Interview with Peter Ayedun - CEO at TruGrid

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SafetyDetectives spoke with Peter Ayedun, CEO of TruGrid, about how the TruGrid SecureRDP platform is a secure remote desktop platform, some best practices for protecting remote access to company assets, and unique risks to a remote work staff.

Can you talk about your background and what motivated you to start TruGrid?

I started my first IT business, IntelliSuite IT Solutions, in 1998, using technology to simplify work, improve productivity, and increase profitability. One of the technologies that IntelliSuite actively promotes is Citrix, a comprehensive but complex remote work solution. Recognizing that the mid-market could benefit from a simpler version of Citrix, we launched TruGrid SecureRDP in 2018 with specific focus on mid-market companies and Service Providers that don’t like the complexity of Citrix and don’t have the staffing to maintain complicated systems.

What are the main services offered by TruGrid?

TruGrid has two software, namely, TruGrid SecureRDP and TruGrid BitLocker Management.

TruGrid SecureRDP is a software that lets you access your Windows desktop and applications remotely from another device, like a laptop or tablet. What makes TruGrid SecureRDP special is that it does not require you to change your firewall settings or use a VPN or other gateway device. This makes it more secure and easier to use than other types of similar software. In addition, TruGrid SecureRDP is designed to work quickly without delays typically caused by Internet latency. This means that you can use your desktop and applications remotely just as if you were sitting in front of your computer.

TruGrid BitLocker Management is an easy and affordable way for businesses to keep data safe if a computer gets lost or stolen. Unlike other expensive options like Microsoft Intune, it doesn’t need fancy features like Active Directory or complicated tools like Microsoft MBAM. It’s a simple way to protect your information without breaking the bank.

What makes the TruGrid solution more secure than a typical remote desktop program?

TruGrid SecureRDP is a safer way to use remote desktops than other programs. It keeps data more secure in three important ways.

  • First, it doesn’t assume that anyone using the program can be trusted until they have been verified – this is called Zero Trust – which means it’s less likely that hackers can get in.
  • Second, it makes sure that all information sent between local computer and the remote device is kept secret by using encryption, so nobody else can read it.
  • Finally, TruGrid SecureRDP makes it harder for hackers to sneak in by not opening up any special gates in the network that they could use to break in.

How does TruGrid prevent ransomware attacks?

Unlike VPN, which creates a direct link between local and remote computer, TruGrid SecureRDP doesn’t allow direct communication. TruGrid also blocks data transfer that can be used to steal company data or used to transmit ransomware between local and remote computers.

What are the best practices for securing remote access to company assets?

The best practices for securing remote access to company assets include the following key points: Do not expose company assets via VPN, gateway, or open firewall ports; Ensure that remote users authenticate successfully in the cloud (and with MFA) before granting access to remote systems; Disable all data redirection between local and remote systems. Here is a more extensive TruGrid blog article regarding how to secure Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

What are some unique cybersecurity risks faced by remote workers?

Some of the unique cybersecurity risks confronting remote workers include operating over unsecured networks (even with VPN), whereby the computer itself can be compromised, thereby exposing data over the VPN; Phishing scams that trick users to click a link or download an attachment that contains malware; Using unsecured devices like personal computers that contain malware or shared by other family members, which can make it easier for others to gain access to company data.

Thankfully, TruGrid SecureRDP can prevent the first and last risks identified above.

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About the Author

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