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MobiShield Antivirus Review 2021 - Real AV or Scam?

Ranked 49th from 58 antivirus companies
Ranked 49th from 58 antivirus companies
Eric C.
Eric C.
Published on: November 18, 2020

MobiShield Detailed Expert Review

MobiShield describes itself as a “checkup” tool for iPhone to help users identify security risks. It doesn’t include a virus scanner but does have some interesting tools for encrypting files and folders. But does that make it worth downloading?


MobiShield’s main security feature is its vault area which allows users to set a password and encrypt images, audio, video, or other file types.

Material stored in the vault is completely secure and cannot be accessed by any other application without the password. I tested this out by adding some video files and images, and I was pleased to see that it worked exactly as described. Even a dedicated file manager app was not able to see the folder I had encrypted. MobiShield had created an encrypted container which was not visible to the rest of the filesystem.

The scanning tool conducts a system check which looks for common vulnerabilities and settings (such as location services) which the user may have accidentally enabled. It also checks to see if the device has been jailbroken or has installed the OpenSSH service using the default password—which increases the risk of viruses. Finally, users can see the system number and keep track of battery life.


Although the scanner did a good job of quickly providing a breakdown of the system, the information it provides isn’t of much use to most users. If you’ve jailbroken your phone, you’re probably aware of it. Basic battery and performance information can already be found in iOS’s default features.


The main dashboard screen provides a readout of the current RAM usage and CPU consumption. These metrics are also displayed graphically, which makes it easy for users to notice trends in their consumption.


The program contains a dedicated news feed which is labeled “Discover.” This provides some interesting content related to iOS, although I wasn’t entirely clear on why each item had been selected for inclusion (topics ranged from Nike’s latest wearable devices to IoT security).


If you’re worried about your data use, there’s a dedicated “Data” tab which will break down the device’s historical consumption levels according to connection type. I was also able to configure separate data budgets for cellular and WiFi and create alerts which would trigger in the event that a certain percentage of either had been passed.

Ease of use

While the app was very easy to navigate (to be expected for a program with so few functionalities!), the menus were written in very awkward English, particularly the explanations for scanning. Although I am very familiar with jailbreaking, I still found it difficult to understand what they were trying to communicate. Many users would simply find much of the content too cryptic.


Although I wasn’t able to find any support or feedback buttons within the app, a quick Google search took me to the app’s website which has a support email for Trustmobi Software, the app’s parent company. Even though I was only on an evaluation license, the team was glad to help resolve my query. While the company hasn’t provided a knowledge center, FAQ page, or any other user documentation, it’s good to know that they are at least responsive to email queries.


Users can upgrade to the VIP license for a very small monthly or annual payment. The VIP membership unlocks some extra functionality within the vault area, including the ability to customize new folders and change the default visibility of files created within it.

MobiShield Products & Pricing

Bottom Line

Although it’s quick and easy to get around, MobiShield brings very little extra functionality to the iPhone.

About the Author

Eric C.
Eric C.
Expert on Cyber Security, Fintech, and Cryptocurrency

About the Author

Eric is a professional cyber tech expert with almost a decade of experience writing about security and tech. In recent years, he has been focused heavily on the rapidly developing fintech and cryptocurrency industries and how they relate to online security.

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