London Police Consider Ruling On The Prince Harry Case

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

The London Police are considering the judge’s rulings in a recent court case surrounding Prince Harry.

Prince Harry was awarded £140,600 ($179,658) after making a case against Mirror Group Newspapers on the grounds of hacking his phone. The judge agreed there was “extensive” phone hacking, which resulted in him siding with the Prince.

“I’ve been told that slaying dragons will get you burned. But in light of today’s victory and the importance of what is doing, what is needed for a free and honest press, it is a worthwhile price to pay. The mission continues,” said Prince Harry after winning the case.

“It was a flood of illegality,” his attorney said.

Since stepping away from his royal duties in 2020, Harry has devoted himself to getting rid of malicious journalists who have turned to using nefarious means to get a hot story. The outcome of the case was hardly shocking.

However, critics of Harry are quite vocal on social media. They have attempted to push the London Police into investigating the ruling. While they directly stated there were no ongoing investigations, they said they are “carefully considering” the case.

It’s also alleged that various entities knew about the phone hacking, including several high-profile news broadcasters. Piers Morgan was specifically named as someone who was well aware of the hacking when it took place.

Though Morgan would go on to angrily deny this claim, he has been one of the most vocal media critics of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan.

“MGN unreservedly apologizes for all such instances of UIG, and assures the claimants that such conduct will never be repeated,” said the company.

Harry was the first member of the British Royal Family in over a century to take the stand during a trial.

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