Cybersecurity Alliance: UK and Japan Join Forces

Penka Hristovska
Penka Hristovska Senior Editor
Penka Hristovska Penka Hristovska Senior Editor

The UK and Japan have signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOC), solidifying their commitment to improving cybersecurity together.

Both countries formally agreed to strengthen their cooperation between government and private companies in cybersecurity during Japan’s Keidanren Cyber Security Committee’s visit to the UK.

The committee traveled to the UK for the 3-day event hosted by the National Cyber Advisory Board (NCAB). This event, co-chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden and Chief Information Officer at Lloyds Banking Group Sharon Barber, was established in 2022 to bring experts from both the academic and business worlds together. The group’s goal is to bring different ideas and use resources from all areas of the cyber field to help carry out the National Cyber Strategy.

“Cyber is the new frontier. To ensure we remain at the forefront of cyber strategy, we must continue to work with democratic partners who share our values,” said Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden, who signed the memorandum on behalf of the UK.

“Japan is an important friend and ally, sharing our beliefs on areas such as rule of law, climate change and human rights. This latest partnership further strengthens our relationship with Japan following the signing of the Hiroshima Accord and promotes collaboration across the public and private sector, strengthening our economy and demonstrating the UK Government’s commitment to making long-term decisions to secure our future,” he added.

During the event, representatives from Japan met with key figures from the government and industry, including top officials from IBM. They discussed a variety of topics, including making digital supply chains more secure, getting businesses involved in cyber resilience, and using the best methods for hiring to improve cyber skills in both countries.

“Based on this MoC, Keidanren is determined to further deepen and broaden bilateral cooperation between our public and private sectors. From the perspective of co-creating a data-driven society, we hope to continue to discuss safe and secure use of digital technologies including AI,” said Dr. Nobuhiro Endo, who signed on behalf of Japan.

“Close collaboration between government and industry is at the heart of NCAB. The Memorandum of Cooperation between the UK and Japan is a significant further step on our journey and one which will help both nations further mature their private-public partnerships on cyber, and ultimately support the delivery of each nation’s cyber security strategy,” co-chair of NCAB, Sharon Barber commented.

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Penka Hristovska
Penka Hristovska
Senior Editor

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