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Roberto Popolizio interviewed Salim Dın, Content Marketing Manager at, an online form builder that enables people to create beautiful-looking forms without any coding.

We looked at their story, and got some tips related to their first-hand experience with GDPR and data collection, so that you don’t end up like Meta!

Please, Introduce To Our Audience. What Are Your Story And Mission? is a web-based application for creating online forms, surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, and more. For many businesses, these are the essential instruments for getting data from a specific audience. Whether you want to collect attendee information for your next webinar, share a quiz on social media, or learn what people think about your business, you basically need a form.’s goal is to make this possible for everyone without any coding or spending tons of time. And it is quite successful in that. If you sign into and try to create any type of form; you can do so even in under a minute. The better part is that your form will look good and professional no matter what. To ensure this, offers a great variety of question types, 1000+ ready-made templates that come with actual questions, advanced customization options for people who like to go into detail, and design themes for people who like to get the job done fast.

Today, we have over 2 million registered users creating many types of forms and surveys on Our users send reviews about daily, and we are proud to see that we deliver a good experience for them. We always listen to our users and try to add new features to make more easy and rich in functionality.

What made you decide to build

Using forms, surveys, and questionnaires is an ever-existing need for all types of businesses. aims to be the new blood and uses new technologies to run more efficiently. Currently, we are glad to see that we are proven right.

What Are The Problems That Your Platform Helps Solve?

Without a form builder tool, businesses and individuals need to spend time coding a form, designing it, connecting it to a database, and doing all these doesn’t even guarantee the result will be good. helps businesses and individuals alike to make forms and surveys to get information from their audience. It makes the whole process faster and easier for everyone.

It will take only a few seconds for someone to get the hang of and create forms. So, they eliminate the need for programmers to create surveys, forms, or quizzes for their target audience.

What Makes You Stand Out From The Competition?

Form builder tools have existed for a long time, because the need for collecting data goes back to the birth of the internet. Currently, there are many form builder tools in the market, and they differ in three main aspects; features, prices, and looks.

To ensure offering the best experience in all these aspects, uses the state of the art technology and offers a really fast and efficient service. If people compare the plans and actually use the applications, they can easily see that is the best solution in terms of price and performance.

And how do you ensure security on

As a data collection tool, we know and understand the importance of security and always follows the best practices to ensure it. We choose the safest data storage and processing options and apply programs to be certified and prove our security. has ISO/IEC 27001, PSI DSS, OWASP, CCPA, and GDPR compliances and certificates.

What Are The Most Common Mistakes You See Users Making In Terms Of Online Privacy?

Many businesses, organizations, and individuals uses to collect data in various ways. Sometimes, the data they collect can be personal information, and naturally it is their responsibility to explain why they ask for this information from their audience. Some users forget to add descriptions to their questions or ask for consent in their forms and surveys.

To create awareness on this, we prepare and add articles about this topic to’s Help Center and publish blog posts. We also add necessary fields to our templates, so that our users could see they should include them in their own forms.

How Will AI Impact The Future Of Your Industry, And Do You Plan To Use It?

AI models are improving rapidly and prove their worth every day. I believe it will affect every industry and every business in some way. And you can even argue that it started already. That’s why we are currently looking for ways to use AI to improve the experience we offer.

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