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Why Is Antivirus Software Important?

If you purchased a new desktop, laptop, or smartphone, you probably assume it will operate at lightning-fast speed for at least a few years, right? Wrong.

Without antivirus protection, your shiny new device can fall prey to one of the many tools at cybercriminals’ disposal. Your passwords can be lifted, your bank account emptied, and your identity stolen.

Here’s why antivirus software is important and which ones you should consider installing:

Comprehensive Threat Protection

Modern criminals have an arsenal of hacking weapons to take down your system. These include:

  • Traditional viruses, technically known as “macro viruses,” propagate on host machines. They are often spread through corrupted email attachments and target commonly used programs such as the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Malware is a broad category of digital threats that includes trojans and spyware.
  • Boot sector viruses target the firmware that plays a critical role in starting your computer. It may leave you with no way to get into your machine.
  • Ransomware makes your system unusable until you pay a ransom to the criminals behind the scam.
  • Spyware scares some privacy experts the most, imagining a criminal watching you through your webcam and then using the images as blackmail.

The good news is that many antivirus programs will provide protection against a lot of these. The bad news is that some others only scan for old-fashioned macro viruses.

It Increases Your Computer’s Lifetime, Saves You Money

If your computer has become an expensive doorstop, you have to remember that prevention is better than cure.

You can attempt to repair a broken operating system, but it’s far easier to quarantine viruses before they destroy the machine. Many viruses can render their host systems basically unusable while others will prevent the user from installing any new programs—including antivirus programs intended to remove them. Reinstalling the operating system can mean reverting to a restore point and losing important files and data. 

Finally, not having antivirus protection could kill your professional reputation. Plenty of viruses act as spam-bots, hijacking your desktop email program and sending embarrassing unsolicited mail to your contacts. Viruses can also hide behind your computer’s IP address to make illegal downloads, potentially incriminating you in unlawful activity.

Our Top Three Solutions

Not running antivirus protection is very risky, even if you’re using a safer operating system like Linux. These three tools should keep your computer running safely for years to come.


Norton provides a vast amount of antivirus protection on all of its subscription packages. These include SONAR real-time behavioral protection engine to block unknown real-time threats, a spam blocking tool to keep mailboxes free of dangerous emails, and Norton Insight, a comprehensive database that flags unsafe programs by leveraging the experience of more than 175 million Norton users worldwide.

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Comodo offers cutting-edge antivirus research and is leading the way in protecting the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Its desktop protection features include Host Intrusion Protection (HIPS) to monitor application traffic and a proactive antivirus scanner that can run on-access, on-demand, and scheduled scans.

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NANO Antivirus Pro features some comprehensive scheduled scanning options that allow the user to configure advanced multi-layered scans. These scans target the filesystem, as well as connected and virtual network drives. Its System Guard protection layer provides two real-time anti-malware shields that guard against file execution and network threats.

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Get Protected

If you haven’t installed antivirus software, you’re taking a significant risk that could cost you far more than the price of a subscription. Maintaining a highly-rated antivirus tool will ensure the safety of your computer.

About the Author

Mercy Pilkington
Mercy Pilkington
Tech industry writer on AV software, cybercrime, and digital innovation

About the Author

Mercy Pilkington has been a tech industry news writer for nearly ten years. She regularly covers topics such as software, cybercrime, and digital innovation.