Brave Browser Adds A Cross-Platform VPN

Tyler Cross Tyler Cross

Brave, the privacy-focused web browser, has expanded its VPN offerings to desktops with the recent release of version 1.49. Users can now access cross-platform protection, with the service already available on Android and iOS.

The desktop VPN has cross-device support, allowing users to connect up to five devices under one VPN subscription, regardless of platform.

The new subscription is priced at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. With five supported devices per account, Brave is promoting the idea that it can protect each device for less than $2 per month.

The Brave browser is known for its ad and tracker-blocking capabilities, offering users an added layer of security while browsing. The Brave Firewall + VPN goes further by blocking trackers in any app on a user’s phone, even outside the Brave browser.

Users who already have a subscription on their mobile device can simply visit the VPN section of the Brave browser settings to manage their subscription and add more mobile or desktop devices.

The VPN setup process has been made simple for both desktop and mobile devices, with users needing only to open the settings menu in the Brave browser and toggle on VPN to connect.

Brave has partnered with Guardian, a leading VPN and Firewall technology provider to power its VPN service. The VPN service has a no-logs policy, uses no cookies, and has an onboarding process that ensures user information is kept private.

Brave Firewall + VPN also enables users to mask their IP address, change their location online, prevent their internet service provider from accessing their activity, and access geo-restricted content.

Brave’s built-in firewall also offers added protection by monitoring and controlling incoming and outgoing data. This ensures that any offensive tracking activity is automatically detected and blocked.

Brave Firewall + VPN can be tried for free for seven days with the VPN icon in the browser address bar.

About the Author

About the Author

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