Search For Compromised Passwords With Google Chrome’s New Security Update

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

Google Chrome, the popular web browser, recently received an upgrade that brings along a slew of new security features.

The major feature of the new Chrome Safety Check is password monitoring. Chrome will now automatically scan the web for compromised or leaked passwords in the background. You won’t have to perform any manual scans — instead, if Chrome detects a leaked password, you’ll be immediately notified and given help on solving the issue.

“These alerts will appear in the three-dot menu in Chrome so you can take action,” says Sabine Borsay, Product Manager for the Chrome Group.

You’ll also now be notified if you’re using an extension that Chrome has marked as suspicious, helping you avoid malware-ridden browser extensions. You’ll also be notified if Safe Browsing (Google’s dangerous website blocker) is active.

Additionally, Google will now automatically revoke permissions for websites you haven’t visited in a while.

Memory Saver Mode, a feature rolled out last year, also received an upgrade.

“We recently added more details about your tabs’ memory usage when you hover over them in Memory Saver mode, including the potential memory saved when they go inactive. And we’ve made it easier to specify sites that should always remain active,” Borsay writes in a blog post.

Simply put, you’ll have more details about your memory usage while using the mode.

The final feature mentioned in the blog post is the ability to save Tab groups; however, this feature hasn’t been rolled out yet.

If it feels like Google Chrome is rapidly expanding its security features, that’s because it is. By integrating the new Gemini AI model into its cybersecurity practices, Chrome has been able to release constantly improving new security features. What’s more, is that the rapid slew of features over the last year is likely to continue as AI models become even more sophisticated.

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Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross
Senior Writer

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