Dashlane Is Gearing Up To Release Passkeys For iOS

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

Apple is about to roll out third-party passkey support, and Dashlane is already preparing to launch its own iOS passkeys.

Passkeys are essentially a way to replace traditional passwords and get rid of the glaring vulnerabilities associated with passwords. Instead of having to remember up to a few dozen passwords, worry about data breaches or hacks, weak passwords, and more, users will soon be able to take advantage of biometric logins for their Dashlane app.

By skipping passwords for biometric logins like Face ID and Touch ID, not only do you bypass those problems but logging into apps and websites is simpler than before. It helps avoid phishing attacks as well since hackers won’t be able to simply capture your passwords through emails.

Various other password managers, like 1Password, are working to introduce passkey technology as fast as possible, while companies like Apple and Google are expanding their infrastructure to support the new technology seamlessly.

While the goal is to completely erase passwords in time, for now, most apps with biometric logins still require a password to create an account. However, as Dashlane and other password managers integrate passkeys into everyday use, eventually you’ll be able to use biometric logins to create accounts and login securely from anywhere.

What’s better is that Dashlane is working together with other popular password managers to create a digital infrastructure that allows you to move your passkeys between password managers, so you can easily move between them whenever you want.

“Passkey support is continuing to expand,” Dashlane said in a blog post. “Apple will introduce third-party passkey support in the next version of iOS, which is due to be released this fall. This follows in the footsteps of Android, which previewed third-party passkey support back in February.

“This change to iOS is the final piece of the puzzle that will allow third-party providers to fully embrace passkeys. Until recently, passkeys have been managed only by platform vendors such as Apple and Google. Dashlane first introduced passkey support in the Dashlane browser extension back in September 2022. Continuing to lead the industry, Dashlane will offer passkey support in both iOS and Android, making passkey usage seamless.”

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Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross
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