Interview with Lester Vargas, Co-Founder & CEO B2C, FractalUp Video Security

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SafetyDetectives spoke with Lester Vargas, Co-Founder and CEO B2C of FractalUp Video Security, about securing online videos and user data. 

How did the idea of FractalUp Video Security come about?

Lester Vargas: It comes from a serious pain in our main corporate clients that were suffering from brutal piracy over years. The fact was that a group of hackers used different tools to download digital assets (mainly videos of different formats) daily and immediately started to sell them on different platforms without any permission.

Can you talk about the services offered by FractalUp Video Security?

LV: FractalUp offers security in all its services, especially in the videos shared by the different users and institutions that already have their own platforms. Every time a new video is uploaded, it is stored securely, ensuring that the video only is available for viewing by authorized users within an authorized environment.

What makes FractalUp Video Security unique?

LV: FractalUp Video Security makes use of complex encryption algorithms to protect videos from the moment the user decides to upload them. These algorithms divide the video into different parts that are played exclusively within FractalUp’s secure environment. By having this type of configuration, the video is not available for downloads since they are completely encrypted.

What online security measures do you implement to ensure you secure your user’s data?

LV: Among the main measures are:

  • User databases are encrypted in such a way that even our own team does not have direct access to the decrypted information.
  • Create and manage a unique identity for each user throughout FractalUp, keeping users, groups, and devices in sync.
  • Provide SSO access to services.
  • Employees with limited access according to need and following the principle of least privilege (PoLP).

Who is your ideal customer base?

LV: FractalUp has multiple benefits, one of them being FractalUp Video Security; Around this, our ideal clients are large companies mainly in the banking, insurance, education, and services sectors in general, that have videos created by the same company, and seek to protect their intellectual property, even more so when they generate direct profits from these.

Does FractalUp have a verification process to ensure that the videos are not downloaded?

LV: Ethical hacking tests are carried out periodically on the platform by external companies (ISO 27001 compliance), using software tools specialized in downloading videos, such as browser extensions, web pages, and desktop applications, in the different operating systems most used by users.

Thank you, Lester, for taking some time to answer our questions and provide these insights to our readers.

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