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How to Get a Netherlands IP Address in 2023 — Works 100%

Ahmed Khaled Ahmed Khaled

Only 3 Steps (Quick + Easy) to Getting a Netherlands IP Address:

  • Step 1: Choose a good VPN. Pick a reputable VPN with at least 1 server in the Netherlands — I recommend ExpressVPN, which has servers in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague, provides lightning-fast speeds, and comes with high-end security.
  • Step 2: Download the VPN. It takes just a couple of minutes to complete the installation process. If you’re going to use the VPN on more than one device, check how many simultaneous connections the VPN allows — ExpressVPN allows up to 5.
  • Step 3: Connect to a server in the Netherlands. Open the VPN app, scroll through the server menu, and select a server in the Netherlands. It really is that simple — now, you can browse the internet as if you were located in the Netherlands!

Get a Netherlands IP Address with ExpressVPN

The best and quickest way to get a Netherlands IP address is with a high-quality VPN, which is software that allows you to connect to servers all over the world. A VPN replaces your current IP address with one matching the location you’re connected to — such as the Netherlands. This lets you surf the net as if you’re in the Netherlands.

On top of that, a VPN encrypts all of your traffic, making it unreadable to hackers and your internet service provider. VPNs are cheap, simple to install, and easy to use.

I tested the top VPNs on the market in 2023 and found the 5 best for getting a Netherlands IP address. My top recommendation is ExpressVPN — it stands out for its exceptional speed, unparalleled security, user-friendly interface, and robust features.


Best VPNs for Getting a Netherlands IP Address in 2023

🥇 1. ExpressVPN — Best VPN for Getting a Netherlands IP Address

🥇 1. ExpressVPN — Best VPN for Getting a Netherlands IP Address

ExpressVPN is hands-down my favorite VPN for getting a Netherlands IP address — it has robust security features, maintains the fastest speeds on this list, and is very user-friendly (which is why ExpressVPN is our #1 VPN in 2023). When it comes to servers in the Netherlands, you can connect to 2 different servers in Amsterdam, 1 server in Rotterdam, or 1 server in The Hague (you may get faster speeds connecting to a location closest to you).

I never had an issue getting a Netherlands IP address with ExpressVPN. Using its intuitive server menu, I was able to connect to a Netherlands server in seconds — servers are grouped by region (Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas, and the Middle East and Africa), countries are listed alphabetically, and there’s a search bar. And I love how ExpressVPN includes an accurate built-in speed test (so you don’t have to use a third-party site), which helps you pick the fastest Netherlands server.

ExpressVPN is also the best VPN for streaming and torrenting with a Netherlands IP address. It works with Netflix Netherlands, NOS, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and 100+ other streaming sites. Plus, ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer is a cool tool that lets you stream on devices that don’t have native apps, like gaming consoles and Apple TVs. And ExpressVPN supports P2P traffic on all 3,000+ servers in 90+ countries, including on all of its Netherlands servers.

I had extremely fast speeds while connected to a server in the Netherlands thanks to ExpressVPN’s own proprietary Lightway protocol (my speeds only dropped an average of 15%, which is excellent). Websites always loaded without any delays, videos started right away and played in crisp HD quality, and I downloaded a 10 GB file in about 15 minutes.

You also get split-tunneling on Android, Windows, and Macs. This feature lets you choose which apps are routed through the VPN and which ones are routed through your local network — for example, I downloaded a file connected to the VPN and browsed social media on my local network (this allowed me to have even faster speeds for each online activity).

ExpressVPN comes with a suite of advanced security and privacy features, including perfect forward security (changes your encryption keys after each session to prevent hackers from compromising past or future keys) and TrustedServer Technology (ExpressVPN hosts your data on ram-only servers so nothing is stored on the hard drive). And I really like how ExpressVPN’s no-logs policy has been independently audited and confirmed several times.

ExpressVPN allows up to 5 simultaneous and offers plans which start at $6.67 / month. It also backs each purchase with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get ExpressVPN Now

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🥈 2. CyberGhost VPN — Great VPN for New Users

🥈 2. CyberGhost VPN — Great VPN for New Users

CyberGhost VPN has a very intuitive interface that makes it an excellent option for people who’ve never used a VPN. For example, it comes with apps that are simple to install and easy to navigate, and the straightforward dashboard allows users to find and connect to a server in the Netherlands without any issues — I even set a Netherlands server as one of my favorites so I could find it even faster!

