How to Get the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN Discount Code in 2024

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Updated on: June 16, 2024
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Danica Djokic Danica Djokic
Updated on: June 16, 2024 Writer

Only 3 Steps (Quick & Easy) to Get the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN Discount:

  • Visit the ExpressVPN website using this link. You’ll be directed to a page with the Joe Rogan discount.
  • Click the Get ExpressVPN Now button. This will lead you to a page with all of ExpressVPN’s available plans. Choose the 12-month plan with 3 months free, and you’ll get the 49% Joe Rogan discount.
  • Complete your purchase. Enter your payment details to complete the purchase, and that’s it!

It’s really easy to get Joe Rogan’s ExpressVPN discount — it’s one click away. Simply, read my detailed guide and use our affiliate link to take advantage of the deal. With the exclusive Joe Rogan ExpressVPN discount, you’ll get to browse the internet securely without breaking the bank. Namely, you can get a whopping 49% off the 12-month plan + 3 months free.

Once you get the VPN for a discounted price, you’ll get to enjoy its top-notch features. ExpressVPN delivers lightning-fast speeds and has easy-to-use apps for all major devices, advanced security and privacy features, excellent streaming support, and much more.


What Is the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN Discount?

What Is the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN Discount?

Joe Rogan is a well-known podcast host who runs “The Joe Rogan Experience.” In his podcasts, he often talks about the importance of online privacy, and he stresses that he uses ExpressVPN to protect his data. The good news is that ExpressVPN is the best VPN on the market and is one of the sponsors of Joe Rogan’s show.

If you listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast, you can get a discount on ExpressVPN’s services. With it, you can save 49% on their 12-month plan. Plus, they are giving away an extra 3 months for free, allowing you to enjoy ExpressVPN’s services for 15 months.

To get this exclusive discount, you don’t need an ExpressVPN code or coupon. As soon as you visit the order page through the links on this page, the discount is automatically applied automatically. You’ll have to choose ExpressVPN’s 12-month plan, but it’s conveniently automatically selected when you visit the page.

How to Get the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN Discount in 2024

The process of getting the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN discount is quite simple. Follow these easy steps to enjoy enhanced online security at a reduced rate:

  1. Go to the ExpressVPN website. Then, click the Get ExpressVPN Today button. You’ll be redirected to a page showcasing all the available ExpressVPN plans. How to Get the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN Discount in 2024
  2. Select the ExpressVPN 12-month plan (with 3 months free). This is the Joe Rogan discount plan.
    How to Get the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN Discount in 2024
  3. Create your ExpressVPN account. You’ll only be required to provide your email. Then, enter your payment details to complete your purchase. ExpressVPN accepts a variety of payment methods, including all major credit cards (like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and more) and alternative payment options, such as PayPal, WebMoney, Klarna, and UnionPay, and even Cryptocurrencies.
    How to Get the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN Discount in 2024
  4. Download & install the ExpressVPN app to your device. Once your payment goes through, ExpressVPN will direct you to a page where you can download the app for your device. Here, you’ll have to copy the activation code to be able to sign into your account.
    How to Get the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN Discount in 2024
  5. Log into your ExpressVPN account. Paste the activation code in the appropriate field or ask ExpressVPN to send you an email with a sign-in link.
    How to Get the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN Discount in 2024
  6. Download the VPN on your other devices. ExpressVPN has apps for all major OS, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Apple TV.
    How to Get the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN Discount in 2024
  7. Connect to the VPN. Find a nearby server and click to connect to it. You can now securely go online! How to Get the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN Discount in 2024

What Do You Get With the ExpressVPN Joe Rogan Discount?

Servers in countries
Key Features
Industry-leading speeds
Number of devices
OS compatibility
Money-back guarantee
30 Days

ExpressVPN is my top pick for a VPN provider, and no wonder Joe Rogan recommends it, too. It maintains blazing-fast speeds, top-notch security features, and user-friendly apps. Plus, its extensive server network sprawls across 105 countries, allowing the vast majority of users to connect to a local or nearby server.

It uses a proprietary protocol called Lightway to deliver the fastest possible speeds. I watched HD and 4K videos without any lags or buffering, and websites loaded instantly. Plus, it only took me 10 minutes to download a 30 GB file on local servers, which is really fast.

