3 Men Arrested For Using A Raspberry Pi To Hack ATMs

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

Three men were arrested for allegedly using a Raspberry Pi, a niche operating system, to hack into ATMs in Lubbock, Texas, without triggering any alarms and stealing thousands of dollars.

They were able to use the devices by plugging them into the machines, deactivating alarms, and opening the cash drawer without having to use any brute-force methods to access the ATMs.

Raspberry Pi’s are credit-card-sized computers that can run Linux or other operating systems. While it’s not a powerful device and is normally used for small activities by tech enthusiasts, users can customize it to run any program they want, making it a viable tool for cybersecurity purposes.

The press release was short, but according to EverythingLubbock, The police apprehended the men in Lubbock, Texas while staying inside a hotel room. Multiple Raspberry Pis were found with them when they were taken in. Not many more details about the arrest are currently known.

Court documents stated that during the attempted heist, the three individuals were seen stealing more than $5,700 from an ATM. It isn’t clear whether or not it were witnesses or if the crime was captured via cameras.

“Abel Valdes, 38, Yordanesz Sanchez, 41, and Carlos Jordano Herrera-Ruiz, 33, were arrested on August 3 at a hotel in the 6600 block of I-27, online jail records showed,” the release reads.

“All three suspects were charged with Unlawful Interception, Use, or Disclosure of Wire, Oral, or Electronic Communications along with engaging in criminal activity. Sanchez was also charged with forgery, jail records showed. As of Friday, the three remained at the Lubbock County Detention Center on federal detainers.”

While the men were arrested, it highlights how even simple devices can be configured to hack into important machines and steal money. It’s possible other hackers have used similar methods and gotten away with it.

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Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross
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