All of CyberGhost’s 300+ Netherlands servers are located in Amsterdam (unlike ExpressVPN, which has Netherlands servers in 3 cities). I like that CyberGhost has such a large network because it prevents server overcrowding, which can cause slower speeds.

CyberGhost consistently provided me with fast speeds for browsing, streaming, torrenting, and gaming (but it’s slightly slower than ExpressVPN). I tested multiple Amsterdam servers, and they were all really fast. Websites loaded instantly, I was able to stream in HD without any interruptions (but it took videos 2–3 seconds to load), and my ping (the time it takes the internet signal to travel from your device to the server) always remained low — allowing me to play video games without any lag.

While CyberGhost doesn’t have a built-in speed test, it displays the server load percentage, which shows how many active users are connected to a server (the Netherlands servers with the lowest load always provided me with the fastest speeds). And CyberGhost has split-tunneling, but only for Android.

CyberGhost is great for streaming. It works with Netflix Netherlands and tons of other popular streaming services, and it allows torrenting on all of its servers in the Netherlands — there are even dedicated P2P servers in the Netherlands that are optimized to deliver the fastest download speeds.

When it comes to security, CyberGhost has RAM-only servers, perfect forward secrecy, and full leak protection. And CyberGhost publishes a transparency report every 3 months that proves it doesn’t store or share user data.

CyberGhost VPN allows 7 connections, has several payment plans starting at only $2.11 / month, and all of the yearly plans come with a 45-day money-back guarantee (the monthly plan has a 14-day money-back guarantee).

Get CyberGhost VPN Now

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🥉 3. NordVPN — Fast Speeds With Great Security Features

🥉 3. NordVPN — Fast Speeds With Great Security Features

NordVPN offers a large network of servers, including 200+ servers in the Netherlands. With its feature-rich mobile apps and intuitive layout, it’s a great choice for users looking for a reliable VPN to get a Dutch IP address.

During my tests, my speeds were fast and stable. Browsing Dutch websites was a breeze, and watching HD and 4K videos was a seamless experience, with only occasional buffering when skipping through 4K videos. That being said, NordVPN was nowhere as fast as ExpressVPN.

I also like that NordVPN has advanced security features like full leak protection (during my tests, NordVPN never revealed my real IP address). I also like that NordVPN’s strict no-logs policy has been audited. NordVPN uses RAM-only servers and has perfect forward secrecy.

NordVPN is easy to use, with an interactive map that allows you to connect to one of its Netherlands servers with a single click. The auto-connect feature is also a plus, as it can be configured to automatically connect to your preferred server location, like the Netherlands.

NordVPN’s Dutch servers provide access to many popular platforms, such as Netflix Netherlands, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. It also supports P2P traffic on its Dutch servers, so you can safely download files while you have a Netherlands IP address.

NordVPN offers budget-friendly plans starting at $4.99 / month, with support for up to 6 simultaneous device connections. All purchases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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Bonus. Surfshark — Allows Unlimited Connections

Bonus. Surfshark — Allows Unlimited Connections

Surfshark is one of the rare VPNs that allows unlimited connections, which means you can use it on as many devices as you want — I had my whole family download the app and connect to a server in Amsterdam on all of our devices (9 total), and we all had consistently stable connections.

Surfshark offers decent speeds that are suitable for most online activities, but it may not be as fast as top-performing VPNs like ExpressVPN or CyberGhost (which has more Dutch servers). In my experience, pages loaded within 1–2 seconds, however, I experienced some buffering when streaming 4K videos. Despite this, the connection was still stable, and I was able to enjoy bufferless HD video streaming without any interruptions in quality.

Surfshark has robust security features, including IP Rotator, a tool that frequently changes your IP address without disconnecting you from the server to prevent anyone from tracking your location. It uses RAM-only servers, perfect forward secrecy, and has DNS leak protection. However, it’s missing WebRTC and IPv6 leak protection like ExpressVPN — though my real IP address never leaked in my tests.

If you’re traveling abroad, Surfshark is a great way to watch Dutch streaming content. It works with popular sites like Netflix and HBO Max, as well as local services like Videoland, Ziggo Go, and more — I wish it consistently worked with Disney+.

Surfshark has user-friendly apps with plenty of convenient features. The Quick Connect button allows you to connect to a server in the Netherlands with one click, and the app also keeps a list of the servers you have recently connected to for quick access.

