Surfshark Introduces Dynamic MultiHop for Double VPNs

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

The cybersecurity company, Surfshark, recently released a feature called Dynamic MultiHop. It allows users to choose which servers they want to connect to while using a double VPN. The new tool relies on one of Surfshark’s recent improvements, the Nexus.

The Nexus significantly changes the way users connect to servers. Rather than connecting to a single server (or two with its double VPN feature), with Nexus “your traffic gets routed through a whole network of servers.”

According to Surfshark, this improves connection speed while increasing network security. Other features, like the IP Rotator, already rely on Nexus technology.

After a nearly year-long wait, Surfshark is finally rolling out the Dynamic MultiHop feature. Dynamic MultiHop is currently available for iOS users, but the VPN plans to make it available on Windows, macOS, and Android in the near future.

Dynamic MultiHop is a big improvement over a normal double VPN. Traditionally, a double VPN connection routes your data through two pre-selected servers, encrypting your data twice for enhanced security.

However, double VPN typically slows down your connection speeds significantly due to the data traveling between multiple servers. Plus, users have little control over which server pairs they wanted to use. Surfshark only offered select server pairs and lacked further customization options.

With the new Dynamic MultiHop feature though, customers can now select which two servers they’re using as an entry point and an exit point. This will allow users to configure server pairs that are optimized for them, rather than relying on premade pairings.

You can configure server entry and exit points in more than 100 countries — and even use multiple servers in the same location, provided the server location has multiple servers to choose from. Surfshark will show you the fastest pairings, closest pairings, and their premade list — plus, you can also see previous ones you’ve used and mark your favorites for the future.

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Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross
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