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Aviva Zacks of Safety Detectives caught up with Ori Eisen, Founder and CEO of Trusona, and asked him how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way companies handle security and passwordless logins.

Safety Detectives: How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way companies are handling their cybersecurity?

Ori Eisen: COVID-19 turned every employee to a remote employee overnight almost.  This made the VPN the main gateway for login.  Hackers are using that to their advantage as they are targeting phishing attacks to gain usernames and passwords.  Organizations must build their defenses and provide users an easy to use 2FA, that will not hinder their productivity.  All the behavioral rules relating to employees plugging int physically into a network in “your building” are to be re-thought.  There is really no perimeter, we are all remote now.

SD: How are end-users changing the way they approach security on their home devices?

OE: Employees at home may need now to use phone systems based on VOIP, use new tools to tunnel into their corp networks and be used to daily attempts to phish them.  Most recently attackers are sending emails with “voice mails” as phone systems are now ported online.  This puts the employee more than any time in the past on the front lines of the cyber frontlines.

SD: Has Trusona’s focus changed with regard to passwordless login now that there are more work-at-home users?

OE: Trusona has provided some of our passwordless MFA for free, to help organizations cope with the move to remote employees.  For example, we were the first to offer Zoom users a passwordless login to their paid accounts, knowing we will all be on Zoom.  Working from home will help the passwordless revolution as now we will all need to use MFA daily.

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