How to Watch Netflix US From Anywhere in 2024

Updated on: May 16, 2024
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Updated on: May 16, 2024

Only 3 Steps (Quick + Easy) to Watch Netflix US From Anywhere in 2024:

  • Download and install a VPN that works with Netflix US. I recommend ExpressVPN for its fast speeds, ease of use, and also because it works with other popular US streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, and Max.
  • Connect to a server. Open the app and pick a server. It’s best to select a server closest to you to get the best streaming speeds.
  • Log into your Netflix account. Launch the Netflix app or site, look up your favorite US shows and movies, and start binging them!

The Netflix US library is only available to people who are in the US. Netflix blocks users from outside the US from watching titles in the Netflix US library because it has to comply with the copyright agreements it signed for the shows and movies it licenses from third parties.

A VPN replaces your IP address with an IP address from a different location, like the US. When you connect to a US VPN server, you’ll get a US IP address, which will allow you to access Netflix from anywhere.

There are some great VPNs out there for securely watching Netflix US. ExpressVPN is my top choice due to its top-notch security and privacy, super-fast speeds on both local and distant servers, and excellent streaming support.

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Editor’s Note: The VPNs listed below have strong no-logging policies, meaning they won’t monitor or log your online actions. You are responsible for how you use a VPN, so make sure to follow all the necessary rules and regulations. Please note that neither I nor anyone at SafetyDetectives condones copyright infringement.

How to Watch Netflix US Content on Any Device

PC or Mac

  1. Pick a good Netflix VPN. Get a VPN that consistently works with Netflix US, maintains fast speeds, and has easy-to-use apps for Windows and Macs — I recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app. Just follow the installation wizard’s instructions — the whole process only takes 1–2 minutes.
  3. Connect to a server and log into your Netflix account. You can now watch any TV show or movie you want.

Smartphone or Tablet

  1. Choose a good VPN that works with Netflix US. My top pick is ExpressVPN for its excellent security, blazing-fast speeds, and extremely user-friendly Android and iOS apps.
  2. Download and install the VPN app. After the installation finishes, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup.
  3. Connect to a nearby server and open your Netflix app. That’s it — you can now securely watch Netflix.

Smart TV

  1. Get a good VPN for Netflix US. I recommend ExpressVPN as it has excellent streaming support, maintains lightning-fast speeds, and is very easy to use on a Smart TV.
  2. On Android TVs: Download and install the VPN app from the app store (ExpressVPN has a user-friendly Android TV app), open it, and connect to a server.
  3. On non-Android TVs: Set up the VPN on your router (ExpressVPN has an intuitive router app and helpful setup guides for routers). After you connect your router to the VPN, every device in your home (including your smart TVs, computers, smartphones, etc.) will be connected to the VPN.
  4. Log into Netflix on your smart TV. That’s it — you can now watch Netflix US content.

Gaming Console

  1. Get a good Netflix VPN that works on routers. ExpressVPN is my top pick — it’s excellent for streaming and has easy-to-install instructions for a router.
  2. Set up the VPN on your router. This allows your gaming consoles to use VPN connections. ExpressVPN comes with a router app, and it takes about 5 simple steps to install it on your router.
  3. Connect to a nearby server and log into your Netflix account on Xbox or PlayStation. You can now safely watch Netflix content.

Amazon Fire Stick

  1. Pick a good VPN. I recommend ExpressVPN because it has the best Fire Stick app, maintains fast speeds across all servers, and is very easy to use.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your Fire Stick or Fire TV device. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 1–2 minutes.
  3. Open the VPN app and connect to a server. Congrats — you can watch Netflix on your Fire Stick or Fire TV device.

Best VPNs for Watching Netflix US Content in 2024

Quick summary of the best VPNs for Netflix US in 2024:

  • 1.🥇 ExpressVPN — Best overall VPN for reliably watching Netflix US in 2024 with lightning-fast speeds.
  • 2.🥈 CyberGhost VPN — Dedicated servers for streaming Netflix US + user-friendly apps & fast speeds.
  • 3.🥉 NordVPN — Great VPN for securely watching Netflix US + tons of US server locations.

🥇1. ExpressVPN — Best VPN for Streaming Netflix US Titles

🥇1. ExpressVPN — Best VPN for Streaming Netflix US Titles

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Netflix US — it works with Netflix US 100% of the time, and it provides blazing-fast streaming speeds, so the movies and shows you watch will load instantly and won’t buffer.

What’s more, ExpressVPN offers servers in 15+ cities across the US, and it has more than one server in 4 different locations, including New Jersey, Los Angeles, Miami, and Dallas — so you’re covered coast-to-coast. This way, you can always connect to a server in the city that is closest to you to get the fastest speeds.

I also like that ExpressVPN has split-tunneling on its Windows, Android, macOS, and router apps — this way, you can get faster streaming speeds by only routing Netflix US traffic through ExpressVPN and sending browsing traffic through your internet service provider’s (ISP) network.

ExpressVPN starts at $6.67 / month — it’s a bit pricier than other VPNs, but I think the extra cost is worth it because ExpressVPN provides the best overall value. ExpressVPN backs all plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN: Save 49% on the 12-month plan + FREE months!
Get a full 15 months (12 months + 3 free months) at a 49% discount.

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🥈2. CyberGhost VPN — Dedicated Netflix US Streaming Servers + Great for Beginners

🥈2. CyberGhost VPN — Dedicated Netflix US Streaming Servers + Great for Beginners

CyberGhost VPN consistently works with Netflix US thanks to its dedicated streaming servers that are strictly optimized for Netflix in the US. Plus, it has servers in 10+ different cities in the US, and all of its regular US servers also work with Netflix US, so you can connect to a server in a city closest to you if you need faster speeds.

