1Password Acquires Endpoint Security Platform Kolide

Paige Henley
Paige Henley Editor
Paige Henley Paige Henley Editor

1Password, a well-known password management software developer, announced its acquisition of Kolide, a device security solution that prioritizes the end user and device security.

Kolide is a leader in device health and contextual access management, meaning that they analyze a device in real-time to determine if access is safe and secure. This means companies can prevent unknown or unsecure devices from accessing their apps and systems, thereby protecting the entire infrastructure from bad actors and malicious intent.

The company has acquired Kolide for one main reason: the remote workforce. 1Password felt that itsprevious level of service did not adequately cover the needs of the modern digital space.

“The reality is that access isn’t secure if the device doing the access isn’t secure,” 1Password said in a blog post … “Every device, regardless of location, must be secure.”

Since more employees are working from home and their devices aren’t accessible by a company’s in-house IT department, it falls to the user to secure their connections as well as their devices, which Kolide will now allow 1Password to achieve.

Kolide’s services enable essential device security management for employees: users are in charge of their own security and receive real-time alerts about security issues and actionable fixes.

1Password CEO Jeff Shiner emphasized the necessity of this integration, “Turning your employees into security advocates is critical, because it’s no longer possible for IT or security teams to micro-manage every device or every application that employees use — especially for remote and hybrid workforces,” he said.

To that end, Kolide’s entire team, including CEO and founder Jason Meller, who will be acting as VP of product, will join 1Password.

“We are combining forces with 1Password for one reason: we both believe every company on Earth needs user-focused device security,” Meller said.

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About the Author

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