ExpressVPN Unveils New Password Manager Feature, Called ExpressVPN Keys

Colin Thierry
Colin Thierry Writer
Colin Thierry Colin Thierry Writer

Popular VPN provider ExpressVPN has recently unveiled its new password manager feature, known as ExpressVPN Keys. This feature allows users to create unique passwords and store them in a digital vault, before filling out each of their logins with a single click.

Using this feature means that users only need to remember one password in order to manage each of their logins that they use on a daily basis, including streaming sites, email, and online banking.

ExpressVPN Keys uses zero-knowledge encryption, meaning that only users have access to their own logins. Their logins are only decrypted on a device when they unlock the password manager using their primary password or biometrics.

The feature is currently available in beta as a Chrome extension on users’ computers and built into the ExpressVPN Android mobile app. The beta version of ExpressVPN Keys for iOS is still in development, however. This password manager syncs users’ logins across all available platforms.

ExpressVPN Keys is included in a user’s ExpressVPN subscription at no extra cost. It’s still even free to use after a user’s VPN subscriptions expire. 

Unlike some other password managers, there’s also no limit to the number of logins that users can save in ExpressVPN Keys or devices they can use it on.

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About the Author

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