1Password Reveals Update for its iOS App

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

A massive update for iOS is being rolled out for the popular password manager, 1Password. It gathered feedback from forums and user reviews, and from its internal team to include all of the improvements in the 1Password 8 update — with it comes a ton of UI changes, customization options, and accessibility features aimed at making the iOS experience better for every user.

To start, users will be able to reorder fields and sections inside of items, letting you rearrange the order that information is presented in the future. The company said it’s still working out some of the kinks.

“You might notice a couple of limitations at first, but we’ll be working hard to give you true freedom and flexibility in every saved item,” 1Password said in a blog post.

It’s also bringing back the ability to search within any list of items. Now, users will be able to quickly look through any list to find what they’re looking for.

Pin unlock on mobile will be added in as well. While you can still use biometrics or your account password if you choose, now you can also use your pin code or unlock pattern to access 1Password.

Other long-asked-for features include improved FaceID Unlock, a default vault for saved items, and a simpler set-up process for new users — so anyone can use 1Password regardless of technical expertise.

1Password also updated its VoiceOver support so that it doesn’t get stuck in certain text fields and will read out characters as you go past them. It also lets you use the arrow keys to go back in the text and hear it read out loud again.

There’s also a slew of other minor features that will be added to the 1Password 8 update, like an offline indicator for when you’ve lost connection and an option to “never fill on this website,” and a lot more.

“We hope you enjoy these new updates and look forward to sharing even more features, tools, and enhancements with you in 2023,” 1Password said.

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Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross
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