1Password Releases A New Feature For Testing Experimental Features

Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross Senior Writer
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross Senior Writer

1Password, the popular password manager company, is introducing its new feature, 1Password Labs. This will allow users to try out experimental features before they’re released.

1Password Labs will allow its customers to play an important role in feature development, letting them toggle individual features on and off, testing them out for bugs and incompatibilities with the features.

To access these new features open up the Settings tab in 1Password and click on the Labs tab. Just be warned that 1Password Labs features will only be available for several months at a time before the company decides if it will continue developing it or not.

1Password has a similar function already by letting users test beta releases for 1Password apps, but unlike the beta releases, Labs will be allowing users to test unverified features that may or may not be fully implemented in the future.

“This way we know if we should continue to invest time and energy into a project or, sometimes more importantly, if we should move on to something else that better suits the needs of our customers,” explains Matt Grimes in a 1Password blog post. “there’s so much more we’re innovating on that we want to share with you!”

To let you share your feedback, they’ve created links to a feedback form you can easily access, plus community threads under every experimental feature that anyone can use to ask questions or post their opinions.

1Password shares an example feature, which is meant to make it easier to auto-fill forms.

“It can be a hassle to sort through a long list of identity items,” said Grimes. “This experimental feature will give you the ability to claim a preferred identity and a preferred payment card.” If successful, it’ll make it easier to set up forms and safely pay for goods online.

Other similar new features are currently available in Labs and able to be tested now.

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Tyler Cross
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