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How to Remove the Roblox Virus in 2023

Updated on: November 30, 2023
Fact Checked by Kate Davidson
Sam Boyd Sam Boyd
Updated on: November 30, 2023

Short on time? Here’s how to remove the Roblox Virus in 2023:

  • 1. Scan Your Device — Use a high-quality antivirus (like Norton) to run a full system scan on your computer.
  • 2. Remove The Virus — Once the scan has identified and quarantined the Roblox virus, let your antivirus remove all instances of it from your system.
  • 3. Stay Protected — Stay safe from malware infections going forward by investing in a reliable internet security suite — my favorite is Norton, which offers excellent real-time protection against viruses and other malware, plus great extras like a password manager, parental controls, and an unlimited VPN. All Norton’s plans come with a generous 60-day money-back guarantee.

Roblox is a free-to-play game for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Xbox One that is incredibly popular with children. Roblox isn’t a virus, but there are a few different ways users can get hacked while playing Roblox, including:

  • Downloading a pirated version of Roblox with bundled malware.
  • Following a link from another Roblox player that hacks your device or steals your identity.
  • Downloading a Roblox cheating program that contains a trojan or similar virus.

Unfortunately, there are hackers and pranksters that take advantage of the young Roblox player base — if any player tries to convince you to download cheating software or sends you links to sketchy websites, you should immediately report the untrustworthy player to a Roblox moderator.

Note: Sometimes, antiviruses will alert you that Roblox is infected with a virus, even if it isn’t. This is known as a false positive — your antivirus thinks Roblox is acting maliciously, but it’s perfectly safe. If this is the case, you need to whitelist Roblox in your antivirus and check your antivirus for updates. However, it’s also a good idea to run a virus scan with a second antivirus, just to be safe.

It can be really hard to tell if your device has been hacked while playing Roblox, but if your computer is running much more slowly, you’re getting pop-up ads on your desktop, you have new programs installed on your device that you don’t remember downloading, or you’re getting antivirus notifications, your device could be infected with malware.

Luckily, removing the Roblox virus and other malware is easy if you follow the right steps.

Quick Tip: Norton 360 is easily one of the best anti-malware suites available today. Unfortunately, it’s subscription-based and not free. However, you can sign up for a subscription, scan your PC for malware and remove any viruses Norton finds, and then ask for a full refund with the company’s 60-day money-back guarantee.

Risk-Free For 60-Days — Try Norton Now

Step 1. Run a Full System Scan With Your Antivirus

If you suspect you have a virus infection, or even if you’re simply checking whether Roblox is a false positive or not, you need to remove all USB storage devices from your computer. This is an essential precautionary step to stop malware from replicating to your removable devices. Once all USB storage devices are removed, you need to open up your antivirus and run a full system scan.

A full system scan will check every file, folder, and application on your system (including those in hard-to-reach places). The antivirus will alert you if and when it detects malware and give you the option to remove any infections, including trojans, adware, and spyware. The scan can take a while (up to 3-4 hours), so I recommend you just leave your computer until the scan is finished (if you’re busy, schedule a scan for a later time).

Never end a scan early, even if you see Roblox (or a virus related to it) appear in the infected file list. Because malware replicates, there’s a possibility that more instances of the same malware exist in your system. By ending the scan early, these instances will keep replicating, and you’ll continue having problems with your computer (some of which can cause permanent damage).

When the entire system scan is 100% finished, you’ll be able to see every malicious file your antivirus registered in what is known as a quarantine vault. You’re now ready to move onto step 2 and begin removing these quarantined malware infections.

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Step 2. Delete Any Infected Files

The quarantine vault will show every piece of malware your antivirus scanner found on your computer. You can get specific information about the malware in the vault, such as the threat name, and, if interested, you can copy this information into Google and learn more about the threat.

However, for now, you’ll just want to remove the malware threat. First, though, if you’re an advanced user, you may want to check for false positives. Don’t assume Roblox is one. But if Roblox has appeared on two antivirus scanners, chances are there’s something wrong with it, in which case my advice is to remove it and then reinstall it from the official Roblox website. Also, keep in mind that other files that you trust may appear in the list of infected files — you can decide what you want to do with these. For the most part, you can keep the files that you know are safe and just remove everything else.

