1Password Implements SSH Security Features

Published on: February 1, 2024
Tyler Cross Tyler Cross
Published on: February 1, 2024

1Password, the popular password manager company, has integrated a new set of features aimed at protecting your SSH keys.

It may not be something you’d think about, but SSH keys are actually quite important to protecting your device’s security. Your SSH keys are mostly used for single-time sign-ons for automated processes by system administrators on your computer. They’re used for protocols involving your network, configuration settings, and operating system.

This means that if someone obtained your SSH keys, it would allow them to steal a lot of your data or even manipulate files and processes on your computer.

While an SSH key isn’t as simple for someone to steal as a normal password, it can still be done by experienced hackers. SSH key protection makes open-source software developers on platforms like Github’s jobs easier since a key problem in that industry is malicious actors taking advantage of the platform.

That’s where 1Password’s new feature comes in. It stores your SSH keys and lets you create passphrases for them.

“You can now choose to let 1Password Watchtower review the SSH keys stored on your local disk. 1Password will then provide security alerts and recommendations so you can easily address potential SSH key security risks,” writes 1Password in a recent blog post. “Once your SSH keys are imported, you can use the built-in SSH agent to securely create, organize, and use SSH keys wherever they are needed.”

In addition, you’ll be notified when your SSH keys are out of date and vulnerable to attacks and when you have SSH keys without a personal passphrase set.

The update is available without any additional costs for all 1Password subscribers — simply visit the Watchtower section of the app. Enable “Check for developer credentials on disk” in the developer settings.

After enabling the feature, you’ll be able to view your SSH keys in the Watchtower just like your normal passwords.

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Tyler Cross
Published on: February 1, 2024

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