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How to Watch TVING From Anywhere (Quick & Easy) in 2022

Raven Wu Raven Wu
Published on: September 24, 2022

Short on time? Here’s the best VPN for watching TVING from anywhere in 2022:

  • 🥇 ExpressVPN: Works consistently with TVING, has lightning-fast speeds, supports all major operating systems and streaming devices, and has very user-friendly apps. Allows 5 simultaneous connections and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

I’m a big fan of Korean films and TV series, so it’s frustrating that I’m not able to watch my favorite shows on TVING when I’m not in Korea. This is because TVING’s licensing agreements prevent the popular streaming service from making its titles available outside of the country.

Fortunately, there’s a cheap and easy way to get around this restriction — by using a virtual private network (VPN). If you connect to a server in Korea using a VPN, it’ll replace your IP address with a Korean IP address. This will fool TVING into believing that you’re accessing it from within the country, thereby letting you watch all of its content.

However, you want to be careful when choosing a VPN to use with TVING. Not all VPNs can reliably access TVING from outside of Korea and most that do are too slow to give you a good streaming experience.

I tested and researched all of the top VPNs, and the 3 VPNs below are the best I’ve found for streaming TVING from anywhere in the world.

Only 3 Steps (Quick + Easy) to Watch TVING from Anywhere:

  • Step 1: Install a VPN that can access TVING. My top choice is ExpressVPN. It’s fast, reliable, and easy to use.
  • Step 2: Connect to a server in South Korea. You won’t be able to access TVING otherwise, since the service is only available in South Korea. Simply scroll through the server menu and click on South Korea.
  • Step 3: Start streaming on TVING. Sign into your TVING account and start watching your favorite Korean shows.

3 Best VPNs for Watching TVING Content in 2022

Quick summary of the best VPNs for watching TVING in 2022:

🥇1. ExpressVPN — Best VPN for Watching TVING From Outside of Korea

3 Best VPNs for Watching TVING Content in 2022

ExpressVPN is my favorite VPN for watching TVING. It’s very reliable — during my tests, I was able to consistently access TVING at various times of the day during both weekdays and weekends. It’s super fast, has easy-to-use apps for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux, and works on smart TVs, routers, and even gaming consoles (like Xbox and Playstation). In addition to TVING, ExpressVPN works with 65+ other streaming sites, including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more (it’s why ExpressVPN is both our top VPN in 2022 and our favorite VPN for streaming).

ExpressVPN is faster than every other VPN on the market — in my tests, videos loaded instantly and I was able to stream HD content without buffering. This is partially due to its proprietary VPN protocol, Lightway, which builds upon the very popular and fast WireGuard protocol to offer faster speeds and better security. It’s also the result of ExpressVPN’s high bandwidth servers, which are capable of transferring 10 Gigabits (Gpbs) of data per second, allowing it to handle heavy traffic with little congestion. Additionally, I like that ExpressVPN has an accurate built-in speed test tool, which allowed me to make sure that I was always connected to the fastest available server in Korea.

I was really impressed by how intuitive all ExpressVPN’s apps are to use and navigate. Installation was effortless and took me only 2-3 minutes. Finding and connecting to a Korean server is a breeze as well. You can even set up a shortcut that will connect you to a VPN server and launch your favorite apps (including TVING) with a just single click.

In addition to all of the standard security features you’d expect from a top VPN, ExpressVPN offers full IP leak protection (including DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC), so you never have to worry about your real IP address being discovered. Also, it uses RAM-only servers (deletes all user data after every reboot), and uses perfect forward secrecy (changes encryption keys frequently for added security). Plus, ExpressVPN’s no-logs policy has been verified by multiple independent audits.

ExpressVPN comes with some other great features like split-tunneling, which lets you send some app traffic through a VPN server while sending others through your local network. This allows you to avoid unnecessary slowdowns on your other internet activities while you’re streaming on TVING. Split-tunneling is supported on ExpressVPN’s Windows, macOS, Android, and router apps. Purchasing an ExpressVPN subscription also gets you ExpressVPN Keys at no extra cost, which is a password manager that can be used to generate, store, and secure your TVING and other login credentials.

ExpressVPN has both monthly and yearly plans, with its longest-term plan providing the best value at $6.67 / month. All of its plans let you connect 5 devices simultaneously and are backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Download ExpressVPN Now

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🥈2. Proton VPN — Speedy Connections + Good Privacy Tools

3 Best VPNs for Watching TVING Content in 2022
Proton VPN is fast, works consistently with all major streaming sites (including TVING), and has lots of high-end security and privacy features. Speed-wise, Proton VPN isn’t as fast as ExpressVPN, but using Proton VPN, HD and 4K videos on TVING still loaded for me in under 5 seconds, and I never experienced any lag once videos started playing. Its VPN Accelerator feature also claims to boost VPN speeds by over 400% when connecting to distant servers, and in my tests I had much faster speeds with it enabled than I did without it.

