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Aviva Zacks
Aviva Zacks Cybersecurity Expert and Writer
Aviva Zacks Aviva Zacks Cybersecurity Expert and Writer

Safety Detectives: Please share your company background, how you got started, and your mission.

Cympire: Our mission at Cympire is to help you improve your organization’s cybersecurity skills and readiness by providing top-notch hands-on training for your IT professionals on Cympire’s cyber range platform. Having mission-ready cybersecurity professionals will allow your company to have the resources to counteract tomorrow’s cyber threats.

SD: What is the main service your company offers?

Cympire: IT Security training platform for both offensive and defensive security personnel. Our cybersecurity training and assessment platform can provide the following benefits:

  • Accessible cybersecurity training: We offer a unique cyber simulation platform that is accessible 24/7 from anywhere with nothing more than an internet browser.
  • In-depth customization: Cympire’s Campaign Studio allows users to create and customize their own cybersecurity training scenarios.
  • Highly scalable training: Train as many individuals as you want simultaneously on different training scenarios. Create multiple sub-tenants to handle your teams or customers.
  • Professional expertise: Leverage the cybersecurity experience and expertise of our Content and R&D teams at Cympire.
  • Personalized customer support: Take advantage of our onboarding session so you can familiarize yourself with our platform and stay updated on our latest features and campaigns.
  • White-labeled solutions: Integrate your branding on our cyber range platform so you can maintain consistency with your team or customers. 

SD: What is something unique that helps you stay ahead of your competition?

Cympire: Our Campaign Studio. It is a very powerful tool inside our platform that allows our customers to build any specific that they wish to use, we provide an easy to use (e.g. drag and drop) module that enables our customers to easily create relevant content, network topologies, and attack vectors for their cybersecurity responders.

SD: What do you think are the worst cyberthreats today?

Cympire: Ransomware and employees with overly permissive access. Cyber professionals  People are still the weakest link. That is why it is important to focus on the human factor to provide cyber protection and we provide the platform to allow cyber security/IT security teams to benefit from continuous training in a real-life simulation with the tools they use on a daily basis.

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Aviva Zacks
Aviva Zacks
Cybersecurity Expert and Writer

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