Surfshark offers great plans, starting at $2.30 / month. All plans allow unlimited connections and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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Comparison of the Best VPNs for Getting a Netherlands IP Address

VPN Starting Price Leak Protection Split-Tunneling Number of Devices Allows Torrenting in Netherlands Money-Back Guarantee
🥇1. ExpressVPN $6.67 / month DNS ✅
WebRTC ✅
IPv6 ✅
Windows ✅
Mac ✅
Android ✅
iOS ❌
Routers ✅
5 30 days
🥈 2. CyberGhost VPN $2.11 / month DNS ✅
WebRTC ✅
IPv6 ❌
Windows ❌
Mac ❌
Android ✅
iOS ❌
Routers ❌
7 45 days (Long-term plans)
14 days (1-month plan)
🥉3. NordVPN $4.99 / month DNS ✅
WebRTC ✅
IPv6 ✅
Windows ✅
Mac ❌
Android ✅
iOS ❌
Routers ❌
6 30 days
Bonus. Surfshark $2.30 / month DNS ✅
WebRTC ❌
IPv6 ❌
Windows ✅
Mac ❌
Android ✅
iOS ❌
Routers ✅
Unlimited 30 days

Get a Netherlands IP Address with ExpressVPN

How to Choose the Best VPN for Getting a Netherlands IP Address

  • Look for servers in the Netherlands. A VPN must have at least 1 server in the Netherlands — otherwise, you can’t get a Netherlands IP address. Each of the VPNs on this list has a Netherlands server.
  • Choose a VPN with strong security. I only recommend VPNs that come with industry-standard VPN security features like 256-bit AES encryption (the same encryption used by banks), a kill switch (disconnects you from the internet if your VPN goes down, shielding you from data leaks), and a no-logs policy (preventing the VPN from storing any of your personal information).
  • Find a VPN with fast speeds. Because your traffic is encrypted, all VPNs naturally reduce your connection speeds. However, the top VPNs allow you to browse, stream, torrent, and game without any noticeable speed loss. ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs out there.
  • Consider streaming and torrenting support. Streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime have different content libraries for different countries due to licensing agreements. So, if you travel abroad, you may not have access to the content libraries in your country. But a quality VPN will allow you to watch content from your home country from anywhere in the world. Also, all of the VPNs I recommend support torrenting on their Netherlands servers.
  • Look for a VPN that’s easy to use. I only recommend VPNs that have easy-to-install apps for all major platforms and easy-to-use apps that make it simple and quick to connect to a Netherlands server.
  • Pick a VPN with a good value. All of my top choices have extra features like split-tunneling, allow at least 5 simultaneous connections (ExpressVPN allows 5 connections, while IPVanish gives you unlimited connections), offer affordable prices, and come with a money-back guarantee.

Get a Netherlands IP Address with ExpressVPN

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a Netherlands IP address?

A Netherlands IP address allows you to browse the internet as if you’re in the Netherlands — there are Dutch sites that won’t work if you’re not in the Netherlands. Also, if you have a Netflix Netherlands account and travel outside of the country, a Netherlands IP address will allow you to access Netflix Netherlands titles.

The best and easiest way to get a Netherlands IP address is with a VPN that has a server in the Netherlands. You can follow my 3 easy steps to get a Netherlands IP address.

Can I watch Netflix with a Netherlands IP address?

Yes! If you travel abroad, you might find that certain streaming services (including Netflix) change their library due to licensing agreements. However, a VPN can help you get a Netherlands IP address so you can access your Netflix Netherlands content library.

My top recommendation for streaming Netflix Netherlands is ExpressVPN thanks to its excellent speeds and streaming support — it also works with 100+ streaming apps.

Can I torrent with a Netherlands IP address?

Yes, but you need a VPN that allows torrenting on its Netherlands servers. All of the VPNs on this list allow torrenting on all of their servers, including in the Netherlands. But ExpressVPN is the best VPN for torrenting because it has very fast download speeds, top-notch security features, and a no-logs policy that has been independently audited and confirmed multiple times.

Can I use a free VPN to get a Netherlands IP address?

Yes, Proton VPN’s free plan includes access to servers in the Netherlands. However, it only allows 1 connection, provides “medium” speeds, and doesn’t support streaming or torrenting — so it’s only good for browsing with decent speeds. Honestly, you’re much better off buying a low-cost premium service like ExpressVPN, which allows 5 connections, has the fastest speeds in the industry, and works with 100+ streaming services. 

Best VPNs for Getting a Netherlands IP Address in 2023 — Final Score:

Overall Score
Best Deal
save 49%
save 84%
save 63%
save 82%
About the Author

About the Author

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