One of the features I really like is the ability to create multiple connection profiles. You can specify certain things like which protocol you want to use, the country and server you want to connect to, and whether you want to automatically connect to the fastest server, a random one, or a particular server in a country. For watching TVING, I set up a profile that used WireGuard, and then had Proton VPN automatically select the fastest server available in South Korea every time I launched the app.

When it comes to security, Proton VPN uses perfect forward secrecy, offers full leak protection, and all of its servers are protected by full-disk encryption. This means if a server is compromised, the attacker would find all of the data on it unreadable. Proton VPN issues transparency reports that prove it doesn’t share user data, and its no-logs policy has been independently audited and verified. Proton VPN is also completely open-source as well, and I like how its apps’ code has been inspected for security vulnerabilities by third-party experts.

Proton VPN has advanced split-tunneling, allowing you to exclude not only apps and IP addresses. However, Proton VPN only supports split-tunneling on its Windows and Androids apps, which is less coverage than ExpressVPN.

Proton VPN’s Plus plan (prices start at $3.99 / month) allows 10 connections and is backed with a prorated 30-day money-back guarantee. While Proton VPN has the best free VPN on the market, its Free plan is terrible for watching TVING — it doesn’t allow streaming and doesn’t allow access to servers in South Korea.

Download Proton VPN Now

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🥉3. CyberGhost VPN — Great VPN for Beginners

3 Best VPNs for Watching TVING Content in 2022

CyberGhost VPN is one of the best choices for watching TVING for people who have never used a VPN. It has a simple but sleek design, and it’s very easy to find servers and navigate all of its apps. I never had any trouble accessing TVING in the dozen or so times I tested it, and I like how all of its apps are highly customizable.

CyberGhost displays a tab for your favorite servers on the left side of the dashboard, letting you connect to your most commonly-used servers for streaming with just one click. All of its servers are listed in alphabetical order (make note that the South Korea server is listed under Korea), and there’s a search bar. While it’s minor, I do like how ExpressVPN separates its servers into regions so you don’t have to scroll through the entire list like with CyberGhost.

CyberGhost’s Smart Rules features also makes the VPN user-friendly for watching TVING. It allows you to customize multiple connection settings. For example, I set up CyberGhost to automatically connect to the Korean server when I open the app. Another option I have is to enable an app (like TVING) to launch as soon as I connect to a server.

When it comes to speeds, CyberGhost is really fast. I never had any delays while trying to load TVING’s website, and various K-dramas started within a few seconds and there were no interruptions. This was mostly similar to the experience I had with Proton VPN, but CyberGhost couldn’t match ExpressVPN’s speeds.

CyberGhost uses RAM-only servers, perfect forward secrecy, and offers full leak protection. CyberGhost’s no-logs policy has been confirmed via an independent audit, and it also releases transparency report every 3 months. However, while I like that CyberGhost has split-tunneling, I’m disappointed that it’s only available on Android. That said, the tool is very easy to use and works all of the time.

CyberGhost VPN has very affordable monthly and yearly plans, with its longest-term plan costing just $2.03 / month. It lets you connect up to 7 devices at a time, and all yearly plans are backed by an extra long 45-day money-back guarantee (the monthly plan has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Download CyberGhost VPN Now

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How to Choose the Best VPN for Watching TVING From Anywhere

  • Can access TVING. The VPNs on this list all have servers in South Korea, which is required to access TVING, and each one works consistently with TVING.
  • Fast connection speeds. All VPNs will slow your internet to some extent because of the encryption process. So in order to avoid long video load times and endless buffering, you want a VPN that maintains blazing-fast speeds. ExpressVPN, my #1 choice, is extremely fast, which makes it perfect for streaming TVING.
  • Easy to use. The VPNs I recommend all have easy setup processes and intuitive interfaces so that you can spend more time enjoying the content on TVING and less time wrestling with tech.
  • Excellent security. To keep your connections secure and your personal information private, I only recommend VPNs that come with industry-standard VPN security features like 256-bit AES encryption (the same encryption used by militaries), a kill switch (cuts your internet connection if your VPN connection drops, so you’re never unprotected), and a no-logs policy (the VPN doesn’t store any data on your online activities).
  • Good value. The VPNs on my list provide a minimum of 5 simultaneous connections, include useful extra features like split-tunneling, and come with a money-back guarantee, which lets you try them out risk-free.

