Cybersecurity Personnel In India Are Facing Extreme Burnout

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

According to a study by Sophos and Tech Research Asia, more than 80% of cybersecurity personnel in India face burnout from their jobs.

While it may not sound important, an industry of mostly burnt-out employees without the support they need compromises nearly every major company. Not only does it leave your company vulnerable to threat actors, but it increases productivity loss among departments. The simple fact is, it wastes a company’s money without providing adequate security.

Highlighting that point, the research also shows that at least 25% of employees admitted that the burnout resulted in a data breach at their company that might have been avoidable. And, 34% of respondents felt they weren’t diligent enough to monitor their company. Another 31% claimed that burnout was the reason they quit their cybersecurity jobs.

The widespread problem is caused by several issues highlighted in the report. Between a lack of adequate support or funding clashing with constantly rising threat levels and overbearing pressure from management, it’s unsurprising so many employees find themselves getting burnt out.

This also directly harms employee retention, in fact, 31% of those surveyed claimed they quit because of burnout.

“At a time when organizations are struggling with cybersecurity skills shortages and an increasingly complex cyberattack environment, employee stability, and performance are critical for providing a solid defense for the business,” said Aaron Bugal, field CTO at Sophos. “Burnout and fatigue are undermining these areas and organizations need to step up to provide the right support to employees.

“Organizations must step up mental health support and realistic work conditions, especially since burnout directly causes breaches.”

For now, it’s up to policymakers and companies to implement improvements for cybersecurity personnel working conditions.

The study surveyed over 900 IT professionals in:

  •  Singapore.
  • Japan.
  • Malaysia.
  • Australia
  • The Phillippines.
  • And India.
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Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross
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