With ExpressVPN’s split-tunneling feature, you can further boost your speed. It allows you to route part of your traffic through the VPN and part of it via your local network. This way, you can use the VPN to stream Joe Rogan’s podcast and use your local network to browse social media.

ExpressVPN also ensures all your online activities stay private and secure. ExpressVPN comes with a strict no-logs policy, which has been independently audited and confirmed. It also operates using RAM-only servers, so every reboot wipes all your data. Moreover, it provides protection against DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leaks, and it has perfect forward secrecy, which changes your encryption key for each VPN connection, so hackers can’t access past or future data if they hack one key.

I’m a fan of ExpressVPN’s extras, too. Threat Manager stops ad trackers and blocks connections to malicious sites. Plus, you get a really good password manager that secures all of your logins and passwords in an encrypted vault and a great ad blocker.

I really like ExpressVPN’s excellent streaming support. It works with 100+ streaming apps, including Hulu, Amazon Prime, and BBC iPlayer, and supports 10+ Netflix libraries. It also has a smart DNS tool called MediaStreamer, which lets you use the VPN on devices that don’t support VPN apps.

ExpressVPN also has industry-leading support for torrenting and gaming. It allows P2P traffic on all servers in 105 countries and works with popular torrenting apps. Plus, you’ll get port forwarding on routers to connect to more peers and get faster downloads. It’s also good for gamers since it has anti-DDoS protection on all servers and is compatible with cloud gaming services, unlike most other VPNs.

ExpressVPN is also extremely intuitive. It comes with easy-to-use apps for all main devices, including a dedicated router app. The Smart Location tool optimizes your connection for the best speeds based on your location, and the Shortcuts feature allows 1-click access to your favorite apps and websites for extra convenience.

ExpressVPN offers affordable plans, but you can get it at a reduced price of $6.67 / month with the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN discount. Also, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.

ExpressVPN: Save 49% on the 12-month plan + FREE months!
Get a full 15 months (12 months + 3 free months) at a 49% discount.

Bottom Line:

The Joe Rogan ExpressVPN discount grants you access to a top-notch VPN service. You’ll get a vast server network, lightning-fast speeds, and advanced privacy and security. Plus, you can boost your speeds with the split-tunneling feature, enjoy excellent streaming, torrenting, and gaming support, and get easy-to-use apps — and all of this for a discounted price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ExpressVPN really work?

Yes, ExpressVPN is one of the top VPN services available. It offers high-speed servers and comes with top-notch security features. I really like its strong commitment to user privacy, adhering to a strict no-logs policy that has been independently audited. It supports a variety of devices and platforms, offering user-friendly apps to make using a VPN straightforward and hassle-free.

Additionally, it provides 24/7 customer support to assist with any issues that may arise. Plus, you can get ExpressVPN at a discounted price if you opt for the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN discount.

How do I get 3 months free on ExpressVPN?

You can get the promotional offer through the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN discount. To get it, you have to opt for the 12-month subscription package. Upon purchasing a year’s subscription, you automatically get an additional 3 months of service at no extra cost.

Simply visit the ExpressVPN website through one of our links, navigate to the pricing or subscription section, and choose the 12-month plan that advertises the 3 extra months free. Complete the transaction by providing your payment details. Thats it — now you can securely browse, stream, torrent, and game with ExpressVPN.

Who is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan is a prominent American podcaster, comedian, and UFC commentator known for hosting the popular podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience”. His podcast often features a diverse range of guests, including scientists, artists, and thinkers from various fields.

In collaboration with ExpressVPN, Joe Rogan offers his listeners a special deal known as the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN discount. This discount allows listeners to take advantage of an exclusive offer where they can get 3 additional months of free service when they opt for a 12-month subscription plan. That’s 49% off the regular monthly price.

Which VPN does Joe Rogan use?

Joe Rogan publicly endorses and promotes ExpressVPN through a special arrangement known as the Joe Rogan ExpressVPN discount on his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.” This collaborative promotion allows Joe Rogan’s listeners to enjoy a substantial discount when they subscribe to ExpressVPN’s services.

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