Interview With Kolade Orilowo - Head of Products at Seamfix

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SafetyDetectives recently interviewed Kolade Orilowo, the Head of Product at Seamfix, a company focused on solving identity and trust issues in digital transactions globally. Orilowo discussed the challenges companies face in implementing effective identity management solutions, emphasizing the importance of understanding regulations and scalability. He also highlighted how recent advancements in face-matching technology, powered by AI and big data, have significantly improved the accuracy and reliability of biometric systems, contributing to Seamfix’s comprehensive approach to security and user experience through its incorporation of cutting-edge AI technologies.

Can you introduce yourself and talk about your role at Seamfix?

I am Kolade Orilowo, and I work as the Head of Products at Seamfix.

Can you provide a brief overview of Seamfix and its core areas of expertise?

Seamfix is a people and technology company that solves fundamental problems of identity and trust wherever digital transactions occur. Seamfix helps businesses and their customers globally to seamlessly create, verify and access trusted digital identities and services.

What are the key challenges companies face in implementing effective identity management solutions, and how can these challenges be addressed?

The key challenges companies face can be categorized into threefold.

  • Understanding the regulation around digital identity and how it affects them.
  • Knowing where to seek help given that implementing biometric solutions can appear to be a daunting task.
  • Implementing solutions that can easily scale with them as they grow.

How have recent advancements in face-matching technology improved the accuracy and reliability of biometric systems?

The availability of big data and advancements in Deep learning models, as well as neural architecture combined with better computing powers, have created solutions that have improved the accuracies of biometric systems to a point that has never been achieved in the history of humankind. Some models have been trained with 100s of millions of records that have created very accurate systems that can be relied on 99.99% of the time.

With the rise of AI technologies, how does Seamfix incorporate AI into its solutions, and what benefits does it bring to users?

Seamfix integrates cutting-edge AI technologies, including face recognition, background cleanup, and active/passive liveness amongst others, into its biometric solutions. This comprehensive approach enhances security and user experience by providing accurate and efficient identity verification. Face recognition ensures reliable authentication, background cleanup improves image quality, and active/passive liveness adds an extra layer of protection against presentation attacks, collectively delivering robust and user-friendly biometric solutions to end-users.

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