I really like how beginner-friendly CyberGhost VPN is — there are different server categories so it’s extremely simple to manually find the Netflix US servers. Also, all settings have easy-to-understand explanations. And the Smart Rules feature lets you customize CyberGhost VPN’s launch settings — for example, you can configure the app to automatically connect to the Netflix US server when you open the CyberGhost app.

CyberGhost VPN has several reasonable paid plans, which start at $2.19 / month. I also like how CyberGhost VPN backs its long-term plans with a very generous 45-day money-back guarantee (most VPNs have 30-day money-back guarantees). And CyberGhost backs its shortest plan with a 14-day refund.

CyberGhost: Save 83% on the 24-month plan + FREE months!
You can save 83% if you act right now.

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🥉3. NordVPN — Fast Servers for Streaming Netflix US

🥉3. NordVPN — Fast Servers for Streaming Netflix US

NordVPN comes with very fast and secure servers for streaming Netflix US. It has servers in 15+ cities in the US, and they are all spread out across the entire country. Plus, there’s also a fastest server quick connect tool, so you don’t even have to figure out which server is the fastest one.

I also like that you can set up connection preferences so that NordVPN connects you to a specific server in the US or the fastest server when you launch the app, allowing you to start streaming right away.

NordVPN has affordable plans that start at $3.09 / month. Also, all purchases are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

NordVPN: Save 74% on the Ultimate plan + FREE months!
You can save 74% if you act right now.

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Quick Comparison Table

VPN Starting Price Split-Tunneling Leak Protection Number of Connections Money-Back Guarantee
🥇1. ExpressVPN $6.67 / month Android ✅
iOS ❌
Windows ✅
macOS ✅
WebRTC ✅
IPv6 ✅
Up to 8 30 days
🥈2. CyberGhost VPN $2.19 / month Android ✅
iOS ❌
Windows ❌
macOS ❌
WebRTC ✅
IPv6 ❌
7 45 days (long-term plans), 14 days (monthly plan)
🥉3. NordVPN $3.09 / month Android ✅
iOS ❌
Windows ✅
macOS ❌
WebRTC ✅
IPv6 ✅
10 30 days

How to Choose the Best VPN for Watching Netflix US Content

  • Find a VPN that consistently works with Netflix US. All the VPNs on this list work with Netflix US 100% of the time.
  • Consider streaming support on other platforms. Good VPNs also work with other regional streaming sites — for example, ExpressVPN, my top pick, works with 100+ streaming services.
  • Make sure the VPN provides quick speeds for streaming. VPNs might impact streaming speeds because of traffic encryption, but leading brands reduce this deceleration and guarantee quick speeds on all servers. All VPNs mentioned in this list offer speedy and continuous streaming, with ExpressVPN delivering the quickest speeds.
  • When selecting a VPN, prioritize those with user-friendly apps for all major platforms, ensuring smooth installation and navigation. You’ll have no problem finding and connecting to a US server with any of the VPNs on my list.
  • Prioritize VPNs with top-notch security and privacy features. The VPNs highlighted here protect user data with industry-standard security features like military-grade 256-bit AES encryption (makes your data unreadable), a strict no-logs policy (ensures the VPN doesn’t log any data), strong leak protection, and a kill switch (which disconnects you from the internet when your connection to the VPN drops to prevent leaks).
  • Choose a VPN that offers a good value. I only recommend VPNs that also come with extra features like split-tunneling (lets you choose which apps use the VPN and which apps use your local network), allow multiple simultaneous connections (Private Internet Access and Surfshark both allow unlimited connections), have affordable plans, and back all purchases with money-back guarantees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best VPN to watch Netflix US?

ExpressVPN is my favorite VPN for watching Netflix US — it consistently works with the US library, has some of the fastest streaming speeds on the market, is easy to use, and also works with 100+ other streaming sites like Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Can I watch Netflix US with a free VPN?

Most free VPNs don’t work with Netflix, but there are a few good free VPNs that actually work with Netflix US. That said, free VPNs usually limit how much data you can use each month — for example, free VPNs like Windscribe and limit you to 10 GB, which is only enough for around 3 hours of HD streaming.

Instead, I recommend getting a premium Netflix VPN like ExpressVPN — it works with Netflix US, has very fast speeds, comes with unlimited data, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why does Netflix US have different content?

Netflix licenses the content it doesn’t own from third parties. Most of the time, Netflix can only get licensing rights for a movie or TV show from one country (like the US) — in that case, Netflix only makes the movie or TV show available in that country and doesn’t include it in content libraries in other countries. Otherwise, it would breach the licensing agreements it signed with the third party.

That said, Netflix does own some of the titles on its site and most of these titles are available in other international content libraries.

Do all VPNs Work with Netflix US?

No, a lot of VPNs don’t work with Netflix. If your VPN isn’t compatible with Netflix, you’ll see a proxy error message or just a random error message on your screen. The VPNs I recommend in this piece all work with Netflix US.

Why isn’t my VPN working with Netflix US?

You might sometimes experience issues even with a really good Netflix VPN like ExpressVPN. If that happens, here’s what to do:

  • Reconnect to the server or connect to a different US server in your location.
  • Go to Netflix via a different browser in incognito/private mode — cookies can retain information that might interfere with your browsing.
  • On mobile, visit Netflix via the browser app instead of the Netflix app — most VPNs work better for streaming when used alongside a browser rather than an app.
  • Make sure leak protection is enabled — IPv6 and DNS leaks allow Netflix to see your real location.
  • Some VPNs have specific US servers that work with Netflix — ask the VPN’s support reps which ones to use.
  • Review your VPN’s troubleshooting guides or contact your VPN’s customer support via email or 24/7 live chat — the customer support representatives may be able to provide you with a solution.

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