Now, you need to restart your PC to prevent malware in Windows memory from continuing to run. Once you’ve done this, run a second full disk scan (which shouldn’t take as long as the first one, as many antiviruses can remember previously scanned files).

If your computer detects more malware on this second scan, you need to delete the malware, restart your PC, and repeat the scan. Do this repeatedly until no more malware appears on your list when you complete a scan. When this happens, you’re safe from malware infections, and your kid can load up Roblox knowing it’s not causing damage to your computer.

However, you’ve already seen how easy it is to get malware on your computer. You should avoid downloading any third-party programs related to Roblox for this reason. There are other precautionary steps you can take to mitigate the number of viruses that can infect your computer, too.

Risk-Free For 60-Days — Try Norton Now

Step 3. Keep Your Device From Getting Re-Infected

As said, it’s super easy to get a malware infection on your system. Cybercriminals and threats are on the rise in 2023, meaning the dangers on the internet are increasing every day. Knowing how to stay safe online can be a challenge, but you can easily secure your devices and accounts by following these basic steps:

Keep Your Software, OS, and Drivers Up-To-Date

This is one step that’s often overlooked — however, it’s easily one of the most important ways to stay safe from (re)infections. When security flaws (or vulnerabilities) are found in software, drivers, or programs, developers issue security patches to fix them. This keeps you protected from exploits that cybercriminals can use to gain a backdoor into your system. Vulnerabilities can exist everywhere on your computer, from your operating system down to individual apps.

However, there are tools available that can make sure your system is 100% safe and up to date. Avira comes with a vulnerability scanner that can alert you when outdated drivers, programs, or even your operating system are causing a vulnerability on your device. The best part about this tool is that Avira can automatically update the outdated software.

Another way of keeping everything on your device updated is to check if each app has an auto-update option. Most apps come with an auto-update feature, which allows the software to download an update when you open the app (or in some cases, in the background while you’re not using the app).

Don’t Download Suspicious Files

Never download files you don’t recognize or click on attachments in emails if you don’t know the sender. In the case of Roblox, always avoid downloading cheat tools or anything that claims it gives your account an advantage. It’s against Roblox Terms & Services, and chances are, it’s just a virus that will infect your computer.

Also, whenever you receive an email, make sure to contact the sender if you weren’t expecting an attachment. That’s because the sender’s account may be compromised, and they may still be sending you files that have malicious intent.

Most importantly, make sure you’re running an antivirus with real-time protection. This critical protection allows the antivirus to actively scan files and websites as you’re using your PC. This can put an outright stop to accidental downloads and give you peace of mind knowing every file you download has been checked and is safe.

Secure Your Wireless Network and IoT Devices

Though your day-to-day usage may be secure by running real-time protection, hackers can still compromise your PC by breaking into your wireless network. They can even compromise your home by breaking into your Internet of Things (IoT) devices (smart locks, LED bulbs, thermostats, etc.). Luckily, resolving this issue is simple.

First, never connect to a public WiFi network. If you must, however, make sure you have a good virtual private network (VPN) running, like ExpressVPN. You can recognize a public or unsecured network by spotting a warning sign in the network list.

If your own network is unsecured, you need to set a password on it. To do this, look up your router’s model number and brand to find individual instructions. In most cases, it involves logging into the router on your web browser and setting a password. You can also check the instruction manual that shipped with the router for exact instructions.

The same can be said for IoT devices. IoT devices need to have a secure password to stop hackers from using tools such as Mirai to breach them. These tools can allow cybercriminals remote access through brute force, in turn giving the cybercriminals the ability to monitor your home activity and even make changes to devices such as your thermostat. To find exact instructions on how to set a password for your IoT devices, again, you will need to check their individual settings or look them up online.

Once you’ve figured out how to set a password, you can use a password manager like Dashlane (Norton has a pretty good password manager too). Password managers can automatically generate hard-to-crack passwords. However, they can also secure the passwords in an unbreachable vault that only you can access. This means you’ll never forget your passwords, can quickly fill in online forms, and don’t ever have to worry about having your wireless network breached.

