Interview with Neyts Zupan - Founder of Pareto Security

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SafetyDetectives had the pleasure of speaking with Neyts Zupan, the founder of Pareto Security. In this insightful interview, Neyts shares valuable information about the challenges that companies encounter when developing SaaS solutions. He also emphasizes the importance of prioritizing data security and privacy, shedding light on practical strategies to achieve these goals. Additionally, Neyts discusses upcoming trends in the SaaS industry, offering a glimpse into the future of this ever-evolving sector. Stay tuned for an informative and enriching conversation with Neyts Zupan as we delve into the world of SaaS and cybersecurity.

Can you introduce yourself and tell me about your role at Pareto Security?

I am Neyts, the founder of Pareto Security. Our company is dedicated to providing essential security solutions for small businesses, particularly those using macOS. We believe that security doesn’t have to be invasive and we strive to provide non-invasive alternatives to corporate MDM and RMM solutions.

What are Pareto Secuirty’s main services?

Pareto Security offers a suite of security apps for macOS. Our main services include:

  • Auditor: Helps users avoid common security mistakes on their Macs.
  • Updater: Allows users to bulk update apps on their Macs.
  • Dashboard: Enables users to monitor all their Macs from one dashboard.
  • Bulk Install: Facilitates downloading and installing macOS apps in bulk.

What unique features or capabilities do your SaaS solutions offer, setting them apart from other offerings in the market?

Our SaaS solutions offer unique features such as:

  • Non-invasive security: We provide a non-invasive alternative to traditional corporate MDM and RMM solutions.
  • Comprehensive dashboard: Our dashboard allows users to easily view and manage all their Mac devices.
  • Automation: We offer features like CSV Export and REST API to automate compliance reporting and security checks.
  • Upcoming VPN service: We’re building a VPN that works under any circumstances, with zero-trust where the user controls the server.

What are some of the biggest challenges companies face when developing and deploying SaaS solutions?

Some of the biggest challenges companies face when developing and deploying SaaS solutions include ensuring data security and privacy, maintaining compliance with various security regulations and standards, and keeping apps up-to-date. These challenges can be addressed by automating compliance reporting, regularly updating apps, and prioritizing basic security hygiene.

What steps are needed to prioritize data security and privacy to ensure the protection of sensitive customer information?

To prioritize data security and privacy, the following steps are needed:

  • Regularly update apps to ensure they are secure and free from vulnerabilities.
  • Automate compliance reporting to maintain adherence to security regulations and standards.
  • Avoid common security mistakes by using tools like our Auditor app.
  • Use secure and privacy-focused tools like our upcoming VPN service.

6. What trends do you foresee in the SaaS industry?

In the SaaS industry, I foresee a growing emphasis on non-invasive security solutions that respect user privacy. Automation in compliance reporting and security checks will become more prevalent. There will also be a rise in the use of zero-trust security models, where users have more control over their data and servers.

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About the Author

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