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Aviva Zacks
Aviva Zacks Cybersecurity Expert and Writer
Aviva Zacks Aviva Zacks Cybersecurity Expert and Writer

David Kosmayer, CEO and Founder of Bookmark, was recently interviewed by Aviva Zacks of Safety Detectives. He told her about his company’s cutting-edge technology – AiDA.

Safety Detectives: Tell me about your services.

David Kosmayer: Bookmark is the world’s first and fastest AI-powered website builder and eCommerce solution. After years of being an entrepreneur and starting multiple successful companies, I noticed how difficult it was for many people to reach the success they deserve online, which inspired me to build Bookmark.

Founded in 2016, Bookmark started as a simple online solution for anyone who needed a website. However, throughout the years, we have evolved to be in a position where we can offer all of the features and integrations needed for anyone to succeed online. From eCommerce solutions, global website translations, mobile optimization and so much more, Bookmark is the perfect one-stop solution for anyone looking to build and grow a strong online presence, regardless of their past design experience and coding skills.

SD: What makes your company unique?

DK: Bookmark offers a revolutionary and cutting-edge technology that we like to call AiDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant). AiDA asks the user a few simple questions, then AiDA analyzes the information provided about the user’s business, goals, and preferences, and builds a brand new website in minutes right in front of their eyes.

Once a unique website has been created, Bookmark’s drag-and-drop editor allows the user to easily make all of the necessary edits to customize their website. Websites are also automatically optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop users. AiDA is a revolutionary and cutting-edge technology made to level the digital playing field for all small business owners.

After a website is published, AiDA also tracks visitor interactions and website analytics. This data provides each website with a unique Visitor Experience Score (VXS). When a website has a high VXS, the more likely it is to convert regular visitors into happy customers. After AiDA establishes a VXS by tracking key data points and analytics (such as scroll depth, bounce rate, time on site, and more), each user is sent a bi-weekly AiDA Suggestion. The user has the choice to accept or decline the suggestion. When a suggestion is accepted, the change is automatically implemented on their website with no coding required. On average, each user’s VXS is raised by 7% after accepting one suggestion, and when a user accepts 5 more suggestions, their VXS is increased by 20%.

Bookmark is the only website solution that offers this type of auto-optimization, ensuring that your websites stay updated and relevant while you do what matters most: building and growing your business.

SD: How do your company’s AI services fit into today’s new world?

DK: Small business owners don’t have time to manage their websites’ performance to increase conversion rates of visitors into customers.  That’s where Bookmark’s AIDA comes in, once a website is published on the Bookmark platform we immediately start monitoring every visitor’s usage and engagement on your website.  Our AI/ML algorithm on a bi-weekly basis sends you a suggestion that statistically will improve your overall website conversion rates.

SD: Why is cybersecurity so important to your industry?

DK: A4 Cybersecurity is extremely important in our industry as we handle the information and data of thousands of users. Every Bookmark website will utilize a technology called Cloud Computing on Amazon. This technology brings in an incredibly powerful, highly reliable & scalable infrastructure platform for your website. These services and data centers have multiple layers of operational and physical security to ensure the integrity and safety of our user’s data. Bookmark also backs up your data, which is very important for your website protection. Feel secure knowing your complete website will be backed up in the AWS cloud at AWS on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Bookmark is also GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. So, customers will have complete visibility into how their personal data is used, controlled, and protected.

We take cybersecurity seriously.

SD: How is the pandemic affecting your industry?

DK: The recent pandemic has completely shifted the online world, especially the eCommerce industry. It was expected that many businesses needed to be online within the next decade, however, the pandemic completely packed that decade into a time span of only two years. We saw a rush of businesses trying to get online as lockdowns swept over the nation, and it was truly an unprecedented time in the eCommerce industry.

With stores closing up and mandates coming into place, businesses (regardless of their industry) started to really suffer as they lost direct access to sell their products and services to their customers. They then quickly realized that there were solutions like Bookmark available to them to keep their business alive online. Without the pandemic, I believe a lot of businesses would still be ignoring the importance of an online presence, but now, a lot of them are seeing the majority of their sales happening on their website. It’s a pretty interesting effect that was really unexpected before the pandemic happened, and I am very keen to continue to study the ongoing effects of the pandemic on the eCommerce industry.

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Aviva Zacks
Aviva Zacks
Cybersecurity Expert and Writer

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