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Safety detectives speaks to Pieter Danhieux, CEO and co-founder of Secure Code Warrior to find out how they build a culture of security-driven developers by giving them the skills to code securely.

Please tell us about your flagship Learning Platform.

Our flagship Learning Platform delivers relevant skills-based pathways, hands-on missions, and contextual tools for developers to rapidly learn, build, and apply their skills to write secure code at speed.

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

What makes Secure Code Warrior unique is that the company was formed seven years ago with the goal of embedding security into the DNA of developers, assisting them to rise to the challenge of creating a higher standard of code quality. In most organizations, the current culture around the developer’s role in security best practices is limited at best. However, with true developer enablement, organizations can ignite a passion for cyber defense through secure coding. With 6,000+ platform challenges across almost 60 language frameworks, no other application security platform offers the depth of language support that Secure Code Warrior does. The platform also offers developers over 300+ hours worth of content and playtime, covering 159 vulnerability types, including the all-important OWASP Top 10.

What is the main industry that you support, and why is it important for companies in this industry to be security conscious?

To simply put, we work with any organization that builds software. We enable developers to write secure code at speed and currently have over 450 enterprises, including leading financial services, retail, and global technology companies worldwide, benefiting from our learning platform.

Please tell us a bit about your learning platform.

The platform enables a developer-led security approach, offering real-time secure coding guidance that is pivotal when detecting and fixing vulnerabilities efficiently. Developers get actionable advice throughout their workflows, finding and fixing vulnerabilities while taking their security knowledge to the next level. By moving the focus from reaction to prevention, Secure Code Warrior’s platform breaks through the industry by offering developer training, which equips and encourages developers to think and act with a security mindset. Additionally, Secure Code Warrior’s suite of tools and Learning Platform provides organizations with hands-on missions and extensive contextual learning to help them write secure code while gaining new skills.

What kind of support does Secure Code Warrior offer to your customers?

Our team of Warriors is located all over the world and delivers first-class support to organizations that are building out their plans to stamp out poor coding patterns. Our dedicated Customer Success team provides support to enable our customers’ development teams to ship quality code faster. We support them by offering:

  • Unique customer success approach that enables optimal program setup and roll-out
  • Proven enterprise-ready playbooks which drive industry best practices
  • A data-driven approach to rolling out a world-class secure coding program
  • Extensive help center with access to informative videos, handy how-to guides, and templates for communication and reporting – everything you need to roll out a comprehensive security program to your teams.

How do you keep ahead in such a fast-moving industry?

Secure Code Warrior is an expert-driven company, and we are fortunate to be able to harness the deep knowledge and experience of some true industry superstars.

We consider ourselves to be in a continuous state of improvement, so we invest a lot of effort into research and development of new features and content that directly service industry needs as they arise, as well as tackle more advanced issues that many organizations can work towards as their approach to developer-led security matures. We also listen closely to customer feedback to fine-tune and enhance our products and services.

What can we expect to see from Secure Code Warrior over the next year?

We’ll continue to empower developers to upskill and learn secure coding best practices while developing a security mindset from the outset. Since last month, development teams can benefit from Secure Code Warrior’s recently launched Secure Code Coach, the new go-to community microsite to build security skills and awareness. With a range of handy secure coding guidelines, hands-on missions, and videos, Secure Code Coach brings the latest best practices to equip developers with all they need to ship secure code faster.

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