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It was a privilege to interview Tunio Zafer, Founder and CEO of Cloud. Aviva Zacks of Safety Detectives found out what pCloud does to secure the cloud.

Safety Detectives: What has your journey to cybersecurity been and what do you love about it?

Tunio Zafer: As you know, the information becomes more and more valuable. Everyone is looking where to store their information and the cloud is one of the solutions.

At the same, time there were some concerns about the security and accessibility of other cloud services. The need for a service that could offer the highest security and privacy without limiting usability is a must.

This is where pCloud stands out.

pCloud is the most secure storage solution in Europe. Our platform allows you to store, synchronize and share all types of files, photos, videos, and professional documents in the most secure possible way. Having been on the market for 8 years, we had developed probably the most secure platform on the market, which is GDPR compliant, ISO-certified, and praised by many big online magazines.

SD: What does pCloud do to secure the cloud?

TZ: Our unique features are accessible from anywhere, on any device, and with no limits on file size or speed. We offer all our users (individuals, families, and businesses), AES 256-bit encryption of servers, secure SSL/TLS transfer to servers, 2-factor authentication, and GDPR compliance. pCloud for Business is our secure solution dedicated to small and medium businesses. It facilitates collaboration between colleagues and partners on professional files.

In addition, pCloud for Business has a unique feature, named pCloud Encryption (formerly pCloud Crypto). This client-side encryption has zero-knowledge confidentiality, meaning that the service being used does not have access to your password or security keys. Only the user has access to the encrypted content. No one, not even pCloud, knows what is saved in the Crypto Folder.

We had tested our Crypto with the best proofing tool—a hacker challenge. We had offered 100 000 USD for 3 months to the one, who can tell what is inside a specific Crypto folder. Over 2000 attacks—no one succeeded.

SD: How do you stay ahead of the competition?

TZ: We listen to our clients and we develop our product based on their needs.

Shorty, we offer a simple-to-use service, which provides enhanced security at the best possible price. We give users control over their privacy and tools to work securely. Unlike other services on the market, you don’t need to learn how to use your favorite apps with pCloud. You do not need to download files in order to edit them. pCloud Drive – our desktop application mounts like a virtual drive. You just open a file from pCloud Drive with software that you are familiar and it’s ready for edit.

We combine that with our pricing models, where you can choose between a very low monthly price, good annual price or, our best-seller, the long-term Lifetime price. We had decided to invest in the future by offering a one-time single payment, equal to less than three years of monthly payments. You can try the service for free and when you are convinced that we offer everything that you need, you invest in the future. On our side, we invest that in new data centers, more storage, development of new features, and continuous growth of the service that we offer.

SD: What are the worst cyberthreats today?

TZ: Companies have relocated to virtual spaces, storing and sharing a lot of very valuable data in the cloud. If there is no real protection of the data, the exchange, and the communication channels, they expose themselves to risks. We consider data theft to be the worst theft to any company and individual and we do everything possible to prevent it.

Two-factor authentication, the best possible server encryption, and client-side encryption, as well as strict procedures of risk-evaluation of our data centers, are the tools that we use. Very few solutions offer such protection, and we believe we are one of them.

SD: How are companies’ attitudes toward the cloud changing in light of the pandemic?

TZ: We consider our sector to have grown by over 200% for the past year. Since April 2020, companies have understood that the physical office is not necessary, but collaboration and data mobility is. The massive fear and the government measures in order to prevent the spreading of the disease had played their role as factors for the employees to stay at home and keep working.

The physical servers are good while being in the office, but once you need to get out of it, you need your data mobile. Exchanging via email and having it on mobile drives was never a secure solution. The Cloud, with all the security and features it can offer, became the favorite storage of the companies in a very short time.

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