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Safety Detectives: Please share your company background, how you got started, and your mission.

Cyber 2.0: Cyber 2.0 was created because of one question: in the cyber world, with thousands of cyber companies that employ the best minds in the world, the permanent situation is that attackers are always one step ahead and that a focused attack will always penetrate all the existing defense systems?

The explanation is seemingly trivial: there is no system that cannot be hacked, so hackers will always find a way to penetrate all the organizational defenses. It has always been so, and it is likely to be like that forever.

Cybersystems in the world, both offensive and defensive, are based on biological models; for billions of years of life, nature has established effective and advanced defense systems, and it’s natural to investigate and imitate them. Yet, nature itself is in that infinite loop; the attackers find a loophole, change the cell model, develop resistance or create a new mutation. And nature, belatedly fashionable, locates and solves the problem. “Viruses” and “anti-viruses” are not accidentally terms borrowed from the world of nature.

How, then, do you break this vicious circle?

In the first stage, we understood that the solution had to come from outside the biological world.

We built a system based on chaos laws, enabling us to give defense against the spread of cyberattacks the technology is unique and it is based on 9 patents.

A single computer might be penetrated but we will block the spreading of the malicious software within the network.

Our method is different. While everyone else in the cyber world is relied upon detection prevention, while using the zero-trust technology we work in an opposite way meaning if we don’t identify the software and see that it is legit and approved to use network resources by companies’ policy then first, we block it and then we try to continue detecting what it is our system also enables us to continue protecting the organization even if a hacker removes our software from an infected computer

SD: What is the main service your company offers?

Cyber 2.0: Cyber 2.0 has a unique platform that offers many solutions:

  • EDR – by using our zero trust technology we are able to give EDR/MDR/XDR platform to customers
  • NAC – using the scrambling method we can give the customer a great network access control system identifying every network obscurement
  • WFH – during Covid 19 we adapted our technology to give a solution for employees working from home
  • Forensic – using our unique technology and our reverse tracking system we are able to give the customer a great forensic view over the network showing every process that loads through the network
  • SOC – Cyber 2.0 has a vendor-based security operations system

SD: What is something unique that helps you stay ahead of your competition?

Cyber 2.0: Cyber 2.0 has a unique technology and it is a groundbreaking one. The technology is new and based on 9 patents.

The big hacker challenge promises a $100,000 prize for anyone who manages to hack its system.

Every cyber company in the world claims that its system is the best. How many are willing to put their claim to the test of all the hackers in the world?

Cyber ​​2.0 has been doing this for four years in a row.

The tested scenario is defined as any information security manager’s nightmare in an organization: a hacker breaches the security of the organization, disables all existing protection systems, has a User, Admin, Password, and can now do whatever he pleases in the organization.

The challenge was conducted for 4 years in a row—one in Israel, one in the USA, and due to Covid 19, the last 2 were done in the cloud over the web. More than 5500 hackers tried to penetrate Cyber 2.0 technology to win the prize. No one was able to do it.

SD: What do you think are the worst cyberthreats today?

Cyber 2.0: The worst cyberthreats are still ransomware. Even though we are seeing data theft on the rise since people spent a lot of money to buy DR solutions. Hackers are stealing data and blackmailing customers over the web.

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