Philippine Government to Implement a 5-Year National Cybersecurity Plan

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The Philippines is gearing up to bolster its cybersecurity defenses with a comprehensive 5-year plan that outlines the country’s strategy in combating potential cyber adversaries. The “National Cybersecurity Plan (2023-2028)” has been presented to the Cabinet and is currently awaiting approval from President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

The plan outlines specific areas of focus for securing critical infrastructures and assigns responsibilities to relevant agencies, both civilian and military. Information and Communications Technology Secretary Ivan John Uy emphasized the far-reaching impact of cyberattacks, such as disabling a country’s financial system, which can lead to devastating consequences, thus making cybersecurity a top priority.

At a forum on governance and security, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr. also emphasized the significance of cyberwarfare capabilities. He believes that excelling in cyberspace can position the Philippines on par with modern countries. He underlined the country’s potential and talent in the field of cybersecurity, citing the example of the “I Love You” virus, which was created by a Filipino.

The national cybersecurity plan was initially released in 2017 and covers not only the protection of critical infrastructures, government and military networks but also businesses and individual internet users. Among its objectives are to ensure the continuous operation of crucial infrastructures, promote a cybersecurity-educated society, enhance the country’s ability to respond to cyber threats, and coordinate with law enforcement.

To test readiness and interoperability, the military conducted cyber defense exercises as part of a 12-day military exercise in November 2022, which involved the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

With the imminent approval of the national cybersecurity plan (2023-2028), the Philippines is poised to strengthen its cyber defenses and secure its position in the rapidly evolving domain of cybersecurity.

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About the Author

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