Interview With Ron Kerbs - Founder & CEO of Kidas

Published on: May 27, 2024
Shauli Zacks Shauli Zacks
Published on: May 27, 2024

In today’s digital age, the safety of children online has become a paramount concern for parents and guardians. SafetyDetectives had the opportunity to interview Ron Kerbs, the visionary founder and CEO of Kidas, a company dedicated to protecting children from online threats in gaming environments. With a background in computer engineering from his service in the Israeli military and advanced degrees in global studies and business, Ron brings a unique perspective to the cybersecurity landscape.

Can you share a bit about your background and what inspired you to start Kidas?

My journey began in the Israeli military, where I served as a computer engineer and a team leader focusing on protecting citizens. After my service, I pursued an MBA in the US, earning degrees in global studies and business. During this time I became passionate about addressing the safety of children online, particularly in gaming environments. I founded Kidas to tackle the issue of gaming toxicity and ensure a safer digital experience for children inspired by my background and driven by a desire to apply technology to solve real-world problems.

What is the mission and vision of Kidas, and how does ProtectMe align with these goals?

At Kidas, our mission is to safeguard children from online threats while fostering a positive gaming environment. We envision a world where every child can enjoy gaming safely and free from harm. ProtectMe, our flagship software, perfectly aligns with this mission by utilizing artificial intelligence to monitor and identify harmful interactions in gaming, such as cyberbullying, scams and predatory behavior. By empowering parents with real-time alerts and actionable insights, ProtectMe helps create a safer online space for children to explore and enjoy.

What are the main security threats children face while gaming online?

Children face a multitude of security threats while gaming online, including cyberbullying, predatory grooming, financial scams and exposure to inappropriate content. These threats can have serious consequences on children’s mental and emotional well-being, as well as their overall safety. ProtectMe is specifically designed to detect and mitigate these threats, providing parents with the tools they need to protect their children from harm and have constructive conversations should children encounter any issues online.

Can you elaborate on the AI and machine learning technologies used in ProtectMe?

ProtectMe leverages advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze voice and text communication in gaming environments. Unlike traditional monitoring tools that rely solely on keyword recognition, ProtectMe understands the context of conversations, distinguishing between harmless banter and potentially harmful interactions. This level of sophistication allows ProtectMe to accurately identify and flag concerning behaviors in real-time, empowering parents to take proactive measures to keep their children safe.

Can you discuss the importance of real-time alerts for parents and how they can take immediate action?

Real-time alerts are crucial for parents to stay informed about their children’s online activities and respond promptly to any potential threats. With ProtectMe, parents receive instant notifications whenever concerning interactions are detected, allowing them to intervene and address the situation immediately. Whether it’s initiating a conversation with their child, blocking certain users or seeking additional support, real-time alerts enable parents to take swift and decisive action to protect their children from harm.

What advice would you give to parents who are concerned about their children’s online safety while gaming?

My advice to parents concerned about their child’s online safety while gaming is to stay informed, stay engaged and stay vigilant. Take the time to educate yourself about the risks and challenges of online gaming, and have open and honest conversations with your children about their digital experiences. Utilize tools like ProtectMe to monitor and manage your child’s online activities, and establish clear boundaries and guidelines for safe gaming practices. Most importantly, prioritize communication and trust with your child, and encourage them to speak up if they ever feel uncomfortable or threatened online. By working together and staying proactive, we can create a safer gaming environment for all children.

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Shauli Zacks
Published on: May 27, 2024

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