, unlock your vaults, and securely access your data is your one passkey,” 1Password said in a blog post.

1Password clarifies that there’s enough existing infrastructure to support a fully passwordless system.

“More and more sites and services are adding passkey support every week,” it said.

Now, 1Password already has biometric logins and a form of passkeys, however, it points out that this isn’t a full replacement for passwords, but rather a mask for them. This new system opts to remove the underlying password entirely so it can’t be the target of breaches, user error, or simply forgotten.

They also clarify that it will be easy to log into other devices and even let you use your mobile app to control 1Password on your PC, making it easier than ever to access your vaults.

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Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross
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