IPVanish App Receives New Upgrades, Including AppleTV Compatibility

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

IPVanish recently came out with a string of updates for its VPN, including compatibility with AppleTV and adding an ad, tracker, and malware blocking tool.

The latest update for AppleTV, tvOS 17, allows third-party VPN companies to release their own apps on the App Store. If you own IPVanish, you won’t need to use a VPN router to protect your data on AppleTVs anymore — instead, the process is completely streamlined.

Start off by heading to the App Store and search for IPVanish. You’ll be able to install it like any other app, then just log into your account and you can connect to a server and safely watch TV.

It includes a one-click optimal server option and an intuitive search bar, so you can easily find a server location anywhere in the world. You can also store your favorite locations for future use as well, saving you the time of needing to search for your favorite location again.

IPVanish is pretty good for streaming too. It currently offers server locations in 50+ countries and only decreased our speed by an average of 33% during our in-house tests. You shouldn’t have any problems streaming all over the world, even in 4K.

On top of compatibility with AppleTV, IPVanish is upgrading its Android app with Threat Protection to keep you safe against online threats. This new feature is currently available in the latest beta release of the IPVanish Android app.

Threat Protection improves your security by applying a DNS filter over your device, providing protection against:

  • Malicious websites. It uses a database of known insidious websites, blocking you from entering the site if it appears on the company’s list.
  • Ads. Block pop-up ads, banner ads, and other forms of ads on websites that slow down your browser or may lead to malicious websites.
  • Trackers. Many websites secretly load trackers on your device, with Threat Protection, you can ensure that nobody is tracking your location.

To join the beta testing, download the IPVanish app on your Android phone, log into your account, and tap on the Join button underneath the Beta tab.

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Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross
Senior Writer

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