Download ExpressVPN Now

How to Watch TVING Content on Any Device

How to Watch TVING Content on Your PC or Mac Device

  1. Get a good VPN that works with TVING. ExpressVPN works consistently with TVING, has the fastest speeds on the market, and has intuitive apps for Windows and Mac.
  2. Download and install the VPN. This should only take 1-2 minutes. You just have to follow the instructions provided by the installation wizard.
  3. Open the VPN, connect to a server in Korea, and sign in to your TVING account. All TVING content is now available to you from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch TVING Content on Your Smartphone or Tablet

  1. Find a good VPN that can access TVING. My favorite VPN is ExpressVPN, which has the best mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Find the VPNs app on your device’s app store, then follow the on-screen instructions in the installer.
  3. Launch the VPN, connect to a server in Korea, and open TVING. You’re all set to watch your favorite TVING shows.

How to Watch TVING Content on Your Smart TV

  1. Choose a VPN that works with TVING and is compatible with your router and smart TVs. I like using ExpressVPN because it’s really easy to set up and has one of the best apps for smart TVs and routers.
  2. For Android TVs. Download the VPN’s app from the app store, install it, and then connect to a server in South Korea.
  3. For non-Android TVs. Download and install the VPN on your router. ExpressVPN has a great router app and provides simple instructions to guide you through the whole process. Configure your VPN to use a Korean server. Now, every device that uses the router (including your smart TVs) will also be connected to that server through your VPN.
  4. Open TVING. You’re all done. You can now start watching your favorite shows on TVING.

How to Watch TVING Content on Your Gaming Console

  1. Find a VPN that can access TVING from anywhere and is compatible with your router. ExpressVPN checks both boxes, has ultra-fast speeds, and has an easy-to-use router app.
  2. Configure the VPN on your router. ExpressVPN makes this really simple with a clear, step-by-step guide. Once you configure the VPN to your router, all of your gaming consoles will be connected to the VPN.
  3. Connect your router to a Korean server and launch TVING on your Xbox or Playstation. You can now watch TVING from your gaming console.

How to Watch TVING Content using Amazon Fire Stick

  1. Download and install a VPN that works with TVING. ExpressVPN is compatible with Amazon Fire Stick and provides great speeds for streaming.
  2. Connect to a VPN server in Korea. Open the VPN app on your Amazon Fire Stick and select one of the Korean servers.
  3. Open TVING and sign in to your account. You can now watch TVING from outside of Korea.

How can I watch TVING outside of Korea?

An easy way to access TVING outside of Korea is by using a VPN. All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

TVING prevents users from outside of South Korea from accessing content due to licensing agreements. However, you can use a VPN to watch your favorite TVing programming from anywhere in the world.

A VPN is an app that has servers located all over the world. When you connect to a VPN server, it assigns you an IP address that matches the country where you’re connected. This way, when you connect to a server in South Korea, TVING will think you’re actually in the country and allow you to access your account.

My favorite VPN for streaming TVING is ExpressVPN because it’s super fast and very user-friendly.

What’s the best VPN for watching TVING?

I’ve researched and tested a lot of VPNs, and ExpressVPN is my favorite for streaming shows on TVING in 2022. It works with TVING 100% of the time, supports all major operating systems and streaming devices, and is the fastest VPN on the market.

But the other two VPNs on my list are good alternatives. Proton VPN comes with a lot of advanced security and privacy features, and CyberGhost VPN has a simple interface that makes it good for new users.

Can I watch TVING with a free VPN?

Most free VPNs won’t work with TVING. Many free VPNs don’t support streaming at all. Proton VPN, for example, has the best free plan on the market, but it doesn’t allow streaming. Free VPNs also offer a limited selection of servers (many don’t include a server in South Korea, which is necessary to access TVING). And they’re usually quite slow and/or limit your data usage heavily.

Because of this, I strongly recommend using a paid VPN instead. ExpressVPN is my #1 choice and has prices starting at $6.67 / month. If you’re looking for a great low-cost VPN, check out CyberGhost VPN (starting from $2.03 / month).

Yes, it’s legal to watch TVING using a VPN. However, you may be violating TVING’s terms of service if you’re using a VPN to access it from outside of Korea. This is because TVing’s licensing agreements don’t allow them to make their content available outside of the country. As a result, if TVing detects that you’re watching from outside of Korea, it may block your access.

That said, all the VPNs I recommend are able to hide your real IP address (and therefore your general location) behind one from South Korea, allowing you to enjoy your favorite Korean films and TV shows even when you’re abroad.

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Published on: September 24, 2022

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