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Safety Detectives: Please share your company background, how you got started, and your mission.

Sweepatic: Sweepatic was founded in late 2016 when CEO Stijn Vande Casteele and Martin Carnogurský met and found they had the same problem working at their security jobs at the time: organizations struggle to continuously map, monitor, and manage all their known and unknown internet-facing assets in a continuous and efficient way. And how can you protect your company from cyberattacks when you don’t know what you have been exposed to the internet?

To answer this cybersecurity challenge, the Sweepatic External Attack Surface Management Platform was built from the ground up. The solution discovers all online exposed assets—like domains, websites, IP addresses, SSL certificates, technologies, and more—analyzes them, and offers remediation and attack surface reduction insights in an easy-to-use, cloud-based dashboard.

Sweepatic’s mission is to increase attack surface awareness, improve the online posture of organizations and make them more cyber resilient. Ultimately, the goal is to make organizations a less attractive target for cybercriminals.

SD: What is the main service your company offers?

Sweepatic: The Sweepatic External Attack Surface Management Platform is a SaaS solution that provides companies with an overview of their attack surface and insights on improving their online infrastructure. The platform only requires the company brand domains (e.g. company.com) or the company name as an input to start the discovery, which makes the onboarding very quick and easy.

The Sweepatic Platform automatically maps, monitors, and manages the attack surface in a continuous manner. 24/7, the platform serves as an extra pair of eyes on the online exposure of organizations. The continuous discovery is enriched with an intelligence layer, uncovering possible vulnerabilities or weaknesses, like misconfigurations, missing or expired encryption, exposed services, CVEs, and shadow IT. The representation layer is centralizing all prioritized findings and is scoring the attack surface against different security dimensions. Users have ways to consume these findings via the Sweepatic dashboard, Sweepatic API, and integrations with ticketing systems, Slack, etc.

SD: What is something unique that helps you stay ahead of your competition?

Sweepatic: Our customers appreciate the ease of use of the Sweepatic Platform, the fast onboarding, and the great customer support. At Sweepatic, we are always on the lookout for customer and partner feedback and feature requests to improve our product on a daily basis. As a Sweepatic Platform user, you can therefore have a direct impact on our product roadmap.

SD: What do you think are the worst cyberthreats today?

Sweepatic: There is no denying that ransomware and phishing attacks pose a serious threat to organizations today. Not a day goes by without a company being breached. Many of these cyberattacks can however be prevented.

At Sweepatic, we believe that protecting your organization from bad actors starts at the very beginning of the Cyber Kill Chain, the reconnaissance phase. That is exactly what the Sweepatic Platform does; mimicking the reconnaissance phase where bad actors gather all the information they can find on a target organization to start planning their attack. If you know your attack surface before attackers do, you can make it less attractive for them to target. In essence, the Sweepatic Attack Surface Management (ASM) Platform is a proactive solution that can help prevent cyberattacks aimed at your organization.

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