LastPass Redesigns Mobile Vault UI

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

LastPass, the popular password manager, released a new UI for mobile with the intent of improving the user experience.

LastPass provides password management solutions for individual users and more than 100’000 businesses. While it’s had its fair share of controversies in the past, it still stands as one of the most prominent password managers on the market.

“Today’s password manager users expect to be able to access their data from anywhere, quickly and seamlessly. This new UI release is part of LastPass’ ongoing effort to meet our customers where they are,” LastPass said in a blog post.

The company outlined a number of goals to improve its mobile offering. Starting with the rollout of a unified look across all of its mobile apps.

“This translates to a more unified experience across the browser extension and mobile devices,” said LastPass. “[This way], LastPass looks like LastPass on whatever device you’re using!”

The company is also updating its password vault to provide for a better and safer way to manage your password.

“Find and fill items faster with new vault navigation,” LastPass said in the blog post. “Beyond your passwords, you can also access things like secure notes and payment cards more easily.”

The password manager’s accessibility is also being updated — now, users will be able to adjust the text to fit their preferred reading size. Finally, they’re improving their mobile password sharing. It will be easier to share passwords with your friends and family, thanks to the new streamlined UI.

If you already own LastPass, you can update your app for free to get these new features.

“Business users can now access one-time passcodes (OTPs) on their LastPass mobile app, meaning OTPs anytime, anywhere.”

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Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross
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