Download a Secure Antivirus Program

Having a reliable antivirus program is crucial in 2023. A good antivirus can not only protect your device against viruses but it can also improve your computer or mobile phone’s overall functions. That said, finding a solid antivirus can be a challenge, so if you’re not sure where to begin, check out our top 10 antiviruses of [current date format=“year”] here.
While all of the antiviruses on this list are good, out of all the programs, Norton is my absolute favorite. Norton has:

  • Real-time protection. Constantly scrutinizes websites and file downloads, scanning them for any malware. Should Norton identify any malware, its real-time protection swiftly halts the download.
  • Firewall. Monitors web traffic, blocking any access that you haven’t explicitly allowed.
  • VPN. A virtual private network that grants you a fake IP address. This hides your location and protects your privacy.
  • Parental controls. Allows you to control your kid’s screen time and what websites they visit (you can even restrict how long they play Roblox for).
  • Identity protection (USA only). Monitors credit reports for fraudulent activity and discrepancies.
  • And more…

Risk-Free For 60-Days — Try Norton Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Roblox give you viruses?

While you’re playing Roblox, it can’t give you viruses. It’s not possible to share files across the game, and it’s against Roblox Terms & Services to try.

However, there are 3 main ways that a user could get infected with viruses while using Roblox:

  • Downloading a pirate version of Roblox from a third-party.
  • Following a link off-site from hackers in Roblox.
  • Download cheating software or Roblox code generators.

These are pretty common occurrences, especially since most Roblox users are kids. There are some bullies and pranksters on Roblox who will try to take advantage of them. If you think you have malware on your system (things are running slowly, unusual ads and pop-ups, weird programs), you should get Norton and follow my steps to clean up your device.

How can I keep kids safe on Roblox?

The best way to keep kids safe on Roblox is to disable the in-game chat. Roblox has an in-game chat that cybercriminals may use to try and coax a player to reveal personal details (such as their password) or download malware through untrustworthy websites.

To keep your kid safe, and if you worry your kid might follow an untrustworthy link or talk to a cybercriminal while playing Roblox, you can disable the in-game chat.

Here’s how to disable Roblox’s in-game chat:

  1. Log into your kid’s account.
  2. Go to your kid’s account settings page.
  3. Click “Privacy” and look for “Who can chat with me in the app?”, then set the option to “No one.”
  4. Click “Save.”

Are Roblox shaders a virus?

Roblox shaders modify the game files to increase the game’s graphics, and most Roblox shaders aren’t viruses. However, you should still be careful when downloading them. Since anyone can make and upload a Roblox shader, it’s easy to create a fake shader that’s actually a virus. Only download Roblox shaders from trustworthy websites and always have an antivirus with good real-time protection running in the background when doing so.

That said, some Roblox shaders inject DLL files into the game files. This goes against Roblox’s Terms & Services, so there’s a chance Roblox may ban your account if they catch you using shaders. Therefore, you should avoid downloading and using shaders even if you’re sure they don’t contain a virus.

How do you get rid of a virus on Roblox?

If your antivirus is saying the official Roblox application has a virus, then you need to uninstall your antivirus, download a second antivirus program, and scan your computer for a second opinion. If Roblox doesn’t register as a virus on your second antivirus, you need to go back to your first antivirus and add an exception to stop it from notifying you that Roblox is malicious.

However, if you notice lots of pop-ups or your computer is running slowly, then chances are you’ve downloaded a fake Roblox cheat program, or you’ve downloaded a fake version of Roblox from a malicious website. If this is the case, you need to follow our steps and run a virus scan using a comprehensive malware scanner. The scanner will remove all instances of malware it finds associated with Roblox.

Once this is done:

  • Make sure you only download Roblox from the official website
  • Avoid clicking on links in the in-game chat, or disable the in-game chat entirely.
  • Don’t download any cheat tools or shaders.
  • Have a comprehensive antivirus with good real-time protection running in the background while playing Roblox (Norton is the best)
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Sam Boyd
Sam Boyd
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Updated on: November 30, 2023

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