1Password Launches Upgraded Events API for Deeper Business Security Insights

Kamso Oguejiofor-Abugu Kamso Oguejiofor-Abugu

1Password has announced the upgraded Events API, which will give businesses greater visibility into their security posture. The Events API is a tool that enables streaming of 1Password events to third-party SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools.

According to 1Password, the upgraded Events API features “full event parity with the 1Password Activity Log, both to expand a user’s field of vision and to support their auditing efforts.”

The original Events API allowed streaming of some 1Password events to SIEM tools, but the enhanced version adds support for all captured events in the 1Password Activity Log, including account changes, integration events, device addition or removal, billing changes, file uploads, and more.

“Customers can stream events directly from the 1Password Events API to their SIEM tool today, either through pre-built integrations with Splunk or Elastic, or with a custom integration,” 1Password said.

The company also notified 1Password CLI 1.0 users that the Events API enhancements have replaced the audit command in CLI 1.0.

For those interested in getting started with the 1Password Events API, 1Password suggests trying a lightweight Python script to learn how to make calls to the Events API. Alternatively, customers can use this 1Password guide to get started with the Events API and their preferred SIEM tool.

1Password’s upgraded Events API is a valuable tool for IT and security professionals who need greater visibility into their business security. By adding support for all events captured by the 1Password Activity Log, businesses will be able to monitor 1Password adoption within their corporation, provide better support for compliance and auditing workflows, monitor and report on security posture more seamlessly, and customize alerts, visualizations, and reports.

“The Events API makes it easy to correlate and enrich 1Password events data to surface security insights that may require action,” 1Password said. “Think automated alerts for threat detection, and the ability to visualize 1Password usage.

“That means you can monitor user adoption, set up alerts to be notified when a secret is shared, or aid investigations by correlating logins with suspicious events. All by streaming 1Password events to third-party SIEM tools using the 1Password Events API.”

About the Author

About the Author

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