Illegal Content Streamers Under Pressure By Judge’s Decision

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

A Spanish ruling Judge signed a warrant this week that threatens to reveal the IP addresses of anyone using an Amazon Fire Stick to illegally stream football content.

The law would also publicize the IP addresses of anyone just for watching illegal football streams. Previously, the ruling could only show the IP addresses of public places such as bars, festivals, dive bars, and theatres. The decision sparked controversy around the world.

For years, users could use devices like an Amazon Fire Stick or other insertable smart TV devices to “crack” streaming sites. This allows them to freely watch streaming content from massive streaming platforms without paying. This is highly illegal, but in the past, the problem was far less widespread.

Major companies like Netflix and Amazon have put pressure on governments around the world to take action against illegal streaming, as it results in a significant loss to their profits.
While simply owning one of these devices is legal, using it to stream restricted content is illegal. This makes it difficult for companies and governments alike to completely stop the problem. In the end, it seems that they’ve chosen to publicize IP addresses as a warning to users.

In addition to issuing warnings against anyone using an illegal Smart TV device to illegally stream content, Spanish judges are taking action against the device’s sellers. Authorities took 11 individuals into custody for their crimes of selling illegal Amazon Fire Sticks. Ten of them have been taken in for individual questioning already.

Several European countries stand behind the ruling, including the London Police.

“Illegal streaming is a huge issue for the industry and while it may seem like a low-risk, high-reward crime, the proceeds are used to fund other serious forms of criminal activity,” siad Detective Chief Inspector Emma Warbey.

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Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross
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