Proton Password Manager Releases Secure Password Sharing Feature

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

Proton Pass, Proton’s standalone password manager, now lets users share secure messages with each other.

Proton, a company well known for its VPN, broke into the password manager market with Proton Pass. When it launched, you could store passwords, banking info, notes, and more.

While the release was a bit light on features compared to some other standalone password managers, Proton has consistently added new capabilities to its app. Now, they’ve included unlimited password sharing.

Password sharing is traditionally very risky — if your emails or texts are being monitored or get leaked, your passwords are exposed. Proton Pass’s new end-to-end encryption process will let users share their passwords without that risk.

Proton Pass improves on traditional password sharing by allowing you to send your passwords to anyone, not just Proton Pass users.

On top of that, you can easily revoke your passwords and modify which passwords others can see on the fly. You can also set up admin privileges (though you should always be careful when making someone else an admin).

This means you can easily remove your in-laws from seeing your Netflix password after the yearly Thanksgiving argument — jokes aside, users can freely share an unlimited amount of passwords and manage them from a simple interface.

“To share data with someone, choose a vault or create a new one(new window) in your Pass account,” Proton explains in a recent blog post. “On any device, tap Share and enter the email address of the person you want to share the vault with. They will receive an invitation to access the items in the vault.”

It’s not limited to passwords either, you can share any of the information stored in your vaults — this includes sharing email aliases, notes, and even credit card details.

Vault sharing is only the first feature in Proton’s fall roadmap, so Proton Pass user’s can expect more features to release soon.

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Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross
Senior Writer

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