Proton Releases Password Manager Tailored For Businesses

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

Proton, a company best known for its VPN services, has released a password manager for businesses. While Proton’s password manager was first released to the public last year, the company made a new password manager that provides end-to-end encryption for large companies.

Companies are prone to hackers taking advantage of unprotected passwords, which gives them access to important files. That’s where Proton’s password manager comes in.

It helps manage and protect your company’s logins, web addresses, sensitive data, and more while protecting it with military-grade encryption — even if some information was stolen, a hacker would be unable to read it.

It’s both DGPR and HIPAA certified, meaning it’s acceptable for use in a wide variety of countries on top of being open-source (just like the public release version).

“Since Proton is a Swiss company, you can benefit from the same privacy laws and neutrality that Swiss companies enjoy, outside of US and EU jurisdiction,” Proton said in a recent blog post. “All data is stored in Europe, on infrastructure that is owned and operated by Proton (no third-party cloud services).”

On top of basic password protection, Proton has included a variety of security-focused features. For example, it uses a combination of AI software and real experts to monitor password health by checking for suspicious usage of a company’s logins. You can also hide your company’s email aliases to prevent any phishing scams from arriving in employee’s inboxes.

Proton also made it easy to import and export passwords, so you can easily transition to Proton from another password manager.

Proton remarked that its new password manager is “a Swiss vault for your team’s passwords.” With other features like 2FA authentication and intuitive mobile apps, Proton Pass could be an easy solution for companies to manage logins.

“We’re rapidly developing new enterprise features across the encrypted Proton ecosystem,” Proton said.

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Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross
Senior Writer

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