Proton Launches Beta for its New Password Manager Proton Pass

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Proton, the Geneva-based company behind Proton Mail and Proton VPN, has announced the launch of a new password manager called Proton Pass. The password manager uses end-to-end encryption on all fields, including the username, passwords, notes, email addresses, and URLs.

“A password manager has been one of the most common requests from the Proton community ever since we first launched Proton Mail,” a post on Proton’s website read. “However, while Proton Pass uses end-to-end encryption to protect your login credentials, it will be much more than a standard-issue password manager.”

Proton Pass comes with a fully integrated two-factor authenticator (2FA), and it supports 2FA autofill. What’s more, the password manager will be “open source and publicly auditable upon launch, so anyone can independently verify its security features and implementation.”

Proton’s merger with SimpleLogin in 2022 allowed the company to develop Proton Pass without impacting other Proton services. According to Proton, the two organizations shared a common interest of making logins more secure and private, paving the way for a joint effort on the development of Proton Pass.

“With some of the features we have planned, we think that Proton Pass will be a milestone for password managers in general and redefine the role password managers play in our online lives,” the Proton post read. “We look forward to receiving your feedback in the coming days and weeks and getting Proton Pass out to everybody as soon as possible. Over time, we will add more details to the new Proton Pass website.”

Proton Pass is available for Lifetime and Visionary users. Eligible users will start receiving invites through their Proton Mail email address this week. While the password manager is currently in beta, the company plans to launch it publicly later this year. The beta version is available on Android, iOS, and desktop, with browser extensions available for Chrome and Brave.

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About the Author

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