Google’s Cybersecurity Certificate Now Offered By Syracuse University

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

Syracuse University College of Professional Studies is now offering Google’s cybersecurity certificate for students pursuing a career in the field.

“The certificate programs from Google are structured to address the skills gap being experienced by a number of employers,” states Arthur Thomas, executive director of the Office of Professional Acceleration and Microcredentials in the College of Professional Studies.

Syracuse University was originally trained by Google employees, making their adoption of Google Career Certificates a natural step forward.

The Google Career Certificates allow anyone to get a jump start in the field by training their skills in IT support, project management, data analytics, UX design, and most importantly, cybersecurity.

Fortunately, any student who enrolls in this new course at Syracuse University also gets access to all of their student services — this includes one-on-one counseling, career services, virtual sessions, and personalized support.

“What we’ve created is a hybrid learning experience that builds on the excellent foundations established by Google by adding a dimension of live online sessions with instructors, specific readings, additional videos and discussion groups guided by our faculty. This added perspective and interaction will give our students a distinct advantage as they approach the job market,” says Arthur.

The other benefit of the certifications comes through the networking opportunities it provides students. With over 150 companies in their employer consortium, Google helps certificate holders find jobs as quickly as possible.

“Global interest in cybersecurity jobs among job seekers has reached an all-time high on Google Search this year, yet businesses continue to report a large cybersecurity skills gap,” explains Linda Gevelber, original founder of Google’s training program, Grow.

“The data is clear: we must create more pathways for people to enter the cybersecurity field and build a lasting career. Google is combining our industry-leading expertise in cybersecurity with our proven approach to training people for in-demand jobs to help create a solution.”

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Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross
Senior Writer

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