Interview With Lahcene Boukedjar - Founder of Kido Protect

Published on: May 15, 2024
Shauli Zacks Shauli Zacks
Published on: May 15, 2024

In a recent Q&A with SafetyDetectives, Lahcene Boukedjar, the founder of TECHNOSOFT FZCO and creator of Kido Protect, shared insights into his innovative approach to online safety for children. As a concerned parent himself, Boukedjar developed Kido Protect to address the gaps he found in existing parental control solutions. His dedication to creating a comprehensive and effective tool for safeguarding children online shines through in the features and continuous improvements of Kido Protect.

Can you introduce yourself and talk about your role at Kido Connect?

My name is Lahcene Boukedjar, founder of TECHNOSOFT FZCO and Kido Protect is our first solution.

What are the main benefits parents get when using Kido Connect?

I created Kido Protect based on my own experience with my children as a parent I was always concerned by my children security online and I tried a lot of solutions for this. Then I decided to create my own solution which can answer to all my concerns which I did not find in other solutions.

The main benefits for parents are:

  • Full automatic control on device use including internet, apps usage, social media and gallery and pictures.
  • Smart AI features that can detect threats on social media communications and also in the images and videos content.

How do you see the role of parental control evolving with the increasing integration of technology in education?

Now more than before parental control is important, as technology is now everywhere and also risks are everywhere, we need to have smart solutions that allow our children to use devices is a healthy and safe way. This is why I think parental control will become more and more important and necessary.

How does Kido Protect stay updated with the changing landscape of online content to ensure comprehensive protection for minors?

Our team are continuously doing RND and checking new content and new solutions to let our solution always up to date.

What are the ethical considerations involved in developing technology aimed at monitoring and controlling the digital activities of children?

First thing we take in consideration is privacy and security of users data, this is why all our database is totally encrypted. Secondly parent can delete their account and all related data in one click. finally our solution is a parental solution and not a spy solution, which mean children know the app is there and can see what is doing the app, this is done in the purpose to let parent and children discuss about the solution and why it is there and to train children and good behavior on the internet.

Could you discuss any upcoming features or developments that users can look forward to in Kido Protect?

Very soon a new version of Kido Protect will be available containing a lot of features for parent, like AI smart threat detection is social media and in images and videos. Very rich location features including check in, pick up me, SOS and full location history. Our preselected keywords and harmful apps will help parent to block them in one click. Rich web filtering solution, and much more.

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Shauli Zacks
Published on: May 15, 2024

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